The Simple Life

Has it been taken away from us? The desire, the envy? I won’t say a simple life was ever regarded as prestigious, but it was something in our culture that was once strived for, and anyone attaining this admired and regarded well upon from others. The simple life seems as foreign to this culture as some barbaric cannibalistic tribe from South America, it just doesn’t exist in our vernacular now – we live in a society ramped up every moment with drama, and excitement – we’re like some over stimulated prince demanding constant entertainment from our servants, and always fresh and more entertaining than previous, have one of them repeat performances and you might as well tell them to be killed. Such is our culture, yet it’s not from kings or princes, but from plebs and elite alike (however any middle income family would have the wealth of kings in other countries) – all smacking our hands together asking for another round of entertainment from the exhausted souls of the performers. After a while, the well goes dry, and nothing new and fresh can come out, and yet the stifling demand does not end. No, what else can these children that we call our populace do with out more entertainment? More more more more more!

Feminism has ruined the simple life for girls, no longer are they comfortably allowed to wish for it, dream for the loving family, the protective and strong man, the doting children, and her own desire to care for all of them, no longer can she express these concerns with out being ear raped with feminazi hyperbole from the girls who flutter around on their entertainment buzz, their drama buzz – unable to let someone be, unable to relinquish their tyrannical viewpoints that had they actually stopped to analyze may or may not fit in with what they actually want. But what do they want? Our populace is addicted to this constant drama, constant entertainment, constant provocation, that it isn’t even their fault anymore. It’s easy to get caught in the torrent of this insanity, because it’s after the big thaw, and its gushing madly.

People will ask you questions, what are you doing after this? when you’re at a party, are you going to such and such, oh we’re gonna roll here, you should take her to dinner, there’s an after party here – etc. It always seemed a bit odd to me – I’ve always been spontaneous, if something seems like it interests me in the moment, I’ll go, if it doesn’t I won’t, if i’m not having a good time somewhere I leave – I never quite understood the need to know that you’re going to be doing something an hour or so later. I get the cutting out the people you don’t want to come along, but really, it’s not something that needs to be planned like your storming the beaches of Normandy. And this is all because people absolutely need the knowledge that they’re doing something fun, cool, don’t let the party stop, I’m a rock star, mentality, they need to know they are accepted or more importantly this is the only thing that makes them feel like they are living an important life.

And that’s where you get to the meat of the problem. Sense of importance. Our culture seems to place it on being famous, rich, sexual debauchery (Yes I’m just as much a problem as others) – and any other crazy thing that has you acknowledged as worth something by the majority of people. And why do we care about this? Our own communities have disappeared, our families broken, small, and often dysfunctional – it was once enough to have your communities respect, your neighbors or even just your family, it was a connected network where everyone say the benefits of what you did, who you were, and what your life was about, and they respected it. Now we have none of that, if you do something that isn’t exciting, you’re a loser. There is no sense of accomplishment in a job well done, because most of those jobs have left, there isn’t anything left that makes people feel secure, and build a life around, we’re all free agents in a service world where the over lords might just close shop and re-open in china.

So was the simple life taken from us? Or did we throw it away for being too boring? I think both might be correct. As for me, no amount of blow and hookers can ever replace sharing a few beers with friends on a patio in the afternoon, sitting in the sun – it cannot replace sipping a scotch from balcony, in the calm night air – it cannot replace the tender sleeping of a beautiful girl, satiated from my seed. I always strive for the simple, you would think it would be easy, but try it, keeping things simple seems to be the hardest thing to do these days.

3 thoughts on “The Simple Life

  1. I was thinking about that last night. I really wouldn’t mind a devoted wife, happy family and nice job. I wanted a time machine so I could live in the 50’s.

    Those days are gone. Our society is falling apart and game is merely a coping mechanism.

  2. I understand this impulse of yours. In part, it is a ploy. Let others pursue “the simple life” while I go out and be Mr Big. Then you’ll have higher status, more money, better women. Reduces competition, you see.

    You and the other PUAs help. In fact, Roosh helps spread feminism in South America and Eastern Europe. He destroys that which he claims to love. You know it too, but won’t stop. The lust for gain.

    Life is trade – offs. Nothing is 100% gain! A liberated man is just as bad as a liberated, feminized woman.

    PUAs have imagined that they are the strongest in the world. But try rebuilding a society and a new culture. Every member of my subculture knows about PU and the MRM.

    And there is a secret reason that you’d like to go to an earlier time as well. You are missing a piece of your soul and rightful inheritance. You have not taken the full dose of the red pill.

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