Cover Submissions

I’m in the process of getting my novel ready, and I’ve decided to let some of my female readers in on a little infamy – we all know one of your not-so-secret desires is to be famous and desired by all, so I’m offering you gal’s a chance to have some of your body parts silhouetted on my cover design. If you so desire. The pictures may or may not be used in my cover, depending on sexiness of the pictures, what I’m looking for is shape defining photo’s, so legs (from the side, crossed or un-crossed, spread?) tits, face, body (show me your slender or hour glass frames) and I will create a silhouette from said pictures and put it on my cover, if of course I see anything that I like and or fits with what my design is. The more I get the more I choose. If you want your name to be in the acknowledgement section, send your name and a request, the winning gals will not receive any royalties and will agree to this by your submission.

Any girls feel like sending me some submissions, email them to

That is all.

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