Good Looking Problems

Got a comment from a reader the other day that asks the age old conundrum good looking guys have, how does my good looks interfere with me getting laid? Yup a thousand simpering ugly dudes just clicked the browser closed.

dahhan asks:

I have an unrelated question. I’m usually told I’m pretty good looking by the girls. My body lenguage is pretty good too – so I’m often told I look like an asshole or a player. Sometimes straight away, even before I open my mouth. That means usually c/f or teasing backfires; however if I’m too aloof or nice I may not hook the girl. So my starting point becaomes that if I show more value I risk overgaming, but if don’t show something I may fall in the good looking but boring category.

How do you handle that, getting their attention but without looking too arrogant or too boring? Does it work the same for a 7 or a 9?

You’ve come to the correct place. Many, many, many men have the false conclusion that American or Western women are all about the cock carousel, as if they Want to remain on the cock carousel, and not get off it with a more dominant than them male, or sexy bastard, if the said man decided to keep the girl for more than a pump and dump. It is a false assumption because there are so many girls who, below the age of 28 that do want to party and fuck and fuck and fuck, thinking there are no consequences due to the feminist indoctrination of lies that it’s okay for a girl to sleep with as many men as she can before she wants to settle down, and that these actions don’t have consequences – they have consequences regardless of whether you are male or female being promiscuous – it’s far more positive for a man to be, i.e. the consequences will be that he gets better at bedding women, and fulfill his desire for new poon tang, raising his over all level, and for the female, will only push her past her prime years, being used and abused by smooth talking cad’s that want nothing more from them then their slender little bodies bouncing off our magic sticks – leaving her with a smaller and less appealing prospects for her when she does want to settle down as she approaches the wall or passes it. However, like our young padawan is experiencing there are a lot of girls that don’t want to be on the carousel for their most fertile years and coming off as a cad or a player can appear to have the exact opposite of having high value. I say appear, because thats all it is.

Men think differently than women. What your logical man brain is doing, Dahhan, is looking at the girls reactions as a result of deductive reasoning based on evidence put forth to you through experience or advice geared towards men and how we ourselves react when dealing with a town bicycle whore – and we think this, because we assume subconsciously that she isn’t impressed with us being a pussy magnet, and even disgusted at it. But it’s not the case. See any girls reaction to the thought of you getting girls is a positive one – it always, I mean always, raises your value, at least in the tingle department (you give her one, as apposed to the nerdy aspie that she knows can’t get any girl) – the problem though is that her inner self is based on insecurity and fear – that she fears that she can’t compete (rightfully so in most cases) with not just another woman, but all other woman – a girl knows instinctively, loathe to admit, but she knows, that every man would be happiest boning as many different girls as he could, especially if it was easy for him, especially if her sisters were breaking the secret girl code and giving it up with no resistance or worse, being the aggressor.

That being said, there will be times when the more masculine and bitchy girls ultimately will be disgusted by a cocky aloof asshole, only because they’ve convinced themselves of such, and there’s always exceptions to every rule. Best not to waste your times with such wildebeests though and move on to a more feminine version. Our young padawan finds himself in a predicament, too much c/f and teasing and he frightens her away, because she doesn’t want to allow you between her legs for she’ll be unable to control her lust and passion for you, and being nice and aloof doesn’t hook these girls, because, well, they don’t feel like you’re interested enough in them for them to think you’re a legitimate option. Oh the plights of the good looking male, how torturous it is, how the uglier of our gender don’t understand our suffering.

The secret here, is that when you already have established alpha like cred, i.e. good looking, have good flirting and social skills, you don’t need to spend so much time and thought on the hooks and openers, of generating interest, too many good looking dudes that read about game suffer from the same sad fate – the reason being that most game blogs aren’t geared towards good looking dudes, its meant for the average dude looking to sneak a pinch of the good looking dudes pussy pie. I mean that’s the ultimate goal with game, the audience is based on this, to the average dude, getting noticed and starting to get attraction is the hardest part – you focus so much on it, you don’t know that by doing anything becomes over gaming. Good looking guys have the in, don’t need to focus on that. The hook, to get to the close, has to be about the second part of game, and that means you need to focus on comfort her, and connect with her. These are the two things that will by pass the player vibe in her hamster wheel – if you connect with a girl, on top of already generating a tingle with your looks, she’ll let her hamster rationalize away in order to sleep with you. What this means is, play down your player lifestyle, mainly by focusing on generating a real connection with her, and comfort her fears by assuring her that you’re looking playing the field only to find the right woman – that’s enough for them, because that’s what their slutty sisters are doing, riding the carousel until they fall on the right cock. Wink. Because of this, her little fantasy switch goes off and immediately thinks it could be her – you want to have a connection, authentic or fake, in order for her to feel special. Once you focus on this, you just need to allow her legs to spread, or her to hike up her skirt, or for her to drop to her knees… its smooth sailing from there.

As for the second question, is a 7 different from a 9? Good question. Of course. Depends on what she thinks she is of course. A 9 that thinks she’s a 7 will be like a 7 that thinks she’s a 7, a 7 that thinks she’s a 9 will act accordingly as well. That aside, 7’s be them real or imaginary, will require more visceral comfort, whereas the 9 won’t require as much, she’ll need more of a connection and assurance that you have high enough standards that her looks matter, that you don’t dumpster dive and fuck the first thing that walks into the room. The 7 wants the highest value she can get, the 9 requires it. Creating comfort and connections with a 9 will be longer and more taxing, as her shit tests will be subtler, more refined, she’ll try and snake out your weaknesses by using subterfuge, knowing that her looks give her more to lose and but also an endorphin advantage to your senses. To put it simply, they’re pretty much the same, one you just have to be more on your toes than the others.

5 thoughts on “Good Looking Problems

  1. “… too much c/f and teasing and he frightens her away, because she doesn’t want to allow you between her legs for she’ll be unable to control her lust and passion for you…”

    I disagree. My interpretation is that C/F lowers the value of his attractiveness – like putting a clown outfit on a pit bull.

    Building comfort is definitely the way to go. She already likes the gift wrapping. Just give her a taste of what’s inside.

  2. I really like the idea. The only danger in this is focusing too much on rapport – if she feels you are investing too much attention on her, you may lose the hand you had by your looks. I guess that calibration is really important here, for you’re walking a thin line; in the end it’s just another shit test. Just ignore it and confident, but don’t over do it. Good looking guys don’t need to brag.

    That pops up another question. I wonder if there something as objective high value, but whitout attraction. As in, a women can see your good looking, or that you have great social proof, or that you are masculine and confident…without stirring up attraction, just respect. She is conscious you’re an alpha and respects you for it, but isn’t impressed about it. What could be the reasons behind it, and how would you turn it to sexual attraction without being incongruent (for example, starting to flirt with her all of a sudden if you hadn’t done it before)

  3. I think some C/F is necessary for good looking guys as well. Nothing over the top or too cocky, but some mild teasing and jokes. As a good looking guy, it is easy to strike up a conversation with girls, a lot of the time they come to you, but a boring good looking guy will cause them to lose interest fast. Charisma is necessary for all men if you want a hot woman. For average girls, nothing is really needed except not to be a complete dufus.

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