Is It Possible To Be Alpha With Bad Game?

I’m aiming square at the nexus of game – the core concepts of being an alpha male, or emulating alpha’s to enhance your game – the concept is that alpha’s get all the chicks, but it’s never been asked, as far as I know, whether being alpha is game? Or better yet, can alpha’s have bad game? Does the definition, either blue pill concepts, or red pill concepts of alpha’s actually employ bad game and still get chicks, or do they suffer the same fate as their beta counterparts and thus are actually beta, and not alpha at all?

For starters, let’s look at the idea that Alpha’s walk around not giving a fuck, it’s a well known trait, one of the key emulated traits of the aspiring alpha’s, one of the main differentiators between emotional simpering beta’s, and their aloof uncaring counterparts. Is not giving a fuck going to get you laid on it’s own? This attitude in itself can lead to bad game. Saying something with out the concern of a response can be either good game, or bad game, it can be a turn on or a turn off, but the sheer fact of caring whether it’s a turn on or a turn off, well makes you kind of care, which isn’t very alpha, because you shouldn’t care. An alpha also doesn’t care if he turns some women off, due to the fact that he can have so many other women, or has pussy he’s hitting any ways. But… by running bad game, despite the un-caring, he’s still running bad game, and thus some might say, not alpha. I’ve often wondered what some of my readers or manosphere brethren might think if they hung out with me in the field, because there are many times I just do what I feel like in the moment, and often times, run bad game either for a joke, my own amusement, or to prove something that I can relate here, and it solely depends on my mood, and how intrigued I am in banging some babes. Sometimes I have more fun playing around with girls than I do gaming them… but most of the time, it’s my own ego, I actually want to see what I can actually get away with and get the bang. In these moods I’m not concerned with the success rate other than a, “I can’t believe this girl still spread her legs for me after what I just did.” kind of interest. With out trying all different tactics, it’s much harder to have a broader aspect of game. But does running bad game itself mean you’re not alpha? A bystander or the girl(s) you’re interacting with may not think so. Of course, it is un-alpha-like to consider such nonsense, but in the interest of self improvement, I venture into dangerous territory to discover the truth.

By seduction definitions, or modern times standards, the alpha is the guy who get’s the most chicks, or has the most chicks chasing him. But if you’re an alpha running bad game, you’re left with only the girls from afar tingling for you, rather than the girls you’re interacting with. The question arose for me because it correlates to good looking game. It’s a similar stand point of bad game from good looking guys. The assumption is, that a great looking guy can do no wrong and will get more lays just from being good looking. It should be known, that good looking guys with bad game, don’t match up to average guys with great game. They simply get more opportunities to bang more girls, and hotter ones, actually converting those to lays, is more reliant on game than it is looks, for we all know two things about women. They aren’t as motivated sexually on looks as guys are, and more turned on by a socially nuanced confident man, than they are from just some good looking awkward chump. I now, after much research, believe it’s the same for the alpha. Run bad game as an alpha and find your lay conversion percentage lower than the smooth talking alpha. Both will have more women after them then the blue pill beta, but the alpha running good game, will mop the floor with the alpha running bad game, for whatever reason.

Of course, this all relies on how you define alpha. Would you say the alpha is the one who only runs good game? Is that even possible? Is running bad game incongruent with alpha behaviour? It really can’t be if he doesn’t care whether he runs good game or not. It is however dangerous for an alpha to run bad game, because at some point that becomes habit forming, especially if he’s still getting laid. If you learn bad habits, it’s much harder to get back on to good game, and much easier to slide into the lesser category and feel lost and confused, and suddenly flailing at trying to land new pussy, and get your proper game back, and much introspection and hand wringing commences and you lose your way faster than a feminist can demonize all men.

So what do you think? Is it possible to still be labelled Alpha, if you run bad game? Is Game and Alpha-ness reliant on each other, or are they two independent traits, that seem to mesh well? I look forward to your thoughts on the matter.

6 thoughts on “Is It Possible To Be Alpha With Bad Game?

  1. Im a firm believer that being “alpha” is only marginally defined by success with women and more so defined by personal success as a man. Thats not to say the two cant be tied together. Take Roosh, who through women, has become a better man.

    He’s a world traveling published author who speaks a multitude of languages and has seen more in his decade of so of gaming, then most men see in their entire lives. He’s achieved great personal success due to game, but not because of game.

  2. Thugtician (of youtube fame) says looks, money, fame (social status) or game are somewhat interchangeable.

    Terrible game can make a handsome millionaire not alpha, but if he is even halfway normal, he can pull based on looks and money.

    Nothing is binary, everything is on a scale.

    Different women care more about those four elements, but being alpha means you must have some combination of them.

    That means that each element could be more alpha-making than another element depending on the kind of woman you are dealing with.

  3. I suppose you could test this by trying to think of a man who appears to be alpha, but has bad game. Some male musicians or actors probably would fit this template.

  4. I think it is very possible to be an alpha with a bad game, there is a lot of men who went trough army and life, successful businessman, or just men who went trough some serious shit and came out of it on top of the things.

    Yet those man can be inexperienced with woman and as a result have bad game.

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