Act Like You’ve Been There Before

Generation Nihilism had a good post today that I wanted to expand on a little, and give a little tip of the hat for a good game tip. The post is how to respond when a chick tells you she thinks you’re hot, or sexy, or good looking, and good strategies on how to handle the situation. As a guy who’s found himself in similar situations with many of women, I can assure you his methods are sound. I have done all of his scenario’s he mentions in my time, and it’s a bang on assessment. The title of my post is a direct quote, and that’s the phrase that inspired me to write this post.

Act like you’ve been there before. If you’re looking for a better description of confidence and aloofness, you can’t find one, you could write a thousand posts and come up with nothing more significant in describing, but also, triggering a frame of mind that you need in any situation with girls. Embracing this thought and feeling should be the basic foundation of your game. Any situation, any girl, you should be acting like it’s no big deal, that you’ve seen it all before, whether being shit tested, or being told you’re sexy, even told that a girl wants to fuck you. The best reaction you can have with 99% of the time with girls is one of calm assuredness that you know what you’re doing and that this is no big deal, you’ve seen it all before. It also gives off the impression of the ever important lure of experience, we should all know that all women love men with experience, life experience, and this attitude exudes experience, and it exudes aloofness and high value. A girl who knows you’re not gonna spaz out, or get too excited, or act nervous, shy, etc, is one that’s suddenly going to be more interested in spending more time with you, and brings you far closer to the sexy time.

This mantra should be repeated by young men everywhere as a replacement for a daily repentance, you should take a small whip and slap your back with it for 30 lashes while repeating the mantra, ‘act like you’ve been there before’ in order for it to properly sink in. Like any great game technique, this will not only benefit you with girls, but it goes for every situation in life. It is my lifelong ambition and practice to always act like I’ve been in any situation before, and because of it, and my devotion to writing, have sought out and welcomed a variety of experiences to reference back to when I need it, when I’m caught in a situation that I may not encounter that often, or all that often, or a new experience. No one likes a rookie, and it’s always better to show that you have some experience in the situation, and that it’s no big deal, because it helps relieve any trepidation someone might have about you going into that situation. It can also diffuse many personal or professional attacks, when you’re sitting there acting like you know what’s coming and appearing to be one step ahead of the person. There are many benefits, but acting like you’ve been there before is the simplest and best way to project an amused mastery over all and any situations, and it’s those people, those men, that everyone looks up to, and admires.

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