Tosh’s Rape Joke Exposes Societal Fascism

Boy our over sensitive completely nonsensical and backwards society revealed itself for it’s true colors when Daniel Tosh made some rape jokes at a comedy show and some humorless harpy decided she was going to speak up during a performance and command that he cease his current actions like some self appointed queen, and then felt the pangs of a comedian saying fuck you and your stupid ass opinions back on her by making more jokes, jokes about her, or a girl being gang raped. She apparently fled and wrote on her little blog about it, and rallied feminists and mangina white knights everywhere. Douchebags who take up the feminist/pc mantra spoke out all over twitter lambasting Tosh. Those are the idiots, not the one making a joke. First off, if we have to tell people they need to learn to take a joke, then we’re already too far down our decline. A fucking joke! I get some people get offended at some jokes, it’s not appropriate for children and the like, and apparently some women. They want to restrict free speech so much that they’d get every comedian to follow some fascist list of topics and words that they can ‘joke’ about, leaving all other topics punishable by death, or I don’t know, maybe just strip away careers and money and their livelihood. Anyone who writes, jokes or not jokes, knows limiting ones ability to speak, kind of limits their ability to write. Because a girl and some white knights got their panties all up in a bunch about a fucking joke, we are doomed to have this ‘discussion’ on what is okay for comedians (a straw man for society, all of us) to talk and joke about. Speak about something and the feminist army of mangina’s will try and fight you because of your jokes.

Jokes can offend, they can make us uncomfortable, they can make us think, but ultimately they are only measured on whether they make us laugh. If it doesn’t make anyone laugh, it’s a bad joke, if it makes you laugh, then it works for you, if you don’t laugh but others do, then you don’t find if funny, and have no self aggrandizing right to tell someone else they can’t tell that joke because you don’t find if funny. In fact no one should give a shit about what you, a nobody, finds offensive. Last time I checked this was a free society, and we are not only allowed to talk about anything, but it’s protected by law (supposed to be) and in this free speech, you have to take the bad with the good. But this generation is not concerned with freedom – they want some artificial sterile corporate culture like environment that no ‘bad’ stuff happens ever, and we live in some fantasy land of robotic like interactions on a day to day basis. I don’t understand how people can believe that the fantasy of this cannot and will not happen. And it is both a misunderstanding of nature, (feminists, gender neutralists, etc) and an old testament believe that permeates our culture without acknowledgment that we are separate from nature.

The problem with this feminist and politically correct viewpoint stems from the belief in a perfect or idealized society. But who voted them in? Idealized for whom? Not for me? Where did they get this from? It’s some abstract altruism, and misreading nature and the world. Society advances (in technology) and we become more civilized ( a major lie. Over the growth of civilization it is only the rich that become more civilized, the poor and middle class remain in the reality of life) and we hit a point and can never return to where we were before. Civilized humans do not represent the pinnacle of what humanity can be, especially the modern feminized and politically correct version of humanity, for it is limiting, limited by it’s categorization and homogenized restrictions. Gender neutralists wish us to free us from the dichotomy of male and female and restrict us to the banal and robotic and soulless nothing. It becomes restrictive and soulless and lost because we are having the things that we can relate to, as humans, stripped away from us like petulant children trying to sneak a cookie. It is not okay to be human! It is not okay to be a part of nature! Stop that! You will comply with this new world order and become like mindless sterile robots.

If you understand a greater scope of the world, and universe and nature, you would not hold this limiting social construct where you try and get rid of the subjective ‘bad’ stuff, because you would understand that this isn’t natural, it can’t happen. Why can you not get rid of it? Because we do not exist as supernatural beings. We are animals, we are nature. We will only go so far as nature allows us too. Limit ourselves too much, sterilize ourselves and we will end up like anything else in nature that shares these traits. Non existent.

The Societal Panties in a Bunch police state is infuriating, not only because they try and tell me what I can do or say, but also anyone that speaks out against the hive mind that is running towards the edge of a cliff like lemmings; but because I care about humanity, in it’s entirety. The good needs the bad, the bad needs the good, we cannot exist in a perfect world, because there is no such thing. So to fight so vigorously against things that actually exist, and pretend that if we all just think a certain way and all close our eyes and concentrate that things like rape will disappear. Yes it’s jokes that make rape happen. It’s our laughing at it that makes rape okay. Last time i checked rape was never okay. I don’t know where this bullshit comes from. Joking about it, or anything else that happens, especially when it’s raw and emotional, is our way of coping with things that exist, that we feel uncomfortable with. It crosses the bridge of fear, and allows us to over come this fear with laughter, and more importantly the laughter of others around us. This social construct of laughing with others allows us to know that they get it too, that we are around like minded individuals. It was the lady who took offense who is the anomaly, the dangerous one who doesn’t understand, who cannot connect with human’s and comfort the others with laughter, knowing that this uncomfortable reality can be dealt with by sharing an experience. She is the one that brought the rape into an area that made it more than what it was. She was the one who broke the comfort and made everyone uneasy, and untrusting of everyone else, she is the anarchy. Not the joke, and not the joke teller. She put her feelings and her subjective view point in front of societies, and she demands retribution for her hurt and offended feelings. Instead of being selfish, she could of acted like a normal human being and got up and left, so she doesn’t have to hear anymore. No. She’s now demand that no one talks about anything that offends her again. The worst part is, there’s literally thousands if not millions of white knights backing her up.

So should we just pretend rape doesn’t happen? Let it be an elephant in the room, if you mention it, no matter the context you get locked up for years, or worse beaten up by a mob of angry mangina’s? What happens when society turns on these same people? See fascism is great for those that it serves, like capitalism without regulations is great for the rich; it is not so great when you are the target of that fascism, and if you understood humanity and nature, you’d know that at some point, that fascist beast will turn around and be after you. It is only a matter of time.

5 thoughts on “Tosh’s Rape Joke Exposes Societal Fascism

  1. After one too many rows with SLUTWALK on their facebook page regarding their inanity.. i simply gave up caring about what they and their footsoldiers have to say.

    You can’t change their minds. You can only make sure the rest of society is educated enough to laugh them off and keep them in the minority.

  2. Why was the environmentalists confused and had a sore ass? . . . . Cuz Al Gore fucked him and he didn’t even know it.

    How does a queer remove his condom? . . . He farts!

    Daughter asks her dad if she can have the keys to the car? Dad says, “Sure honey you know the drill.”. She gets on her knees and starts to blow her father. Girl looks up and says, “dad your dick taste like shit!”. . . .

    Dad says, ” Oh I forget! I let your brother borrow the car!”.

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