Good Girls Dream Of Being Sluts

Our hook up culture and feminist mantra of ensuring that no girl feels shame for being a slut has produced an interesting fun fact for a man wanting quick sex from a girl that has all the appearances of a nice girl who normally does feel shame for slutty thoughts and would feel shamed about doing something she thinks is whorish. And it’s the good girl loop hole.

Because the bulk of girls out there are openly jumping cock like it’s a carnival game, the good girls or slut shamed sexually selective girls are in fewer numbers. Now these are the girls that are best to lock down and even marry, for they both have their heads screwed on straight, but they also don’t act like a cum dumpster for any Ed Hardy shirted douche or well skilled player with a cocky shit eating grin. So you should feel safe with these girls not cheating or being a slut ever, right?


The modern wholesome girl goes through her well rounded life only letting a few if any cocks inside her proud and confident life that she is retaining her high worth in order to find the best mate she can get because that’s what’s important to her. However, they have also grown up with all her slutty girlfriends regaling her with their sex-capades and all our media telling her how great sleeping around is – and even though she knows it isn’t – she gets curious…

Even the wholesome girls these days want to experience one night stands or meaningless sex with a guy who tingles her vajayjay or looks hot in his t shirt and jeans. She’s curious about doing something dirty and crazy just to see what it’s like – this curiosity will eventually manifest if she happens across an cad or alpha player who pushes the buttons and allows her to do so with seemingly no judgement. She falls into the entrapment our culture breeds – the feeling of missing out.

If you are dating one of these girls and want to keep her around, hope she confides in you to fulfill some slutty curiosity like banging in the rest room of some restaurant or public bj’s, etc – because if she doesn’t, she’s already done something with a guy(s) before you and she’s sowed her slutty Oates. You can now thank me for that tweaking of your heart strings.

The point is, in order for you to get a completely non-slutty girl these days means you need a little luck – timing is everything with these girls, miss the window and she’ll be back to her virginal ways, or wait to long and you’ll miss out in some real genuine fresh slutty behavior.

In order to bring out her sluttiness and take advantage of this window, requires some skillful playing – if you notice she acts shy and embarrassed at the mild suggestions of casual and/or public sex, and is thoroughly digging you, she should confide in you how she always wondered what it was like… the inexperienced man would try and down play it and talk her out of it – where the refined cad would aloofly let her know that he’s done things like that many times without acting like he’s just hit the jackpot. The man who conveys that it’s no big deal and has done these dirty sexual acts many times, creates the safety she needs to succumb to you. She needs your experience so that she’s in safe hands should she freak out or get nervous – its just like doing drugs for the first time – your fears are always reduced surrounded by more experienced drug users. Thats the frame you need to convey to slut up a good wholesome girl whose curious.

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