I was once a voracious reader, I was once an energetic writer, I was once full of cum – I used to be curious and needed to assimilate a vast amounts of knowledge of different subjects, poetry, art history, music, history, society, gender differences/issues, film, philosophy, even religion and sports, really anything that I thought would be useful, interesting – anything that I felt would increase my power over people, anything that would allow me to talk about almost any situation with some sense of authority or knowledge. Then something happened. Actually a few things happened. I like to think I’m one of a kind, a beautiful and original snowflake, but I usually find, I’m not that different than others that came before me. Both things that happened stemmed from one thing, and one thing only, amassing knowledge of how things really are in the world, or at least it’s an understanding, even perception of how it is. The two things that resulted from this are:

1. Our current cultural climate doesn’t function like it used to when I was growing up.

I’ve talked about this before, post-modernism killed any semblance of anything meaningful coming out of the artistic and cultural world – it proudly reinforces it’s existence of recycling old cultural fads and artistic movements and styles, creating the inability to have anything new take hold, because anything new immediately fits into this all encompassing post-modern mindset. No new scenes can take hold, nothing can separate itself from something all encompassing, the reason should be quite obvious.

Now, this manifestation is not a new one, what was old is always new again, the difference with post modernism, is that nothing can diverge into something slightly different, like cubism to surrealism – in a post modern world, it’s all post-modern, and anything you create, can and will be declared post-modern. I remember having an argument with female co-worker who was a university education slut (slut about education) about our roman styled library here in Vancouver, as seen here:


I called it classically inspired, she attempted to mock me and say it’s post-modern. Technically she’s right, in one way, however, because I don’t want to accept post-modernism, I refuse to just throw everything anyone creates or builds or does into the ridiculous hodgepodge of post-modernism, because I believe anything in post-modernism is invalid as a thing, because it is not really defined, and not apart of something – I argued with her, pointlessly . Post-modernism is a allegory to our societal hodgepodge and degradation of idea’s and creating something new – it represents our old age as a culture – the insistence on just leaving everything as is, no lust for new creations, new movements, and new ground being broken. It is also represents our interconnectedness on a planetary level – with mass communication and mass transportation, there is no new places, idea’s, cultures to discover. A 9 year old can go on the internet and make friends with someone in India, learn about different cultures, learn about anything, tweet the newest stories, become tired of it within minutes and go on to the next fleeting moment of interest. Our post-modern world is nothing but a series of events that have no lasting impact on any of our lives – picking up groceries and a small conversation with a stranger is as relevant and talked about as unjust anti-freedom legislation. There is no categorization or moral degrees of true relevance that we can all share together, or even a small group can share together. All our cities are carbon cut outs of other cities, save a few ancient ruins, we all have the same Starbucks, fast food, cafe’s, restaurants etc. You can eat whatever food you want where ever you go, you can have whatever you want, virtually anywhere you go, you can have a similar experience – because everything has become a mass cornucopia of nothing special.

When nothing can be special, unique, new, fresh, or, more appropriately, important to a culture, to a group, to a society, we cannot share in a mutual expression, a mutual movement together, we cannot create a better place to live, a better way of thinking, a more enlightened society, or even a happier society – we are simply just going around the mulberry bush singing the same song over and over again with no concept of doing anything else.

It was this realization, and understanding, that led my demise of my lust and desire of gaining new knowledge like I once did. It seemed irrational to try and swim against the tide. There would be no movement that I could be a part of, that would have any lasting relevance on society. It would be forgotten like everything else, borrowed, stolen, re-used and claimed by everyone. Nothing anyone does will have any lasting effect on the future of humanity in the past 15 years. Can you think of one thing that defines us? Here in the 2000’s and now in the teens? Maybe mass schizophrenia. But nothing that will leave a lasting impression. The 1920’s were not the lost generation, we are.

2. At some point you begin to focus only on specific things.

Once you find the philosophies and interests that fit what you want, you naturally focus only on those things – you begin to cut out what you know is garbage or uninteresting or silly, or foolish, or conflict with your view point. It happens as we grow older and become more entrenched in our ego, our self-perception and self-definition of who we are. As we move forward in this role you have chosen in life, you naturally begin to be that best version of you that you want to be, thus you cancel out all things that conflict with this self image, or you spend so much time trying to perfect this self, that you don’t have any interest in anything new, you actually start losing the desire to re-discover something, or freshly discover something new – the concept of transformation becomes something we guard against, especially if we are really happy with ourselves, but also manifests when we aren’t – when we aren’t happy, this transformation can be like venturing into the dark magic forest, on the other side could be something great, but it looks like it will probably be worse. So we settle into our little world view and hold onto it for dear life.

Some may have read that last paragraph and thought, ‘so what?’. It doesn’t sound all that bad. Well the problem here, is this is truly when we stop actually living, and when we become slaves to ourselves and our lives. It stomps out all inspiration and creativity. You will be stuck in a never ending circle of the same. One of our greatest gifts we have as humans, is the concept of free thought and creation – and when we don’t use this, we are nothing more than the lower animals – simply existing in the biological realm. In order to flourish and be energetic and vivacious, we need to move towards the horizon and discover. We need to explore.

So, just in general life, I feel it’s important to always search for new interesting things, discover things, and get that lust of the fresh and unknown into my life. It makes for a more interesting person, and it makes my world expand to include more and more people to interact with in a meaningful way – with girls it allows me high status and interesting stories and conversations allowing to connect with a variety of different girls. But there’s still something missing – and it’s that cultural sharing in something a group of people love and like, and are interested in – discussing new musical movements or artistic movements, or philosophical movements – I feel that in post modernist society, no one really has invested all that much in anything that isn’t just a hobby. I generally feel the lack of other people’s interests.

So I ask you, my readers, what are you interested in?

10 thoughts on “Interests

  1. Funny you should say this. I’m currently working in IT and have been for some 4-5 years. Lately, I’ve become more and more passionate with music and specifically guitar playing. Am seriously contemplating a career shift.

    Also, I find it harder and harder to find people whom I can resonate with. Most of my friends have divergent tastes and life philosophies, but we still have high-school memories that bind us… for now

  2. Amazing,
    I just took the red pill.Pre-unplugging i used to say “I want to find the truth of this world”.I read so many things.After recently taking the red pill I have begun to see the world differently.I really am losing interest and this post sums up why

  3. Sounds like your pursuit of knowledge has hit its limit. You are probably mentally adept enough to engage in any conversation and control the frame through mental martial arts.

    So how about actually pursuing martial art on the physical level? Not to dominate another person, but to test your physical limits? You will feel awkward and uncomfortable in the beginning. But that discomfort is exactly what you are craving. Once you dominate your discomfort (and this will take at least a couple of years), see if there’s some new knowledge to pursue.

  4. My experience matches that of Coy. Pre-redpill I had long lists of classic books I wanted to devour. I spent all my free time reading . I wanted to know about philosophy , politics , literature and art. I even chose philosophy as my study. Now (23) I realize I did all these things because I couldn’t get laid. Because I bought into the lies of the system (media,gov. etc) . I thought knowledge would make attractive, intriguing and a rebel. I read for liberation. Now, what I enjoy more than anything is to be in the sun , have drinks with friends or flirt with a girl. I’ve become a philistine. Despite all this, it was my intellectual curiosity that lead me here to the manosphere.

  5. I agree with what you say about post-modernism. But even the very debate about what category of architecture it was, was itself a post-modern discussion. Nobody built the Coliseum so that it would look “Romanesque” … they just built the best-looking, most-effective stadium that they could. The anonymous architects of Chartres didn’t build a “gothic” cathedral. They built the most beautiful, inspiring cathedral that they could. Only outsiders, centuries later, could point at it in a detached manner and call it “gothic.”

    These days, everything comes pre-detached, until you can figure out how to get back INSIDE the world as you experience it. It *is* possible for red-pill takers. It’s just another entire level of rejecting modernity that I don’t think most men can handle, to be honest.

    Worrying about how shit fits into the larger picture is a symptom of alienation, which I guess is just a rephrasing of your larger point in this post.

  6. Very good point, however in the past, the artists always faced constraints, having to their society dictate what may be offensive and/or unacceptable – ie building a simple coliseum would not have been acceptable in the height of the roman empire – it needed to be grandiose. Now we have no such limits – I believe this is the conundrum all artistic and philosophical minds tend to face. Art is a reflection of the culture you’re in.

  7. Great post, man. Deep shit.

    Even at my young age, nothing excites me anymore.

    Such is the curse of the information age, franchises, the mcdonaldization of society, but most of all…

    the way post-modernist nihilism denies the beauty and uniqueness of life. By tampling over all that used to be sacred, nothing holds in awe anymore.

  8. I’ll echo Ed, push yourself to the limits physically if you’re burning out mentally.

    “Under the sword lifted high, There is hell making you tremble. But go ahead, And you have the land of bliss.” – Miyamoto Musashi (I highly recommend his Book of Five Rings)

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