Alphas Make Mistakes Too

I have advised often enough, for beta’s aspiring to become good with women, to feel comfortable with interactions and seduction, and game, to go out with any alpha they may know, for they are the biggest learning tool you can have. Watching a successful player who’s learned the sneaky way into panties can help, but usually Lothario types, who still like to be secret players, at least on what it is that makes him successful remaining a secret – won’t really help you, you’ll just sit back and scratch your head as he heads off to isolate any chick he’s planning on trying to go home with, which leaves you only staring at them from behind a beer glass, stalking like some autistic aspie weirdo.

Going out with other men running game isn’t the best strategy to learn from, you will spend too much time comparing notes, high fiving over number grabs and talking in PUA retard speak, spewing off inside jargon like you’re levelling up on SkyRim. No, these aren’t the guys you should be going out with to either maximise your game, or learn how to start behaving in order to get girls into you, using the more subtle social cues, that actually dominate seduction. You want the natural. I know there’s been debate about the existence of such natural’s. but there is. I’m not talking about the aloof rebellious cat that picks up on the sly, I’m talking about the confident alpha’s that would never even think about trying to break down how and why he gets laid, or ever have to worry about not getting laid. Those are the guys you want to hang out with socially to really give you a first hand example of what it is like for an real alpha male. Who’s I don’t give a shit attitude and complete lack of bitterness and anger towards anything in the world is his entire being, much like his 9 and 10 ranked girl counterparts, nothing is really ever denied them, not on any tangible ways.

Most people spending a lot of time on the internet, even the ones learning about game, about being a player or acting more masculine, learning seduction etc, I bet are on the more introspective spectrum of men, and more internal than the outward social jockish alpha charming types I’m describing. If you’ve ever been out with one of these guys you know what I’m talking about, the guys that just have such an attitude of succeeding that they almost ooze it, and if you as a guy can feel it, chicks can sense it a mile a way, once the scent is in the air, 95% of women in the room get moist between their legs with out fully understanding why. These guys are the ones you can learn the most from, if you can stand to be invisible to girls when around these guys, that is.

Of course the common perception from people who know and don’t know guys like this, is that they cannot or never make a mistake, the label of natural comes from two sources: These guys never seem to internalize anything or question anything about what they do, or what happens to them, a rejection seems to almost be un-perceived as they simply just move on to the next girl or even lower the chick rejecting him to a LJGF material, and continue to socialize, seeing every thing as an opportunity for future success; and the other source is due to the above source, that they never seem to make mistakes. Of course this is ridiculous, everyone makes mistakes, you just don’t see them, as the definition of being smooth and cool, is giving off that proper ‘who gives a shit’ attitude. Rejection and mistakes roll off of them like drops of water, absorbed or shaken off with out so much as a thought. Seeing these types make mistakes and how they react to them is worth 1 billion game blog posts, and can not be faked by the man who secretly does care and worry, or is concerned how they are coming off.

This absolute mindset and care free behaviour is scary to most men who aren’t these types already, they see the lack of internalizing and introspection as a loss, a downside to reaping the rewards of that behaviour, and many of wimpy frightened men have made excuses for not approaching girls from this very thing. What they fail to understand is there is a time for introspection, and it’s not on the battlefield. See the natural types are the soldiers, and the introspective types are the ones cowering in a foxhole, pissing his pants and hoping the enemy doesn’t find him.

One thought on “Alphas Make Mistakes Too

  1. this is such a great post. As a lfelong overthinker this hit home for me and being a history buff the battlefield analogy was great. Its so true that most of the time npt acting is the worst choice one can make but its hard to internalize this ehen your mind is constantly analyzing every minute detail of an interaction. With me personally this overactive mind very often makes up the outcome before any action is taken at all.

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