Feedback Friday

I’ve decided to bring back feedback tuesdays, only on Fridays. Fridays are too light, the pending weekend of play on our minds, especially in the summer weather, where I figure any serious and in depth post is just gonna get lost in the weekend fun. So I figured this is a way to do something light, mainly for me, but for you as well.

For this weeks question I’m going to ask this as an inventive way to link other blogs on the manosphere, or Internet in general (you’re welcome) – with the inmalafide Sunday links going down, this is you, the reader to suggest some links.

What other bloggers do you read other than this one that you find useful or entertaining? Share and let everyone discover something new.



6 thoughts on “Feedback Friday

  1.,,,,, and i’ve got to plug my up and coming blog, Yes, i also enjoy and obviously, as well as Generation Nihilism(dont remember the exact web address).

  2. Same as Coy plus FFY, Dagonet, Dogsquat, Danny from 504, Athol and the two chick blogs Danny plugs, SusanWalsh and Space Traveller.

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