Dispatches From The Hamster Zone

It’s been a while since I’ve looked at the mainstream media’s attempt at dating advice, always to women – it’s like a thousand copies of Cosmo coming from all directions with bad advice and the inability to take any responsibility. Today they had some quotes from girls hamsters, on what was the moment they realized that he, wasn’t the “One”. Here’s a few of my favorite, and I’ll comment further on.

“He licked his knife in a restaurant.” –Maureen from Facebook”

“He told me he cheats at Euchre (a simple card game). Oh, he’s a college professor.” –lafriedland”

“I learned he kept his peanut butter in the ‘fridge!” –Kristina from Facebook”

Poor princess’s. Oh how the hamster must have spun to come up with these. Really? These were the things that made you realize he’s not the one. Two things here. One, if you’re telling the truth, displays the modern pheneomon of the princess and prince charming syndrome – this isn’t having your expectations too high, this is completely ridiculous. These are inconsequential and leads me to beleive, like most thinks spun from the hamster wheel, that these were perfectly ‘normal’ men, meaning beta’s – that just didn’t tingle these girls – but because there was no good logical reason to break up with them, or feel that they aren’t attracted to them, came up with these lame excuses. There’s more at the article, you can find at the end of this post, some more beleivable, some even I could say almost logical. However, they all fall into the category of rationalizations.

Some more tripe for you to force down:

“He said he was spiritual but didn’t believe stories in the Bible.” –Mae from Facebook”

“He asked me to pay for dinner, after picking the most expensive place to take me.” –Melissa from Facebook”

Of course the sincher at the end is whoever the girl is who put together this garbage:

“Can you imagine? I grew up in the South, where we have a saying: “Fish, or cut bait.” That is, sometimes quitting and moving on is the best option. Way to cut those guys loose, women! And if you have a story of your own, add it to the mix!”

Oh yes, what a bunch of losers these guys are. I’m not saying they aren’t losers, but even if they were, the above alone are not subject to being labelled losers or dregs of dating society like these girl power catty bitches proclaim in the safe confines of the sister hood. No these aren’t reasonable excuses. Rationalizations are one thing, men can rationalize too, but most men, when facing challenges in relationships or dating do one of two things. They just give up, or they look inward to find what’s not working for them and they make changes to their behaviour, they take responsibility. Something to which modern women seem incapable of. Lo and behold the future spinsters as one day when they’re stroking their… uhm, cats, alone… they think back and wonder why they gave up on these guys when the male attention suddenly stops coming.

The whole article can be found here.

7 thoughts on “Dispatches From The Hamster Zone

  1. I was half-expecting to see something along the lines of “When I woke up and saw that he’d left without leaving a note.”

  2. “I grew up in the South, where we have a saying: “Fish, or cut bait.” That is, sometimes quitting and moving on is the best option.”

    What’s funny here is this is not what fish or cut bait means. Fish or cut bait means you’re either a professional or an amateur, or that you’re either in the limelight or backstage and there’s no in between. The fishermen are holding the poles, the bait-cutters are in the galley carving up stuff to put on the hooks. I’m told the Air Force has a fish-or-cut-bait kind of structure, if you aren’t flying the planes you are considerably less prestigious.

    She’s thinking of shit or get off the pot, an aphorism that has a time component to it. She’s probably also confusing it with “cut sling,” a phrase that means to cut something loose.

    It also gets tiring hearing Southerners tell us about “down where I’m from, we like to say…”

  3. This gem is my favorite:
    “We lived together for a year & not once did he take me out to dinner, or buy me a gift for Christmas/Valentines​​/etc. He was unemployed, lied about everything, drank at least 12 beers a day, watched Jerry Springer…”
    -and yet you stayed with him for that long. It’s not like he was a winner that suddenly changed overnight. Rationalizing poor mate selection ftl.

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