The Player Apprenticeship Program

If you want to run a successful PUA training program, or pay to go to one, this is what you should be doing/getting:
Note: This is actually a good strategy to do on your own for free, if you’re looking to get good with women, instead of paying for a PUA to teach you, befriend a womanizer and follow this regiment.

Reading list : blogs, specific posts authors etc.

The PUA that is running the seminar/training should first make sure the student is already familiar with the basics in Game, and it’s main Tenets. Pick what ever you think is good for beginners, intermediate and advanced game. This will be a good foundation so explaining things will be easier, and you can talk in short hand about what is about to go down, and what you’re teaching/learning.

Meet up go over plan:

Pretty straight forward. More of a meet and greet, share a few beers, talk about what the student wants to get out of game, and what they’re looking to achieve. This is where you can instruct or listen, and give any tips on what to expect, then lay out the following plan and make date’s and time’s to follow through with the most important part of the course.

Field work:

5-10 outings where student(s) are watching you pick up.

This is critical for him to not go and try it himself, not only does it reinforce that game works, but it gives the student the examples of how an experienced player deals with rejection and how he keeps plowing through. This alleviates frustration for the student to both see your successes and failures, and gives him a model to compare himself to.

3-5 outings with them as wing man transitioning to you as wing.

This is the hand holding phase, and this is where the PUA apprenticeship program really reveals itself, this is where you’ll have the best immediate feedback for the student when things go wrong or write, you can use the immediate experience for corrections rather than watching the student from a distance. When he becomes the lead, you can let them go like a mother bird throwing their babies out of the nest.

Then 3-5 outings with you observing them:

This one is more about them learning to stand on their own two feet, and any final instruction and advice you want to give them before they leave your apprenticeship and take on the mantle of bonified player.

Following the player apprenticeship program will produce fewer failure rates, and less frustrated future Game haters in the public sphere. Many people learn differently, but the most successful instruction throughout history has always been the master and apprentice, it’s of course up to you if you want to make your students call you master or not.

Oh yeah and one more thing, anyone who uses this structure now owes me money.

2 thoughts on “The Player Apprenticeship Program

  1. All things being equal D, I think a casual glance around the urbanized under 40 male population suggests a general absence of masculine training of any kind

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