What Is The End Goal Of Feminism?

What is the end goal of feminism? What is the benefit of living in an adrogynous society? What benefit does if bring to anyone but the ugly, meek, and already adrogynous? Feminists are already acting and trying to act like men, so they can’t actually Hate masculinity, because they have such cock envy it dick-tates all their moves and actions and behaviours. Is it simply the void of an androgynous placard, example? If you are a woman, or some traitor man who supports feminism, you can’t sit there and tell me, or any other rational human being that feminism today stands for equality, because the women that are feminsts act like men. Any rational human being would see that feminism has turned into a power grab, and they’re using the example of who had the power before them, by merely trying to swap roles. Every feminist hates men, and wants them to pay for this fake suffrage – no woman in her 30’s or younger has faced actual suffrage that pervious generations have, and even then, look back further and women had a much higher standing in society, at least in regards to how they were actually respected and treated. Women are looked upon secretly like skanks and sluts and entitled bitches, at least in the major cities where careerist women and feminazis who go out of their way to scold and ostercize both men and more importantly women, who choose to remain feminine and are happy to be this. They assume that any girl who chooses to be feminine is a simpleton and simply isn’t aware of the oh so great way of life that many of the future cat owning spinsters spout ad nauseaum.

One of the reasons I detest getting into any discussion argument with anyone who goes out of their way to spew hate filled vehement spite under the guise of feminism, is because they act like every social studies university student (majority women) who take on the air of a university education is the ultimate truth, and that everything they got fed in school is the ultimate truth. Anyone who takes university or school too seriously, especially if they aren’t learning something specific like law, engineering, medicine, or trades, are complete imbeciles and nothing more than trained monkeys, spewing out propaganda like their bible thumping cousins. They come of the same way as bible thumpers because they both share the arrogance and elitist mindset, so confident in what they believe, that they will argue, not debate, but argue their point, in a violent anger filled spittle causing rants. The most common BS that will come from these peoples mouths are this “Oh I can’t believe that in this day and age we still have to argue about this!” or “You want to take us back to the 1950’s”. You know it’s pointless to keep arguing with anyone who takes a stance like this, because they aren’t listening and they aren’t open to any idea’s. They are set in their ways.

And this brings us to the inherent problem with our world today. With PC’ism and feminism so rampant, no one is actually free to discuss their opinions with out being attacked, aggressively for their different opinions – if it doesn’t fit in with the so called authority on what society says is acceptable, you are now violently attacked, and even at times imprisoned. You can be un-employable, because you can’t tweet anything you want, you can’t feel free to express yourself because it doesn’t fit in with what society deems to be concrete law. When it isn’t law. This mindset isn’t even obeying our natural biological laws, it’s a nazi like attempt to drown out any other thoughts and concepts that does not fit into the current empires beliefs and attitudes. This has happened before, thousands of times. The difference is, that we are supposed to be a free society, and the beacon of freedom, The United States, is now the worst offender of an Orwellian like policing of thought control, only it isn’t from the government or police state, it’s from the general populace, a populace that believes in the lie that society evolves.

Break everything down and the problem with every society, and especially this one, is the thought that the civilization is the height of where and what we as humans can and will achieve. Ancient Roman’s thought that their civilization was the height of what humans can do, and so did every other society thought. You can pinpoint the time that all these civilizations started it’s decline, and it was the exact moment that the entire populace believed that this society was indestructible and the final chapter of humanity, and this was it, we can only become more civilized and more sterile and grow and that we are evolving, not physically or biologically, but that our civilization is our evolution. That our civilization means that what we are now, is better than what our ancestors were like. And there are many examples that dispel this myth. For one, having a populace that is mostly obese and even morbidly obese, is not better or more evolved than our ancestors. Our ancestors could not only rip us all apart, but also out smart us – oh not in a math problem, or how to wire a stereo, but where it counts – survival and exceeding. See many of the elitist population assume that the stupid people aren’t actually as evolved as them, that if only these idiots could go to university, they would be smart – but they’re just as idiotic as the rubes they turn their noses up at. See if you don’t think that what you believe or think can be wrong or incorrect, or incomplete, than you’re a bigger fool than the person that’s just ignorant of the things you think or believe. Nothing is concrete, and we are not at the pinnacle of humanity. This civilization, like all others, is teetering on the brink of annihilation, and degradation, it is happening every day. Will we as humans die? No. Because unlike us today, our forefathers knew, that humans will always endure and adapt, see, we don’t evolve into this christian theologically inspired super human in a super civilization, no, we like all other animals either adapt, or we die. Only through our adaptations do we evolve. What no one understands is that evolution is not an end goal, of becoming that super being, its all about adapting to our environment, the ones that can adapt survive, and those genes carry on, the ones that don’t die.

Our society will continue to degrade, the feminist pc world will continue to grow, we will become more and more androgynous, but that is not the epitome of humanity, it is not where we should go because it is more evolved, nothing can be ‘more’ evolved, we can only evolve, and adapt to our surroundings in order to survive. Surviving is human. The strong one’s are the one’s who don’t follow the sheep to the slaughter, it is the ones that remain independent and unchained to theocracy, socialized beliefs and fundamentalism, the strong are the ones that move forward, when everything easy crumbles.

9 thoughts on “What Is The End Goal Of Feminism?

  1. Crazy weird that Roissy inspired the post i wrote earlier, then you ask the same question i attempted to answer.


    My theory is that feminism has a neverending list of excuses as to how the patriarchy opresses women. They labor by convincing us that it is all about “equality” when they really want to push beyond that. See: free birth control. Thats clearly not about equality, cause men don’t get free birth control. They speak like its an inequality, but act like someone is opressing them. Pretty soon they could say “women shouldnt have to wear clothes in public. That is just men oppressing us with dress codes.” Men dont dress naked in public, so its not inequality. But you could claim that men oppress women by forcing them to wear clothes. See how you could make anything up under the guise of opression?

    You define it perfectly- it is the female id pushing for some pushback. Until someone says- “stop! Im not oppressing you, and if you say that again, i’m personally going to punish you for challenging my reputation” and make them see some light, they will push us and we will decline as far as need be.

  2. There is no end goal or final state to feminism. “Feminism was created to allow ugly [or damaged] women access to the mainstream of society” – Rush Limbaugh

    All of the fearmongering, bribery, & class divisiveness associated with feminism is really just the result of low status women trying to raise their status in society.

    When a feminist invents something that resonates with women like rape culture and then spreads the ideas of rape culture, she is really just playing on the insecurities of regular women so that she’ll be accepted and given status with regular women. But, if rape culture succeeds and becomes part of the overall culture, then regular women will no longer give the feminist her status, and the feminist will have to invent something more.

    This true for all other feminist goals, be they special rights for women, supremacy over children, male to female wealth transfers, affirmative action, banning males from associating together alone in public spaces, or whatever else.

    See, while Rush was 100% right about characterizing the feminists in the universities and on the left, the fact remains that there also exist ugly women on the right and they are doing the exact same things to try and cajole, bribe, or manipulate other women (but sometimes men) into allowing them into the mainstream of society.

    Pretty much all of the “patriarchal culture” that feminists rebel against, at least in the west, is just rules or mores created by previous generations of feminists. Pretty much all of “mainstream social conservatism” is just your grandmother’s version of feminism. That “mainstream social conservatism” is basically just more feminism explains why feminist victories never really get rolled back.

    Feminism is here to stay, it is present wherever there are women of unequal value in the SMP.

    Men should concentrate of educating men on the true nature of women, and calling out the Manginas (men who appease women in the hopes of getting laid) and the white knights (men who sacrifice for women who couldn’t give a crap about themselves).

  3. While modern feminist thought is largely rooted in the Western intellectual tradition, the ideology is gaining currency throughout the whole world. In many cases, the feminist goal of equality for women has helped push movements around the world to change the entire way private society is viewed, and in some cases even help topple governments.

  4. There were six fleminicyst retards whos stupid idea it was to mistake and brainwash western society into passing a unjust tyrannical law called sexual irritation, those six dumbbells should have been shot than to have made the biggest mistake in U.S. history,censoring men who should still have the freedom to compliment any ladies bosom and cleavage they see fit. There is a man, in a woman. Its really being quite retarded they intentionally mispell woman on purpose. Behold your undoing, Mentally immature “feminists”, what a stupid word.

  5. Do any of you dumbbells out there realize it never says anywheres to jail someone for complimenting your bosom and cleavage? Make a man an offender for a word is being misquoted as a verse of scripture to justify the myth of sexual so-called harassment, that and the word rape is used out of its original context to mean something other than pillaging, now unfortunately meaning unwanted sexual intercourse. The bible should not be being profaned like this its words to justify something as satanic as this diabolical,oppressive,unjust,tyrannical law like so-called sexual harassment. Misusing the bible to justify banning and jailing innocent men who said nothing wrong because women today have been taught to unremorsefully imagine things that are untrue, even about compliments.

  6. If you want to “compliment” someone, do it outside of work. Odds are you are gross and no one is interested in you and you have to hit on people getting paid to be around you.

  7. Get a clue – they don’t like you – move on with your life. What part of their response do you not understand? Are you living in reality?

  8. They should have had a book for them called, B.U.M.S., Brainwashed Ugly Moronic Simpletons. They are all going to hell because they deceived with lying words millions of zillions of people. They are just someones puppets to play with. They are all living in a sea of hyporicrisy and a river of lies. Don’t buy or read the socalled “scum” book, with the word taken out of context. Unfortunately used in a song out of context as well. They have said alot of things I would be sorry I said that I know if I didn’t apologize for now, in the here and now. I would burn in hell in the great hereafter. So they have plenty of repenting to do and they have not turned from there evil ways. One of their evil ways is having the audacity to call compliments, “hassling” and making it a “crime”, jail sentence, like suicide, a permanent solution to a temperary problem. This loss of empathy would escalate this imaginary problem millions of self-deceived fools for women today would have along with stupid foolish governments in America and elsewhere who think they are really “doing” something when they cage inhumanely innocent men.

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