Advice To My 18 Year Old Self

A reader writes:

Got a suggestion for an article for you….if you right now could go back in
time and meet your younger self, lets say at the age of 18, what would you
tell him, simple and straight forward….yet critical in many ways!

Interesting concept, but I have to warn you, time travel is both dangerous and paradoxical. If I did manage to jump in my Delorean and visit my 18 year old self and drop him some wisdom I would be completely different by the time I reached the point that i went to time travel back to my 18 year old self, and if I still had the motivation, it would be obviously for different reasons, because I’d be different from 18 onwards.


Or I might be creating a split timeline, where going back in time helps out a now alternate version of myself, which I wouldn’t care about, because it didn’t benefit me at all.

Going backwards is irrelevant, other than learning from past mistakes, now going into the future, that may hold some interest in me.

What will I be like in 15 years, that maybe I could change or not change, based in new knowledge?

3 thoughts on “Advice To My 18 Year Old Self

  1. When are you going to peak? Everyone peaks sometime. That golden age when energy and experience plateau together, and everything rocks. Then it’ll be downhill. Have you had yours, and if not, what do you want to have under your belt, for when the time comes?

  2. Well, it’s true that everyone peaks, but peak at what? As a player, sure I may have peaked, not sure, but in order to avoid the hills and valleys of peaks and things going downhill, you set different goals at different times in your life. For example, if you’re hitting the clubs at 47, you probably will feel like you’ve long left your peak behind and need to cope with that. However, if you have moved on to different experiences, than this wouldn’t even occur to you.

    You have to be aware of where you are in life, physically, emotionally, and what your ambitions are.

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