FInd A Fault

I’m reminded of a technique that came to me from a friend, a technique he used subconsciously, it was one of those things he’d tell me about, usually in the pre bang phase, stopping him from proceeding, but usually post bang, where he’d find some seemingly minor flaw to you or me, if the girl was hot, that he would focus on and be unable to not think about this minor flaw – be it a hair that came out of her nipple, something she said or did, a weird mole, etc. It could and was anything or everything under the sun. See he wasn’t consciously seeking out these faults, but because he didn’t want a relationship, and didn’t want to seem to himself that he’s nuts for not wanting a relationship with these girls, he subconsciously found these faults and it allowed him to feel better about not banging them, or not seeing them again. Or at least that’s my take on it. He might have a slightly different take, but it’s not important, what is important is that there is a good lesson for you men out there that get all tongue tied or emotionally excited when around women or a certain woman. Find a fault in her.

Are you nervous about approaching a girl? Take a few extra minutes to check the girl out, and find a physical flaw that you just don’t like, that even turns you off about it, once you focus on it. At times you may even need to get in closer to her to see it, so you may need to approach first, then find it, but in the process of looking, you will find your approach anxiety fade away. Sometimes you may not see anything wrong with her, even up close, if she’s a 10, unlikely, but if she is, you need to focus on her personality and find something unpleasant about that, she’s a girl so it shouldn’t be so hard. The finding a fault has one major advantage and one major disadvantage, but for men who are just learning how to approach women, or learning not to hoist her on a pedestal at the first smile, hair playing, or word that comes out of her mouth, then this is a good strategy.

The main advantage of this is of course any sentiments of thinking her of a perfect being or out of your league disappears. If you have found a fault with her, you’ve now tricked your subconscious to elevate yourself in your mind above her, which puts you in the right frame of mind. It prevents nervousness, for now you have a legitimate fault to think of in order to remind yourself, should she start charming you when the two of you are flirting, and you feel yourself starting to feel too endorphiny, that she’s imperfect, and that imperfection means she’s not the perfect girl for you, because there is no such thing, and you’ll have to now approach the girl with the mindset that she needs to overcome this fault, and thus she will need to qualify herself to you. You don’t even need to consciously try to make her qualify herself, this game trick will put you in a frame where your subconscious takes over and the words and actions and demeanor will all convey to her that you’re impressed, but not convinced. It’s a trick that you can use to quickly flip the script, especially in your own mind. This technique can also help if you’re a horny bastard that hasn’t had sex in months or years and in the presence of those vixens that sets your sex drive into supersonic overdrive – you know the ones, that make you a heaving mass of animal passion? Yeah, finding a fault can calm you down enough to game her, so she doesn’t smell the desperate sex all over you.

If you are a man, finding it difficult to get into the right frame, and difficult to lose that nervous energy, or put women on pedestals, this will be your first technique in seeing women in the rays of reality. No one woman is perfect. No one woman is everything that you make her out to be in her head, oh and you’ll stop driving around with your iPod plugged in listening to sappy hipster songs and dreaming about her and going over all the different scenario’s of how she’s going to love the thing you are going to say or do… you won’t do that again.

The downside to doing this? It’s simple. You can go to far. With everything, there is an art to how you attempt to use this technique, and really should be reserved for only the girls that throw you off your game with their beauty. If you do this for a 5 or 6 that you caught your eye for a pump and dump, and you focus on her faults, then you’ll be too disgusted to get horny. See we as men naturally overlook faults in women, because most men only get 5’s or 6’s, so when they use the same strategy on a 7 and higher, the girl of course looks untouchable and out of your league. This technique though simple, requires the same careful usage as all other game techniques.

March on soldiers.

4 thoughts on “FInd A Fault

  1. I actually started to do this recently myself. And you’re right to warn against going too far. It can become easy to walk around with your nose up dismissing every woman you see as not being good enough, and you end up not talking to anyone. But as long as you don’t take it too far, judging every girl you see and finding faults is very good advice.

  2. Excellent! This is Inner Game, supremacy.
    Your Inner Game controls your Emotional Game and thus your Outer Game.
    Great (reminder) technique, even for us pros (lol).

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