Do Beta’s Dream Of Electric Babes?

The sun finally arrived, late fucking June and the sun finally came out for more than one day – I wanted to take it in, I wanted to finally sit and watch some babes in shorts and skirts with bare legs walking around, so I decided to meet Billy for a few drinks on a patio downtown, at a strategic location, prime for checking out babes, while we sipped on cool beverages as we talked and caught up with things.

I had already arrived, I’m occasionally early, just don’t let anyone I am associated with know this, especially the chick ones, and extra especially the hot ones… I have a reputation to uphold. I walked in and picked a table on the patio close enough to the sidewalk for easy viewing, it was only 4:30 so it was pretty dead inside – I sat down and chatted up the leggy blond waitress – black heels, black tight one peace dress, short… I approved, she knew it because I graced her with some charm and a shit eating grin when I ordered my drink… Billy had texted me that he’s close, I didn’t order one for him because I’m a dick like that. The waitress sauntered off after getting weak in the knees – I’ve been done with hired gun game for a while, can’t be that guy anymore – you gotta live a certain lifestyle, get shag carpet or some shit like that, and I’ve done all that before, I’ve moved on to different things… but damn if I’m not tempted when she bends over to clean off a table in my eye range and her nice perky tits are splayed out for my perusal – and catching her glance towards me out of the corner of my eye made me long for the old days. Ah… maybe something stronger is in order – I call her over and order a scotch… and a beer for Billy – I’m not as much of a dick as I once was… but I know it’s still in me.

Billy walks in with his satchel and is out of breath like he ran a marathon trying to get here on time – I wondered why.

Billy: Hey man, sorry I’m late.

Me: No worries, ordered you a beer.

Billy: Sweet, thanks man.

Me: How you been anyways?

Billy: Oh man, crazy stressed – works a bitch.

Me: Why?

Billy: There’s actual work to do, I didn’t take that job to work. (He laughs, the waitress brings our drinks over, Billy’s eyes widen, his body stiffens, and he turns towards her in an almost jerky movement, eager to say something) Oh he ordered Bourbon? Man it’s only 4:30, some guys have no style.

Waitress: It’s scotch actually.

Billy: Dude, scotch? Well he’s more hardcore than me I guess. What’s your name?

Waitress: (Looking stiff now too and looking like she wants to flee, like she’s left something on in her apartment.) Rebecca. Do you guys want to order food or anything?

Clever girl. I nod my head no.

Billy: Can’t just ate a huge meal, but… uhm maybe in a bit. Oh wait, are we gonna be here long?

Me: Maybe. Who knows. Thanks Becky.

Rebecca moves off, walking like her vagina was suddenly clamped shut. Billy shakes his head.

Billy: Man, she’s hot!

Me: I know.

Billy: So how things with you anyways?

Me: Good man, better now, scotch is smooth.

Billy: Don’t remember you ever drinking Scotch.

Me: Ya, I’m in the mood.

Billy: Dude did you watch the link I sent you?

Me: Which one?

Billy: The one today, of the cute nerd girl playing video games in her panties and bra.

Me: What?

Billy: Oh man, she’s so hot, that’s all I want man, a girl who plays video games that looks like her? Man! Sadly… they don’t exist in real life.

Me: Hey lots of hot girls like playing video games.

Billy: Yeah but not the good games.

Me: Right.

Billy: Oh yeah I finally tried to ask that girl out.

Me: The one at Best Buy?

Billy: Yup.

Me: Awesome man, what happened?

Billy: It was so awkward, I invited her over to play video games.

Me: And?

Billy: She seemed skittish and nervous, so I told her we could go for coffee instead, then she got another customer and I left.

Me: Oh… well just go in next time and ask her again.

Billy: No way man. That reaction I got was a total fatality.

Me: Alright man. I wasn’t there so, I’ll take your word for it. But why video games?

Billy: It’s my fantasy.

Me: Interesting fantasy.

Billy: I know – we all have to have the unreachable dream.

Me: We sure do.

My scotch was done, suddenly I needed another… where was that waitress?

7 thoughts on “Do Beta’s Dream Of Electric Babes?

  1. Billy is a fictional representation of a variety of people I’ve known, he is not a specific friend. These are similar conversations I’ve had or seen happen.

  2. I skipped over the rest of the post and will read the rest after I ask this: What is “hired gun” game? Please elaborate. I’m frequently asked if I’m a spy or a soldier, and wondering if that’s something related.

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