Being Good Looking Brings Specific Challenges And Successes

I’m going to indirectly answer a readers email here in this post, I won’t publish his original email, mainly because it’s too long and I don’t feel like editing it down to a concise format to deal with the response. It’s an email on the subject of bridging the gap from being able to talk to girls, them sometimes showing interest, other times being offended by a little cockiness, to banging them. All of this from the seemingly advantageous stance of being good looking. I’ve dealt with the good looking game before, is primarily about getting girls being a good looking guy. So many men and women think that it’s all gravy being a good looking guy, that they don’t have any problems, but there is a major disadvantage in being a good to great looking guy, and that is so many girls will be on the defensive around you, they will mask they’re attraction more than they would with a less attractive guy with game, for fear of appearing too easy, or for showing her weak traits she thinks are unattractive to you because of her lack of attraction from all the nervous beta’s reacting to her beauty. She mistakenly assumes we as men would be turned off by a girl who’s showing interest in the thing we want, which is her being horny for you, and you getting to spread her legs and ravage her body. A girl in the presence of a good looking guy will act the opposite, in more cases than not in the west, than how she should be acting. A little coyness mixed with a lot of strong yet subtle indicators of interest, mixed with some slight suggestiveness. We all have the image of the girls in beta movies that get all nervous in the presence of a real good looking guy, however in the movies she gets nervous, clumsy, tries to show off her tits more, tries to show off her legs, and in the process makes a fool of herself. They do this, not because this is how they actually act, but because this is how the feel inside, and are horrified to allow a man to see them quake in their vagina tingle – quite simply every girl in the west, knows that showing her eagerness is a relinquishing of her one and only power over men, and she does not give this away easily, no matter how in awe she is with you.

Now, to be thorough, there are really two types of good looking men out there to women, and depending on what type you are, you will get two diverging reactions from women, and the majority of women will react to each type accordingly. I think it’s important, but never really talked about, well because men fall into the trap of assuming that a good looking man to women are the same as a good looking woman to a man. As a man, I have 4 levels of hotness: hot, sexy, cute, and not in a fucking million years. She can be tall and slender and be as hot as a petite sexpot – each brings it’s own pleasure, one I get to throw around and one is more of malleable sexecapade. But in either case, if they’re both hot, I’ll want to bang them both, one might make my dick slightly harder, but that may be a slight preference, or type – but both would be either good girlfriend/wife material, or equally sex only material. Girls have their types as well, but it is divided by sex only and relationship material, or long time sex, raising her value sexy. She has guys she thinks are hot that she will only have sex with, having him as a boyfriend for a while, but only because she’s in the phase of rotating the alpha cock carousel, and she’s sleeping with other dudes while going out with you. The other is the full on prince charming all encompassing you own her vagina tingle good looking man. The traits that most often fall into this: The beefcake muscle bound guy/or skinny artistic hipster type’s, and the athletic traditional hansome or model or actor type. The first being the sex and live her youth while she’s jumping on other dudes cocks that are just like you, and the latter she’s not even thinking of other guys in your presence or out of it. You have to know if your getting pussy because you’re filling a need or being exotic, or a part of a fad, or if you know that most of the girls in the room are thinking about how wet she’s getting just by looking at you. There’s a difference, one type is like an adrenaline junkie, the other is a fantasy junkie. Knowing where you fit is paramount, even for less good looking dudes, are you fitting a niche, or are you just a solid mother fucker?

If you’re of the niche good looks, all you need to do is keep doing the thing your doing, and be more arrogant and cocky in your demeanor, being more direct will help your lay rate immensely, stay consistent in your look and your behavior, if you’re a meat head, don’t try to be all sensitive and cry and stuff, every girl will get turned off, no, be the situation, and you’ll bang your balls off. If you’re a hipster just keep being sarcastic and ironic and the hipster chicks will suck your dick dry, just don’t show your reasonable side, it will spoil the whole illusion for her, and take her sport fuck notch counter and put it back in her slut purse. You want to run direct game on these groupies as much as you can get away with it. Girls around you will show overt interest so you don’t have to worry about what they’re thinking, because usually whatever you say doesn’t matter, yes hipsters even you. When you think you’re having a mind-blowing philosophical debate on whether film is better than digital and she totally gets it, she really doesn’t, she just wants to fuck you. So get on with it. And muscle chiselers, they really don’t care about your work out routine, your dog, or UFC, she just wants to fuck you. In essence she feels great with just fucking you as long as she likes.

Now if your the other kind of good looking, you got your work more cut out for you. Why? Because you are always, always, always, more than a fuck to her. You will be so high value that girls although willing to risk being a one night stand with you, really really fight it, even if she’s going along with it in hopes that her magical vagina will blind you to your own amazingness long enough for you to consider dating her. After you fuck her she will either realize that she’s got no chance and become business like in her emotional distance and never call you or text you again, or and most likely say in a very submissive fashion something about how cool you are, or how she’d like to see you again, very carefully as to not apply pressure on you for fear that anything she does might spoil her chance with you. After fucking you, she will feel dread, mixed with elation. She is not okay with just fucking you, for every time you do, the possibility of your rejection of her will be weighing on her mind like a thousand pound weight.

So back to bridging a girl when you’re a good looking guy. As stated above, the first type just needs to be pretty direct, suggesting going back to your place is perfectly acceptable, she’s already shown you interest and willingness to be around you, the quicker you move the better. For the second part, which is my answer to my reader’s email, it’s a bit trickier. The first thing you need to do is realize, and not let any girls reaction or comments towards you convince or sway you otherwise, that every girl you meet wants you, and wants you really bad. Assume that stance. And not in the niche way, but that she’s absolutely in love with you, and any girl you are talking to does not know how to react with you. In this case, you need to work on the ability to both comfort and escalate, and most importantly learn to lead the interaction completely. Knowing this allows you to relax your game, you don’t need to worry about her reactions, and you only need to worry about what you are doing. At the same time remember that everything you do cuts through her like a samurai sword and she butter – if you escalate too much, too fast, too direct, she’s gonna get freaked, she’s gonna get weird, she’s gonna wonder whats wrong with you, since you can have every women in the room. Same goes with being too nice, or especially too needy. What’s wrong with this guy? See good looking guys in this type actually have less leeway in any sort of chasing a girl, he actually can’t chase her, or he lowers himself to an ego boost for the attention whore. If you are a good looking guy you want to remain on and even balance of cocky funny, aloofness, and interesting. You want to assume it’s all about you with out being obvious about it, you want to just do things as you seem to want. Every girl you meet is assuming you’re a golden boy and gets whatever you want, so you need to be congruent with this, without being too arrogant about it. Being too arrogant about it will scare her off and think you’re unattainable. Your attainability should be throwing out a compliment or two, or, if a girl is staying in your vicinity, or trying to be around you, talking to you, she wants you – you test her eagerness to be with you by getting her to go along with what you are doing, then you begin to escalate with touching and kissing. For example a location change, or a stroll will show if she’s interested. If she goes along with whatever you want, then you can start to escalate, slowly at first, then you can get heavier once you’ve began to make out, once making out with her, you should have no problem with taking her home. In fact, you know you’re one of these good looking types when you know a girl wants you, but resists in a full make out, because once she does, she’ll gush between her legs, and she knows you’ll be able to do anything to her.

28 thoughts on “Being Good Looking Brings Specific Challenges And Successes

  1. Thank you for that article. Finally a few paragraphs about the female mind-set when they are around me. I always wondered what their issue was, and why they would be funny around me and resist though go all in or game my lesser looking friends. Here I’m thinking they see something odd in myself so I adapt my behaviour when all they are doing is braking so they don’t fall too hard.

  2. Great post, I can really relate to a lot here. The only thing I’d say is that with regard to the two types of good looking thing, I think a lot of it has to do with the specific girl you’re dealing with. In my experience I have had girls approach me and tell me I am hot who I have slept with that same night and girls who have been a lot more coy and not given me any compliments at all. At first I found this confusing but you catch on after a while. I think a lot of it has to do with identifying which light she sees you in and game accordingly. One thing I can say is that pretty much every girl I have ever dated or seen for a while never gave me any compliments on my looks when i first met her and throughout our time together would be really sparing with compliments and would usually preface them with “i don’t want to make your ego any bigger than it already it.” Whereas girls who tell I am hot right from the get go I usually sleep with a lot faster but it never really goes anywhere.

  3. One more thing, when a girl will only tell you that you’re “cute” when most other girls will call you hot, I find it usually means they really like you. Just an observation I guess but I’d definitely be interested to see if any guys here can relate.

  4. Back in my blue pill days (college) I got a lot of women through what seemed to be beta game. I’d get a girl’s number and text her all the time call her pretty and cute. I’d text her goodnight and goodmorning every once in a while and they would eat it up. Not exactly dripping wet but they would come over and Id eventually escalate and hit after a few times ‘chillin’ at my place. Basically I did the opposite of a lot of game principles and still got these girls to want to date me. I’m a tall and good looking, athletic guy. I guess they saw my value and were willing to look past my small beta tendencies. Now in my early red pill days, I sometimes want to go back to that game but knowing women’s nature it makes me sick to even think to treat a girl like that when shes done noting to earn it…

  5. WOW. It’s no wonder guys are so fucked up on how to date us with drivel like this. Oh you’ll get girls, but never hot ones like me…we’re around, just not around YOU and for good reason. We would NEVER put up with this treatment…only an insecure little girl would go through these stupid hoops and allow herself to be played. I’d much rather go for a guy who’s not as “hot,” but is witty, kind and charming than put up with this “I Think I’m All That, but I’ll act like I Don’t” pseudo-confidence masked as arrogance. Gross. sooo gross.

  6. Castor I can relate. Being too good looking sometimes makes you feel too powerful, just being well above average would just fine with me

  7. Sorry for the late comment…if you are good looking and she responds to direct game, can you infer you have no long-term shot with her?

  8. Also, this might explain why black guys “evolved” into more direct and short-term mating strategies. The corollary? A guy that acquires mates through indirect methods (including lack of game) must possess traits women find attractive in long-term relationships.

  9. We’re talking past each other…if you make a direct approach, and she isn’t nervous, then she isn’t treating you the way you say she would a “prince charming” type. Also, if she doesn’t “make you wait”, then is she only interested in the short-term?

  10. Contrary to popular beliefs, chicks don’t asses long term investment in a guy when first with a guy. it’s all about attraction, only after she bonds is she starting to measure you at that.

    if she is thinking about it, she’s not attracted enough.

  11. “chicks don’t asses long term investment in a guy when first with a guy”

    Can’t disagree with that. Stable societies for a long time restricted female dating options, probably for this very reason. Her post-menopausal grandmom probably knows which guy she’ll still be married to at age 40, coincidentally the guy that will give her the most grandkids and stronger reproductive legacy.

  12. I think you are too full of yourself guy! Just because someone has looks doesn’t do it for me because I am a good looking woman. There needs to be a lot more than just looks dude- and just because a woman and a man make love does not mean she is relinquishing her power. Your thinking is quite juvenille- not trying to be mean but if you put as much thought into a good job or what a real woman wants maybe you might get one. You do realize that looks fade and what matters most is someone you can trust and laugh with and grow old with. I hope you realize this for your own good- take it from someone who has made some mistakes- but I do agree it isn’t easy to be handsome- or beautiful. I have yet to meet my match. Not willing to settle for a chump.

  13. You guys that sleep around that much- don’t you worry about STD’s. Why not grow up a little faster and think about career goals, a good woman who is intelligent and will not put out right away- if she does that for you she does that for anyone. A man who is goal oriented and drives a mini van- now that is HOT!

  14. Man, I’m afraid I fall into the 2nd type, I could easily be the next George Clooney.
    This actually sucks. I’m rarely get compliments from women, but I see the looks. I’m 6’3, dark brown hair, blue eyes.
    I invited a girl over, she says “maybe,” just because she doesn’t want to be a slut, and I’m fine with that, but I’m not looking for a relationship, I’m only looking for a fuck buddy.
    Honestly, I’ve never told a girl that for the fear of being mean, but should I just say it? No strings attached? Nothing serious? More direct like in your article?

    Help me out donlak. I wish I was fucking delusional, but I’m not, I see what I am, and it’s a fucking 9.9. I was blessed with these genetics, but the downsides, oh man, you don’t wanna hear about the downsides.

  15. I am quite handsome, not to self boast, but thats what my most elderly praised me, such as my parents, uncle, auntie and teachers, and including some girls. I am now 18 yrs old and excel in most sports and studies (only certain subjects). I am gernally quite shy and I never initiate a conversation with a girl first. However, my problem is that only ugly underisable girls chase me. So far, I have counted, only 17 ugly girls chased me, they made it extremely obvious that they wanted to be with me, such as holding my hands out of nowhere and telling their friends I was their boyfriend whereas I am not! Needless to say, I rejected them all. I meant, how could I have a relationship with a girl I had no sexual interest in? Like most guys, I look for external beauty of a girl before looking into other things or traits. I don’t know if there were other girls who wanted to be with me, because I didn’t know how to read the signs, they made it too subtle. I meant, why is there not even a single pretty girl chasing me? Like one of the famous saying goes, “human will be like, you want what you can’t get”. Well I am a human with gifted looks so I do want the things I can’t get – pretty girls. Please advice, I am 18 and do not want to be a virign anymore, its quite embarassing to be a virign at this age, well and I am not going to lose my virign to an ugly girl. I did rather be forever alone then spending my time with a girl I did not feel like having sex with. Please do not say I am being shallow – I want what I can’t get (pretty girls).

  16. Um this is fucking retarded. I was looking for lyrics to an old work song and found this drivel. You sir, author, have spent way to much time reading shit like “The Game” and “The Art of Seduction” while jerking off. If people, who are infinitely mysterious, were that easily compartmentalized we would already have a hard science out of dating. But we don’t. And this tactical means of defining the dating world around you, especially the “how women respond to the ‘three types’ of men” you pulled out of your ass actually displays a complete disconnect from the female mentality. And not to go below the belt but a lack of proficiency in solid literary devices. This is exemplary of what happens when any fool can publish what’s on his mind.

    The only thing that’s going to get you the woman you want is knowing who you are, respecting yourself enough to be honest, and persistence. There is no magic formula and I would strongly advise any reader of this article to never allow someone else inform you about who you are and/or how to go about dating. All I can imagine is hundreds of would-be-nice dudes running around with this half baked, poorly edited shit in their heads and tragically playing very unnatural games with women rather than go with the flow.

    Go listen to your deepest self. A person who learns to respect themselves will choose not to play games with others. By all means try it. And then see where it gets you, what type of woman it gets you and how it makes you feel.

  17. Yes all you men out there, keep doing what you’re doing, and fail with women. Take a girls advice for the upteenth time and see where it gets you.

  18. hmmm, so I’m thinking, the prince charming type(for the girls who see him that way) he wouldn’t have to smile or anything when approaching, in-fact that would seem beneath him. Also he could probably get away with making strange requests as well. Iunno though, I thinking that with the prince charming attractiveness it’s like the ultimate crush and I’m not sure about abusing that to get sex only, or even a relationship cause it seems kinda of imbalanced. Like, the girl is in a state of scarcity, basically one-itis which sux imo.

  19. I think as someone else mentioned, that not every girl will have that prince charming thing. Only some, the rest will appreciate the attractiveness but not to such an obsessive “prince charming” extent.

  20. I had varying experience with women some wanted to mate with me immediately at first meeting , Some women would behave with me as if I don’t exist in the scene, some would act funny like making strange faces as if to insult me. I miserably failed with a girl I wanted to be serious , Now at 40 I understand I must have scared her by my direct interest without justifying the reason, Had I read this article 20 years earlier my life would have been different. Good looking men being more promiscuous than other men is false because otherwise population should have more good looking men. ( I am no scientist)

  21. Being extremely good looking, you don’t need game, women will gravitate towards you. Your male beauty emanates strong emotions in her subconscious she could only dream of deciphering. Most women won’t outright hit on you, but be in your presence. Let’s say you go groceries shopping, they will hit the same aisles you do a couple of times, stopping in front of you to check out something or put on her lip gloss or perfume, or when you’re at the gym and they use the machine next to you even though it’s around midnight on a Thursday.

    You don’t need game, just be charming and build comfort.
    It’s a rap after that.

  22. I’m pinup boy handsome-at 61!!!!!!!-muscular,beefy-I’m 5’9″,205-210 lb.,boasting 181/2″ biceps,though like a lot of other older chaps,I’m trying to lose 25 lb. or so-who’s said to resemble a handsome black cowboy stud IN AND OUT of my Wranglers and/or other casual or Western garb.It seem only hot white babes are interested,because most black women think me TOO handsome,and not “gangsta”/”thug” enough for their time!!!!!!

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