What Frustrates You?

Is it just me, or do others sense that despite game blogs, and awakening men to the true nature of the female, that there’s still an increasing overall frustration with guys out there? Maybe they’ve read these blogs, tried it, failed, got frustrated and went their own way; maybe they were successful but just find constant interaction with western girls tedious and annoying; maybe it’s something else, probably is a variety of things.

The thing about frustration, is, it’s the biggest game killer there is. Worse than complimenting and showering affection on a girl, worse than being a try hard, etc. It destroys all and any progress you made, it’s an instant kill in your game, it’s the biggest tell of a man not in control of his emotions and in full command or understanding of the world around him, and in regards to chicks, a tell he doesn’t have command or understanding of them, and thus signal’s your inability to bed them, and thus lowering your status to below the facebook compliment crew.

This goes for any aspect of your life, any game you are playing, business game, friendship game, regular game, hell even sports games and video games. The Jedi were wrong, fear and anger isn’t the path to the dark side, frustration is. If the madman who shot up the theater wasn’t frustrated his whole life, he wouldn’t have killed people. Frustration is the cause of all ill’s in this world. Even Hitler became a madman because of his frustrations. When you become frustrated you feel an unnerving urge to purge and conquer. You need to over come the frustrations – there is nothing that produces more anger, hostility and terror, than being frustrated. It is a visceral reaction that spurns action. Anger boils, you have a chance to simmer it, and yet anger is a symptom of frustration, as is jealousy, and fear. The reason that we fear the unknown, is because not knowing things frustrates us. We need to comprehend the world around us, and this is the sole reason religions and myths exist, it is the reason we have stories, philosophy, movies, plays, poetry. It is all for us to understand the world, to comprehend it, and fit it into a world view that tricks us into making sense of a world that ordinarily doesn’t make sense. When ever something doesn’t fit in, or we don’t understand, we get frustrated. Why doesn’t this comply with what is status quo?

For men, getting frustrated is like a super emasculation, we react like someone is trying to neuter us in the public square, to be mocked and humiliated, and we lash out accordingly. In seduction, that danger line that chicks like to walk, and it’s always a bit dangerous, for with the unbalanced men who can’t handle being frustrated can lead to disaster; but chicks like to walk this line with men when in the thralls of seduction, it makes the danger and anticipation of passion visceral and building. Only a man in control of his devices can learn to allow frustration to happen for his own pleasure, contributing to the seduction – he understands it is a tool that he is in control of, and it will never hit a certain level, there is a cap – he knows that women don’t know when to stop, that they will keep trying to frustrate you, and push it further and further, seeing how far she can get before you bang her in a explosion of passionate pumps.

But how do overcome frustrations, better yet, how can you use them, like any other sense or emotion we as humans have, to our own benefit, and to others benefit as well? We need to understand why we get frustrated. Once you know the reason it frustrates you, you can stand over it like Superman over Metropolis. Once you understand what it is, what frustrates you, it relieves you of the intensity, the need to lash out, the need to release the energy it created. It creates no energy, as you are in control.

Society was frustrating me, I couldn’t quite figure out why? It has changed, but not that much, it’s not like I woke up from 1985 to today, and saw how much it has changed, no, I’ve been here the whole time. But why? It hit me like an apple from a tree, it’s people’s cognitive dissonance. Memories and conversations flooded into my head in a total recall – ever bit of annoyance was highlighted in my past. The point where I became frustrated was highlighted. It’s not that people are stupid, they are, but that really wasn’t what frustrated me, it was when smart people had a bout of cognitive dissonance and forced a wedge between us, they suddenly blocked our cohesiveness our ability to bond in like-mindedness and comradery. Everyone has some cognitive dissonance about something, but when I encountered it, it was like a nuclear bomb going off in my head, at least when normally intelligent people were displaying. The result of this enlightenment, was that it can no longer frustrate me, because this was actually not the cause of the frustration, but it was not knowing what was bugging me that was the cause of the frustration. It is always the not knowing that causes the energy build up. We need answers dammit!!!

Being able to understand this is crucial in humans being able to co-exist. It was simpler when we were in smaller tribes, societies, etc; where we had a myth we all believed in. Now we have no myths, no model we all can relate to, no standard world view we all want to believe in, and this produces a lot of anarchy, and uncertainty. And where there’s uncertainty, there is frustration, and that is the path of the dark side.

So, what frustrates you?

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