Can A Player Lose His Game?

As my blog posts have winded down, from almost everyday of the week, to at best 3 days a week, I’ve had to take a look at why that is. I could give you a stock answer, like my time has become more limited… that’s true, but not why I haven’t had the urge to stay on at least a 3 days of the week schedule, in many ways saying I am going to limit my posts to 3 days a week gave me a laziness excuse, especially since my readership numbers really never dropped. I am prone to supreme bouts of laziness – call it ease of boredom, or being hard to stimulate. When I’m stimulated, I go at something with the energy and gusto of a god, when I’m bored, I’m like a rock, stuck in some mud. I simply stop being motivated about writing about game, and since I foolishly painted myself into a self perceived corner, I figured that’s all I could write about, which isn’t true as well. I was coming up with excuses, but the truth remained, I have been feeling like there wasn’t much of a point to keep writing the blog as was, for the fact that there are so many game blogs, that it wasn’t really valid – also that we’re all linked, you read my blog and you can be linked with a slew of other game blogs or manosphere blogs, so maintaining a special unique snowflake blog, was becoming seemingly impossible. One area that I haven’t had time with, is keeping up with everyone else’s blogs, I simply don’t have enough free time during the day to find out who’s been writing what, and what to cover that hasn’t, so I foolishly assumed that everything is being covered already, by others that I respect.

I felt like we had already made a difference, that even without me, things were on a trajectory that wouldn’t be stopped, so a sense of urgency had vanished. My voice, seemed no longer unique, and at the same time, not an omnipotent voice commanding me to keep being the grandfather of game, of which I was never, nor want to be. All in all, with each day that passed, my focus on this blog waned. Each day the thought of not writing something became accepted and fed one of these excuses, each time I’d tell myself I’ll do it tomorrow, or the next day, etc. Until I realized what was happening.

See, when you’re dealing with your own ego, brain, thought process, soul, motivation, what have you, if you get to a point where you feel like you’ve done everything, said everything, or feel like theres no point to doing something anymore, you start to slip. In poetics and brooding philosophers it’s confused with staying put, they like to muse with the notion of rebelling about being stuck in a rut, a routine, of not moving forward in life, which of course is impossible – time moves you forward no matter how much your routine is, and in other cultures like old japan, your whole soul and being would be involved in routine, it would be in the perfecting of those routines. That was the drive. It is not simply routine that gets you stuck in your life, or makes you hate your life, or makes you frustrated, it’s that these things either have no meaning, or have lost its meaning. It’s the same with game.

Being in a long term relationship can do damage for your game, you can be successful at gaming your wife/girlfriend, and be honing that, but you have two risks involved. When you start getting bored, or the relationship loses meaning, and two, if you aren’t actively flirting, and/or cheating on her your pick up, get a new one(s) game will back slide unto a point where you think you have to re learn everything all over again.

Heartiste had an article on this where he points out that you don’t need to work the numbers game, after you have honed your skill, and this is correct, however, you still need to actively game. Some men may be able to disappear from game all together after a few years and then come back to it again like it’s a bicycle and start riding right away, or picking up a guitar and plucking like you’ve never stepped away from it – but you still need to game, you still do need the practice, at least some men do. It is true that you never really lose game, as a natural I can attest to that, but I can also attest to the fact that if you completely lose focus of it for an extended period of time, you will seem to lose it, and you will need to ‘relearn’ all your old lessons. It’s still in there, you will still have charm and charisma, but if you forget the keys to game, you will need to rediscover them. It’s actually happened to me, like my current writing problem, it was a desire to try the beta way, and a lack of desire to keep banging chick after chick. Can you lose game? I think you can lose anything, it’s focus and desire that you lose, not game, but finding passion where there is a void of it, can be a daunting task, and legends were written about hero’s who struggled with such a thing.

6 thoughts on “Can A Player Lose His Game?

  1. You’ll be back soon. I was getting rusty and complacent myself for nearly 6 months… it only took one night with a new girl last week to be back on the top of my game again. It’s like riding a bike, you never really forget how to do it.

  2. If you’ve spent time finding a high quality girl and she’s done no wrong and you love eachother, why continue the hunt? What’s the point? You coach men into accepting nothing but the best, yet once they find a perfect fit you encourage further gaming outside of the relationship. Must every alpha male have a continuous stream of new pussy? What man wants to retrain a new girl or lose a current pleasant one? I don’t want to confuse contentment with complacency, help me out here

  3. It’s not that you need to go out and find a new girl, but you should always be focused on your game and flirt with other girls, any pretty girl in your vicinity in order to keep up the game, you don’t need to close them, just know that you could close them. You do this so if you have an awesome perfect girl you can get a new one with little to no game down time should a break up occur. Plus it makes your current girl hot for you and appreciate that other girls desire you, keeping her desire high for you, this is a part of LTR game.

  4. Several comments.

    If you ever get married and have children you lose game because they become the new focus of your life. Being a parent is an incredible experience not to be missed in life. Warning, you could become fat and uncool, but its worth it…lol

    There are other forms of game that become challenging, like making a lot of money.

  5. Everyone goes through ups and downs but I can tell you as a reader you really have made a difference with this blog. I’ve written to you twice with questions and both times within a week you took the time to dedicate a post to it to really think about my question and answer it in full. I know it benefitted me hugely and I’m sure others as well. I know there are tonnes of blogs out there but yours has a really great and unique spin and the response you gave to my questions really showed you cared about readers who wrote in. So I hope you don’t get discouraged, the blog has been and is a great cornerstone of the manosphere.

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