Jezebel Misses The Point

I know. Surprise surprise, women being unable to comprehend how things work and why. They put up an article where they blamed their ovaries for their alpha selections and own heartache.

We’ve spent an eternity beating ourselves up over our perverse attraction to these cads, but now it turns out it might not even be our fault. Yes, that’s right, we may be victims of our very own conniving ovaries, which release some kind of crazy hormones that make us think it’s a good idea to attach ourselves to selfish jerks by having their babies. Come on, ovaries, stop playin’ games with our hearts.

You don’t have to be too close to hear the hamster in its wheel – heck they give the hamster a full work out in this article. Girls now have their scapegoat to cock carousel – “it’s our hormones” – I can see the false rape cases beginning to manifest – he had sex with me during my ovulation cycle, I couldn’t help myself, he raped me. Don’t worry, it’s not like that will happen all that often – however the constant cop out of responsibility for their actions knows no bounds.

Apparently, according to a new study, in the week around when we ovulate, our ovaries release hormones that affect who we see as being good potential fathers. During that period, we tend to pick sexier men over more dependable men

Anyone who’s read Roissy or this site already know this is what happens to you gals. We as men don’t get a free pass for our hormonal instincts, nor should you. However these gals almost get the reality of why this is actually happening to them, why their biology is “tricking” their minds and hearts to fall for the bad boy.

Perhaps this is a super foresighted move by our ovaries to get us to procreate with a charming, sexy person so that our future sons will take after their bad boy fathers and continue spreading their seeds far and wide? Who knew glands could be so crafty? Still, this whole thing seems a bit dubious

Oh see how they got it but at the end, in steps the hamster? Dubious? You just don’t get how evolution works. This is not dubious at all, not in the least. What confuses these little princesses is that our ancestors didn’t mate based on what male would be the best father, they did not assume he would help out with child care because he didn’t – the tribe as a whole would, meaning that facet, the one these dolts are shrilling about, does not exist biologically in any female. Females, much to the chagrin of these feminist delusionists can’t and won’t admit this because it shatters the false believe that men and women are the same minus sexual organs. For females to ensure success in their offspring their biology evolved to get hot for the strongest and most alpha, one who could hunt, protect and fight – not for some simpering nanny boy.

I don’t expect the fembots at Jezebel to get it, I just found it remarkable that they spelled out the actual cause, couldn’t and would accept it, and unleashed the hamster to “understand”.
They of course don’t want to believe that biologically they don’t care if their baby daddy will schlep around the house, and help them with their womanly duties – that their reproductive urges that climb to uncontrollable levels at the time of ovulation, is because they want their children to survive and thrive, they want the strongest and most attractive genes they can get blasted inside them, ensuring that they will have sexy sons to keep passing their genetic code all over the planet. This is not dubious, this is called nature.

full article hereJezebel

4 thoughts on “Jezebel Misses The Point

  1. Despite the above-average intelligence and obvious sophistication of your readers there must be a law somewhere that obliges someone to respond to the title of this post with “umm, duh”. If only to prevent taking one’s own eye out with a pencil.

  2. The Jezebel idiots, absolutely not. They’ve made a career out of ignoring biological realities. I think it speaks to the nature of our society that Sperm Wars book isn’t more widely read. For the average reader it will turn your conceptions of sexual realities on their heads. That being said, I don’t think most people would be ready for it because they prefer to live with blinders on. But it would be a perfect answer to this moronic Jezebel article.

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