Game Reboot

The manosphere… game… what to say of it lately? In my view it has gotten away from the key concepts of what game is, which is seduction, and is being filled up with discussions ad nauseum about what is beta and alpha and what it means and how it benefits you, and more common, straight on beta shaming – it has forgotten it’s ways of basic guide to get into a girls va-jay-jay, and become something more grandious – something a kin to formatting the masculine – which of course I contribute my fair share – but at times, this absence of pure seduction techniques, or methods, situations leads to an eventual circle jerk of chest thumping and alluding to one’s own massive alpha cred – while important to establish an alpha cred, being alpha is not the end all be all to being a master seducer, nor is being beta a sure fire way to land you in the dark realms of no-poonland. Any true Lothario knows he needs the bag of tricks of both spectrums to lay the pipe – and anyone who verbosely shuns beta-dom is perhaps in denial of the sometimes powerful traits of the beta. In the realm of game, this dichotomy is too black and white, and can lead a lot of men down the wrong path, lead them away from game, after their inability to adjust and calibrate. You will hear it here first, seducing women is not an exact science. What works for one man, may not work for you. Sure there are generalized truths as to what will work, however, with out experience one will not be able to understand the ways you need to employ such strategies that get her panties moist, and to get under that skirt.

For instance, did one know that being a cocky/funny isn’t the only way to respond to girls? Even American ones? Sure it may be the best most common and tried and trusted method, or the one with the highest rate of return – but if you aren’t a cocky bastard, and an introvert, you’ll have a harder time competing with say a wing man who is naturally cocky and funny – so should you also be cocky and funny? Or is it a better strategy to be aloof and indifferent, lost in thought? Mysterious? So many guys either don’t know how to be proper wings, or select proper wings, so they opt out of it and role Dolo – why? Because the competiveness of other guys make the guy who’s losing status try hard in order to gain upper hand – it’s an instinctual reaction, and any man who doesn’t have too much experience with girls will try and either show you up, or copy what you are doing – little do they realize the power of contrast does to girls minds which is when directly fed mystery and fantasy link up with the moisture farms in her poontang. Providing an alternative choice to a few girls does two things, one, it allows the girl to pick what turns her on, and stops you both from being blown out of the set.

You will be given a lot of advice on how to dress and behave, and there is a lot of validity on good and proper style, proper masculine traits and manerisms – but, if you’re game is tight, you can land a girl in a t shirt and jeans – these things are merely add on’s, will help your game, but like money, power, and good looks, unless you know how to use these to your advantage, they’re of little use other than getting looks, initial attraction, and some openings. It’s best not to put too much stock into it – as with game, it’s ultimatly meant that you don’t have to rely on those things. As you grow into your Don Juan persona, you will naturally try on different styles and methods – for the true player is the man who can play different parts, become different men, play any type of girl, be her socialite, lawyer, hipster, student, prude, wife, etc – if you’re goal is to be an ultimate seducer, you won’t care about how you look as a standard, you will find a look that suits your chamelean game – you will know how to adjust your game to the enviroment your in, the clothes you are wearing, and the targets of you man seed. Telling yourself a knife is the best weapon out there and you will go into any battle with it, is foolish if you’re in a gun fight. I feel we have moved into a certain narrow field, and it’s important to remember the fluidity of seduction.

Your game will always need to change, based on your target

This of course goes against the alpha model you are being told to follow. What this advice is aimed for is the recovering beta’s and the intermediate gamesmen. It is building your confidence with women, and your experience. I bet you can spot a PUA in the field where ever you go – I can almost guarantee you won’t be able to spot the master seducer in the field – he’s like a pussy ninja, swooping in from the shadows to covertly steal away a girl in a tidal wave of sultry passion – completely hidden from the public forum – his skills so good, so swift, so hidden, you wouldn’t even think the man is gaming a girl – but turn your head and they’ll be gone, like a puff of smoke, he’ll be somewhere between her moist legs.

The advice on all of our blogs in the manosphere are completely valid – however, I suspect many of you don’t necessarily want advice on how to sit, or keep your hands, but how to actually seduce women, and get to the end goal. Remember, the bang is the only thing that matters, it’s not how cool you were getting to it. In my world, there is no such thing as a walk of shame as a man – everything is fair in the game of seduction – nothing is sacred, not even the holy alpha mantra. So, let me ask my readers, and see if I can help certain concerns. What are your seduction issues. Where are you needing a refresher, or advice, or even a sounding board on your own game?
Leave a comment and I will follow up.

4 thoughts on “Game Reboot

  1. Nice post, I’ve noticed that a lot of the alpha-beta thing is just bringing out needless competition amongst a group of guys who could otherwise all be contributing and helping each other. i.e. I’m more alpha than all of you so you can go fuck yourself

    But I personally put more stock in ‘winning’ overall, be that at my degree, in my future career, and (maybe most importantly, although with the most work needed) in pulling girls. For reference, I’m an English, 21 year old, and I know how a lot of americans think of the english.

    Probably my biggest issue is following through, I’m getting better at opening and can even usually isolate, even when the girl doesn’t even understand whats going on (I tend to sniff out the European chicks when I’m out, don’t know how just what i find hot) but then often fall flat and draw out, unless i can drag her to the dance floor since i’m a decent dancer.

    E.g. other day chatting to a girl from Holland, after spotting her from the other side of the dancefloor at the bar, went over, she didn’t understand me right off so i took the piss for not being able to speak english (she could) and brought her over to a sort of leather couch thing. From there though, although she seemed interested the conversation(stilted by some misunderstandings) just gradually died, what would you recommend to work through those situations, ?

    Note: she was happy with me touching her and had the sexiest smooth skin i’ve ever felt( on top of a good figure this does it for me more than anything)

  2. Precisely what I’ve been struggling with lately.

    I’ve had my eyes set for a while on one of my best friends. She’s totally girlfriend material, and she knows of all my stories about a new girls every week. There’s been always attraction, but lately it’s starting to fade away because, as she jokingly tells me over and over again, I’m a slut. Not a player, a slut. I can easily be with 3 different girls every week.

    My question is, is it possible to have too much preselection, too many girls? And if so, how would you make her change the idea she has about me? Being one of my best friens i see her constantly, and i can’t figure out how reset and a clean sheet with her.

    Great post!

  3. Yeah there certainly can be too much pre-selection, especially with a girl that knows you well, and she’s the type that wants some commitment, not just a fwb’s. It’s viewed differently through girls eyes, to her, she can view you as unselective, meaning the girl doesn’t have to be special, which means she wouldn’t be special, it’s not logical to us as men, because sex and love don’t go hand in hand, we can compartmentalize sex – girls have a harder time.

    it may be difficult to reset, throwing a couple hints that you stopped banging these girls because of – insert fault here – may get her hamster start working for you, that is if you want a relationship with her. Getting a just a bang may be more… complicated.

  4. That’s the conclusion I reached too. Actually, those were precisely her words – “I need to like something about the boy, I guess we’re different”. I guess I’ll to tone down the player vibe and become more selective. Great answer, don.

    I have an unrelated question. I’m usually told I’m pretty good looking by the girls. My body lenguage is pretty good too – so I’m often told I look like an asshole or a player. Sometimes straight away, even before I open my mouth. That means usually c/f or teasing backfires; however if I’m too aloof or nice I may not hook the girl. So my starting point becaomes that if I show more value I risk overgaming, but if don’t show something I may fall in the good looking but boring category.

    How do you handle that, getting their attention but without looking too arrogant or too boring? Does it work the same for a 7 or a 9?

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