Anarchy Under The Guise Of Gender Neutrality

This Article was brought to my attention from a Roosh tweet today. It is an every day mangina who calls himself a feminist (any man who calls himself a feminist isn’t after equal rights, he’s proclaimed his own rejection of the masculine and should be labelled a traitor to men, and punishment should be doled out with extensive shopping trips with 10 women and each of their gay friends). Hell look at the absurd picture at the beginning calling for the removal of gender distinctions from bathrooms. Because yes, having a ladies bathroom and a men’s is equivalent to having a white’s only bathroom and a black only. These people latch on to racist distinctions and fight tooth and nail for everything for gender ‘equality’. The analogy and thinking is wrong of course, because we don’t separate girls and boys bathrooms because of bigotry and fear of being unclean, or because of keeping a woman from entering a boys room, oh the empowerment a woman would get. The same of an all men’s club excluding women, it isn’t because it’s bigotry, it’s because guys want a place to hang out that isn’t infested by women. Sometimes we like to do things on our own. Oh I’m such a mysoginist! You see where we’re heading right? It’s a call for a complete destruction of society, it’s not simply asking for equality anymore, which is equal pay for equal work, and a right to vote and right to the same things men are, which they’ve pretty much all gotten, it’s much more, it is the total destruction of anything masculine and feminine. We’ve heard the argument before, but the argument comes right out of this mangina’s mouth. He says, mistakenly, that gender roles are defined in our society only by western methods. I guess the guy’s never been to the middle east, or asia. You should probably stop reading when he cites an article written that says that australian aboriginals and some different tribes have different gender roles, and thus he attacks his own society. Yes there are some traditions, and they’re not all bad, in fact society is made up of tradition, strip them all away and you strip away society, and you are left what we are increasingly seeing as anarchy. And real anarchy ain’t fun boys and girls. People get hurt, killed, and raped. There is no law, there is no order, it is void of law and order.

Feminists and mangina’s starting pissing off men and women when they started equating things that don’t harm anyone, and in fact have people of both sexes enjoying the benefits of our gender roles, there are many women who enjoy being feminine and being traditional, and there are many men. This is the very mistake they use in trying to associate stupid things like their androgyny seeking, anti male agenda to harmless gender roles – because in real racism and bigotry, none of the people being offended like what they are told to do. Is there really any girl out there offended at going into a girls bathroom? I mean other than a staunch feminist, for no other reason but because she hates? No. Now do you think a black man or woman before civil rights liked being forced to use different bathrooms? Hell yeah they did, even growing up with no knowledge of something different, they did, because they didn’t see a distinction, a difference other than the color of their skin. With gender, there’s a difference we are all aware of. Oh but that’s what they want right? They want androgyny. You only have to look at why someone would want androgyny and be willing to strip society of it’s traditions and soul and order. Because they’re losers in the sexual market place.

You show me a man who’s getting plenty of action from women, I will show you a guy who thinks feminism is stupid and this crap doesn’t matter – show me a girl who is gorgeous and wields her true feminine power by making choices with only the best partners and tell me if she thinks feminism is stupid? No, it’s only from the losers. The people who don’t get the benefits of traditional roles. They want to change everyone to fit into there already androgynous norm. These guys who are barely hetorosexual,,, oh hold on at some point that will be mysoginistic too, at some point we’ll all be told, choosing only girls to have sex with is sexist. We can keep going down the path of the ludicrous, if we really want to, but I’ve had about enough of it. At some point we’ve got to say stop. Because I don’t want this gravy train to end. I don’t want there to be a time when it’s illegal to only sleep with women, why? Because there are differences between the sexes that are greater than just a penis and vagina – although I wouldn’t think the mangina who wrote that article to know that.

Listening and allowing this crap to go on, will only induce more crime, more back lash towards women and mangina’s like him, from both men and women, because there are some of us that don’t want to live in an androgynous hell hole. What they don’t truly get, because they can’t get their heads out of their friends purses, sorry hemp sack… is that they are destroying society piece by piece. There were reasons for these traditions and mostly it was to keep families together, and to keep the peace – to ensure mangina’s like this dude had a wife that he could have kids with, with out the fear of her fucking every other dude in the neighborhood – what’s baffling is this dude probably would argue that it should be that way, she should be allowed to fuck everyone on the block, that somehow because she has the right that she should, with out any public shaming or consequences. The removal of consequences promotes anarchy. You are seeing our women act in said anarchy. They can do no wrong, say no wrong, and do what ever they want – attack and threaten men, with no consequences, etc. It’s leading to anarchy. And it’s either short sited on these ‘activists’ or they intentionally want to ruin society. They should be regarded as terrorists and dealt with as such. For they are attacking our society, with a slow and devious stratagem.

Most normal and reasonable people don’t care about nonsense like this, they try and raise their kids normally, and live life normally, when they hear this garbage, they shake their heads and brush it off as stupid, and move on to the next topic… yet the losers of the market place, the fringe element, the androgynous and nutso’s who confuse bigotry and actual gender differences, and the rights of those both genders who love being men and women to live in a society where this isn’t ostracized. You see, it isn’t actual equality any of them want, oh no, they just want everyone to wallow in the same cesspool as them.

4 thoughts on “Anarchy Under The Guise Of Gender Neutrality

  1. Basically it is a 99%-er movement for sexual losers. But really they are about only 20-30% tops.

    I wonder why the beta/mangina don’t demand equal distribution of female, uh, affection from the hottest 1% of women?

    Fair share and all that.

    I hate sore losers. So devoid of dignity.

  2. (Wrong link in username)

    There’s a resounding truth to what you’re discussing here. Feminism is pushed by lesbian women and plain/ugly careerists. Which makes up a very small portion of females, less than 10% for sure. The small amount of followers they have outside these 2 groups are sheeps being controlled by a herd mentality. I’m pretty young, but it is very true what they say about feminists being the “losers” in the female totem pole. The only attractive feminist I know is a feminine/non-butch lesbian (which automatically makes her a feminist). Their fellow women pay little head to what they have to say.

    However, they wield disproportionate influence over politics and legislation in the West. This remains a serious threat to us, despite the demographic decline of feminism due to their abysmal fertility rate.

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