FF: Is It Getting Worse In The Field Or Better?

I’ve been in relationship game for the past while, getting my meals cooked daily, and done well, being served and fed like a king; sex whenever I want it, and a general pleasant girl to be around, has occupied my time, among other things like a crazy schedule which has limited my time in the field – even to observe and flirt with other girls, in order to understand where things are in the field now. Obviously I’m in Vancouver and the girls here, like every city are slightly different, and if you are in VanCity feel free to comment and let me know in the comment section how things are different with girls now as apposed to maybe 6 months ago, have you noticed a change, or are they still acting the same? Worse? Better? Has the influx of PUA’s hitting the nightlife made any observable change in the dating scheme?

Of course I will be out at some point here in the near future and will be dropping my own knowledge based on my own observations, but I’m more curious as to what active players are finding… out of complete curiosity.

My own opinion is that it’s getting worse, but that’s primarily from the removal of myself from banging multiple babes and one night stands for the time being, and how I left it, and how the prospect of a nice sweet pretty and feminine girl swayed me to enjoy that pleasure rather than the sometimes grind of the next pussy. The more you get exposed to shitty women over and over, the less an angry fuck you give them eases the annoyance of having to deal with the bat shit crazy girls that are out there in spades. When I left, I’d say there were 1 decent girl (personality, femininity, etc wise) to every 6 or 7 crazy bitches or full on sluts. And being exposed to so much negativity, bitchiness, or worse, orbiting entitlement complexes can tax a man that’s been going at it for a long time. Sure, the dangling carrot of some new young nubile flower that comes along will alleviate that to some degree… but like everything it can get old, at least until you change it up a bit.

Ok, so it’s feedback friday, time for you guys to comment on the “ladies” out there. Getting better? Worse? Sluttier? More Reserved? How are you finding the changes in the sexual market place are affecting things… do you need more game? Different game? Less Game?


3 thoughts on “FF: Is It Getting Worse In The Field Or Better?

  1. More game. The number of cockblockers seems to gave increased. More chicks that are so unattractive you could be drunk off your brain still not attracted to them. Also every other night I have neen out there seems to be a fight usually over some chick not worth the effort. To compensate for the potential violence men are going out in bigger groups. There is a level of desperation in men theseto days one has to plan ahead and be prepared and have a group of buds willing to back you up at all times.

  2. I agree with Bwana. I live in Alaska (4 guys for every girl) and dudes will straight up lose their shit (gun pulled, u are fucked) type shit over some bitch who doesn’t want him. All for some low notch pussy. Just a sad picture of the landscape up here I’d like to share, but hey, this ain’t Vancouver just thought I’d add to a dead post.

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