The Emperor Has No Clothes


So chick-fil-a openly opposes gay marriage. So what? I like how all these people are all over them for stating an opinion, and cities like Boston (give me a break) are trying to bully them from opening a restaurant there, because of it. Bronan had the only reason you should be boycotting Chick-fil-a, or any food place, and that’s because the food sucks.

So this company now fails to at the very least be silent against what appears on the surface or mainstream to be popular opinion, yet with so many states in America voting no for gay marriage, it hardly seems like it’s actually popular opinion. But there you go. I have no say on the issue, I could care less, I think they should be allowed to be married, because it doesn’t effect me whether they do or not, I don’t care. They should also be allowed to speak up about it, and they have. But so does the other side of the coin, and whether its something you like or not, doesn’t warrant whether you can talk about it or not.

I’m not going to point out the sheer hypocrisy of a city trying to discriminate against a company for it’s discriminating views, that’s too easy, and shows like The Colbert Report have that niche narrowed down. But I wanted to point out a bigger hypocrisy. Now can people be really that dumb, or are they all in on the secret school yard rules of, unless you openly admit something, you shall not be ridiculed, shamed, boycotted, lashed out at, insulted, etc. Meaning, are you fucking kidding me? You think this is the worst that people who run corporations think and do? People all spaz out at someone’s opinion yet you let corporations rape you financially, take your jobs and manufacturing and move it into cheaper countries and sell their shit that you used to make back at you while some other shitty corporation pays you chump change while you laugh all the way to Best Buy to keep the cycle going?

Or worse yet, the corporations and people with billions of dollars spending money influencing, strike that, owning politicians and making legislative decisions on their beliefs and their desires rather than yours and ours? You don’t care about that, you just care about someone saying they don’t believe people of the same sex shouldn’t be allowed to marry. You know what I do when someone says something I don’t agree with? I ignore it.

America, get your head out of your ass. Seriously, what the fuck? How about some public outcry that does some good, over real issues for a change? No? You’re right, you probably don’t want to jeapordize that job you have by that other corporation that thinks things you don’t believe but doesn’t say anything except into the ears and wallets of the politicians running things.

Wake the fuck up America. Time to put your adult pants on and grow the fuck up.

5 thoughts on “The Emperor Has No Clothes

  1. I think you are wrong to say the issue of gay marriage doesn’t affect you personally, and the rest of us for that matter as well. For one thing, once legal there is the issue of spousal benefits, as in the same ones we already can’t afford to pay to the more normative majority of the population that was so promised as part of their compensation. In the sage words of Elmer Fudd…’somebody’s gonna pay fo that gwass’.

    Second and perhaps more important is the issue of the actual denial of permits which the organization, Chik Fil a otherwise legally qualifies for and is ready and able to purchase. That isn’t a selective enforcement of the Law, that is an outright violation and, as with so much of this regime, one brazenly undertaken in the name of ideology. Long story short, your silly peon legal and constitutional guarantees are meaningless before the monolith of revolutionary truth. I am afraid that means a lot to you whether you like it or not. The same kind of argument was made about the GM bondholders, doesn’t affect ME. Actually it did, it does, and sadly probably will. If the executive branch of the government can unilaterally declare otherwise legal contracts void and redesign ownership based on the whim of political utility, well, don’t cry when you wake up one morning to find you no longer own anything.

    As for the company being discriminatory, to my knowledge Chik fil a is not empowered to legalize Gay marriage so their views are just that, views. Neither have they record of discriminating against anybody in regard to what is within their control; no metrosexuals have been deprived of chicken samiches to date.

    I understand and generally applaud the live and let live Libertarian attitude. But this issue hasn’t gotten where it is in a vacuum. When there were genuinely harsh discriminatory laws against them, the gay community said it wanted tolerance, and largely to be left alone. Who could be against that? Tolerance morphed into respect and respect purposely for preferences. I think of respect more for Thomas Edison or Edmund Hillary, or even the Mexicans that cut my neighbor’s lawn with a near biblical fury Butt pirates not so much, at least not if that is the primary reason. But the trajectory has continued, into being admired and loved for being gay. The state of MASS even discovered a long hidden ‘right’ to gay marriage in their constitution which if memory serves was written in the latter half of the 17th century. Like gimme a break already, you could be horse whipped for excessive smiling in a puritan community much less being queen of the may. I think nearly everybody is due tolerance, the freedom to pursue happiness in their way with their consenting adult friends. But this has been an ever expanding list of demands that shows no sign of it’s end, and I equally think that the rest of us have a right to our point of view. No, that isn’t code for beating the happy be-jesus out of somebody because of their suspected orientation. But neither does a lisping proclivity for as Sam Kinnison put it, ‘another man’s hairy ass’ bestow the right to redesign social arrangements that have lasted for millenia.

    Frankly, given the nature of this blog and your keen insights a better topic might well be just how much of a fad the current bloom of homosexuality really is. Think about it. A generation plus of young men being raised in too many cases by resentful single mothers. In my experience it is small matter if they are divorced, deserted or just not getting enough attention, they take it out on the kids and little boys most of all. Couple that with this castrated, cultural feminism, which you are definitely doing your part to expose, and well, you have to wonder if they are all committed homo’s or browbeaten and brainwashed. Oh well, fuck it anyway, I need to get out of the office and get a drink. Keep up the good work.

  2. I meant the city of Boston was discriminating because of the discriminating views, not that chik fil a is actually discriminating against.

    And yes of course gay marriage effects me in a broader scope, ie cultural shifts and legal and economic, but it can’t really get worse for men, and in all likely hood would make it better for men – they would need to change the divorce laws to be equal as there would be suddenly two male monsters instead of one, this creating necessity and transparency of all married people.

    The rest of your points I agree with.

  3. Donlak,

    I was thinking more of Chicago so I guess I jumped the track from the proverbial git go. As for ‘it can’t get worse for men’, well, Roger that. Perhaps that’s what I find encouraging reading the manosphere, a lot of guys seem to be waking up. Good luck with the divorce laws, cross wired thinking so far off the reservation the tax laws begin to seem reasonable. Excellent blog and a worthy effort, whether you and your cohorts actually effect change ( I think you are) yet remains to be seen, but even so it is a fine thing to see a man who takes an unrepentant stand. I hear the call of black rum, saltwater, and cheerful depravity.

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