The Danger Of Completely Demystifying Women

Reaching a beta’s un-fathomable level of understanding of how women actually are, counter to cultural or self-imposed ignorance, can be a double edged sword – learning game, no more importantly, learning exactly how girls tick, how to game them, how to manage them, how to control them in the easiest and best way possible to get what you want from them, can lead to a difficult situation where you may find yourself relating to a more omega man or a man who goes his own way mantra. You simply become unchallenged by it, and by default, uninterested in women. I find myself in this little brief excursion from my normal constant thought of women and sex, in fact just today I passed a plethora of cute and attractive girls, and I was reminded of a previous version of myself at just how happy being around cute girls, that them being around me made me happy, and yet there I was, looked them up and down, acknowledged that I’d bang them if I had the energy or motivation, but not one hook of a passing interest to engage even in the most casual of politeness. It was a bit of a stunner because it could almost be described as bitterness by someone who’s unfamiliar with who I am, but it was disturbingly just an uninterest, bordering on asexuality.

I’m a man that goes through many sexual moods, I’m 90% horny most of the year, but mostly for new pussy, I’m 60% horny for pussy I currently have or can have, most of the year, and then there are times, in both those cases, that I just couldn’t give a rats ass. I still acknowledge a hot slender babe, especially a girl wearing heels, but my energy sometimes just isn’t into it. Lately it’s been due to lack of time to follow through with anything, the lack of energy, or the lack of desire – but why? Why does this happen to me? It happens when I’ve lost all sense of surprise a girl can bring me in my life. For me, girls are two things for me, straight passionate sexuality, and a general sweet and fun nature, but knowing what women are like, being through it all the time, makes one a little weary at times, those times when you don’t absolutely need your dick wet, those times when you’ve got other things on your mind than spending the time to bang a hot new babe – it’s these times, when a perfectly hot babe walks by and tingles nothing, nowhere in my body or mind – well nothing more than an semi interesting painting might hold my appreciation for a few minutes. It’s these times, that I actually valued the times when women were a bit more of a mystery to me, that perhaps I didn’t completely understand them, that upon seeing them I didn’t know exactly how to play them, that I would get a pleasant surprise rather than the odd unpleasant surprise.

This is also true because of being actually satiated by one or more women, that I have already been satiated by, however even in a good relationship, I’m often more horny for other babes, for a different pussy, a different experience. However, in knowledge comes power, and in power becomes boredom, the only thing you can do when you become powerful, is become more powerful or be obsessed with keeping your power, otherwise you quickly realize it doesn’t mean anything really, other than a passing stage of your life.

There is a little truth in the human psyche that needs that element of surprise, take that away and we’re left with the just a lack of desire to attain or conquer something, we are left at only looking upon a girl with a slight appreciation of her beauty, and moving on to go tackle all the stuff you need to get on with your life. It’s these times that you need to remind yourself, that no matter who you are, you still don’t know everything about all women, it’s these times you are in desperate need to be reminded what it was that made you a bit mystified and what you find appealing in women, more than just a quick bang, because as time goes on, and the notches rack up, at some point you will find yourself choosing something less glamourous than banging some hot broad that will do nothing but bore you until your slamming her up against the wall.

4 thoughts on “The Danger Of Completely Demystifying Women

  1. Donlak. The next phase for you should be children. Talk about a paradigm shift…throw out everything you know about life and women because you don’t know squat about anything until then.

  2. This is due to humanity’s insatiable thirst for adventure, no matter how you feed this adventure, sights, sounds, tastes, touch. If it gives off a new experience, it gives your brain its adventure fix.

  3. Donlack, that was great and I know exactly what you’re talking about. I recollect my more “beta” days when I was so hungry for pussy. Now that I’m much better about “quenching my thirst” (so to speak), pussy isn’t all that interesting. Women don’t really say anything intelligent and trying to talk to them about anything interesting is a lost cause. Once you come from an attitude of plenty, chasing them is often more work than it is worth.

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