1 Girl, 7 Guys Camping Trip

I don’t read reddit much, not really my thing, but the thread was sent to me which I found interesting because things like this come up all the time. It is where manginas, white knights and betas try and worry about not ‘trusting’ their girl, and feeling guilty, because you know, the slut wants to camp with seven dudes without him.

Here’s the link. Read the comments to watch the male mangina hamster at work, and some female hamster work too, ad they implore him that it’s not certain that something sexual will happen.

In these cases the key thing is always missed. It is wrong for the girl to put herself in this situation, period. If a woman respects you, she would never put herself in this position, just as you would not do the same (at least we men know to keep it a fucking secret if we do). Worrying about being a jealous boyfriend is stupid. Ask the chick why she thinks it’s okay to go camping with 7 other dudes with out you, and if she doesn’t see why it’s disrespectful wish her merry trip and show her the door.

Have some fucking self respect dudes.

18 thoughts on “1 Girl, 7 Guys Camping Trip

  1. ‘Some girls just have a lot of guy friends’

    Yes, we call those girls sluts.

    Beta orbiters or not, someone’s going to fuck her.

    Every beta has his day.

  2. It’s going to be a good camping trip for somebody.

    Any chick that would go camping with 7 dudes is not worth worrying about.

  3. Pro tip: if the male female ratio sounds like a porn title (i.e. 7 dudes 1 girl, 2 girls 1 guy, etc.) there will be fucking.

  4. “At least we men know to keep it a fucking secret if we do.”
    Yes, dishonesty is ever so much better.
    You’ve really got the high ground there.

  5. It is notoriously difficult for girls to convince their friends who are also girls to go camping/hiking, especially since most girls are more interested in their shoes than in walking in them.

  6. Oh, you are going on a camping trip with 7 guys. Im staying here, going to videotape an orgy, I have 6 girls coming so far.

    CheckMate. (in order for this to work, you must have a harem)

  7. Question : Is she ugly as fuck ?
    Coz guys normally don’t have girls as purely platonic friends. Coz if he/they were attracted to her, the “sex” thing will always come in the way. If/he they were not attracted to her, then he/they would be wondering why on earth they are wasting their precious time on a woman who is not a prospect, and who will never be a prospect. Unless they are all 70+ year old dudes with less testosterone than a 25 year old chick.

    One question I have is why she says you can’t come along ? This is ringing loud alarm bells to me. Unless they are all camping fanatics/experts and she can rustle up a gourmet feast from dried up mars bars and you can’t even dig a hole to put your shit in. But this sounds very very fishy indeed !

    Being a woman with a male brain really helps in analysing situations.

  8. That is some genuinely disturbing shit, with a capital ‘S’. What kind of dissociated blivit has to go to the interwebs to ask if he’s angry or not. Or worse yet, if he has some kind of magical social permission to feel or think a certain way, largely because She says no. How has he been able to get through his life since Mr Rogers went off the air? I suppose we can all take comfort from the fact that he will never reproduce

  9. Yeah you should be worried. And then when your balls drop after you come to the realization that your the fool. Don’t worry anymore, cuz she’s only your girlfriend in your mind. Lol . . . . . she loves me, she loves me not . . .

  10. Self-respect is like a twin to the public “you.” Does this twin look just like you? Or is it beaten down, exhibiting signs of serial abuse? Imagine your child – do you want them standing upright – good posture, confident and happy? Then why not this for YOU?

    The girlfriend’s looks are irrelevant. She goes – she’s GONE. A man who would do any less is less than a man.

  11. All he would have to do is tell her, “Sure, go have fun. Just understand that I’ll be spending the night with seven different women over the next couple of weeks since I tend to like it one-on-one.”

    See how fast she changes her mind.. :)

  12. I’d love for some of my female friends to come camping, but they don’t find the idea appealing at all.

    I go camping / hiking regularily every summer with 2 guys and the idea that I’m sleeping with one or both of them is ridiculous. One is my ex bf, the other is a married friend (no, his wife won’t come). Am I supposed to give up on one of the greatest things ever because of what some idiots think?

    Ugh. Grow up people.

  13. It’s inappropriate to go camping with the man of another woman. I think it’s you who should grow up. So the answer is yes, you should give up on it, if another woman’s man is the only person you can go camping with.

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