Why encourage young men to reward feminised women with sex?

Over at The Spearhead, a website more and more a haven for MGOTW and a mirror image of feminists, produced a post today about Game/PUA members being a reneisance of the hunter gatherer nature of being male, while appreciating how men, unlike women, can come together to help other dudes get some. It’s right on. It’s really a primarily male endeavor, men share, women hoard to themselves and their offspring and mates. And strangely you would think this would get some support from a men’s website, focusing on men’s rights and issues, however the author made a mistake, he used the terms: Game, and PUA. And…

The comments devolved immediatly into the old ‘debate’ where men who wear tin foil hates lash out against anyone who would bother to be involved with any woman, for it immediatly means he’s under her spell, under her thumb, giving her what she wants, and in doing so, apparantly sub-male.

One comment is the title of out post:

Why encourage young men to reward feminised women with sex?

I decided to write this post because of this cognitive dissonance personafied. Men seeking sex is not concerned with rewarding women, or anything other than busting his own nut. The reward is for himself. She will get some pleasure if you're doing it right, and if you know what you are doing – but this isn't our (men who get laid and have had women) goal. Why is it that these sackless men choose to latch on to one side of their argument like feminists do? I don't see the purpose. If you want to go your own way, and not get involved with chicks, then why do you need to frequent a site like The Spearhead? If you are going to go live in seclusion, go, go play some video games or hunt animals, or whatever it is you want to do. And good on you. I don't beleive it's what you really want if you're commenting and reading articles on this site, or sites like The Spearhead, because, well because it's like being a woman and acting irrational, and spewing shrapnel out of their mouths from the hamsters spinning in their head. For men who don't want to be involved with women, they sure spend a lot of time and energy on hating them and promoting their message of shunning them from their and every other man's life. And it is only hate, for if you simply didn't care, you'd just go off on your own and not bother – and if not hate, than resentment, resentment that they can't get any lovin' from the ladies.

Come on dude who made the comment, think about it… I want you to read your comment again and really think about why you chose to present the question like you did? You really think men like you going your own way and preaching about it is going to change chicks? If you think so, you're not very bright, and you aren't really living in reality. The reality is, no matter what, there will always be men willing to bone women, because that's what we do. Even if you were a powerful tyrant, men would still be banging women. So, really, how is vowing off women better for all men? I'm curious at the delusions that will spill forth.

8 thoughts on “Why encourage young men to reward feminised women with sex?

  1. Ha true, but would be good for a laugh or two.

    The amount of patheticness over there is mind boggling

  2. the guys who women hate talk all day are the first ones to dissapear when they find a new girlfriend or get married,they are all talk they are the first ones to also cockblock from my experience.

  3. Well, it isn’t always great to hear, but sometimes you need to know…

    Thanks for pointing out the problems with comments (I saw the trackback). I’ve been trying to figure out how to deal with this issue, and the feedback is appreciated.

    BTW, glad you liked the original post. I’ll do my best to keep the good stuff coming.

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