Living In Bubbles

I’ve had more than a few conversations with good friends on the matter of our frustrations at the hands of people who simply don’t seem to get common sense. It has been my conclusion as I often tell them by the end of our conversations, common sense ain’t so common any more. With the advent of the internet, 500 channels, radio stations out the yin yang, news papers trying to stay alive by ditching journalistic integrity to putting out whatever will help sell their newspapers, or make the advertisers happy – the same with 24 hour news channels. This media proliferation of course is not the cause, but a symptom of our current culture, or should i say, lack there of one.

A culture is built on the foundations of tradition, the traditions are based on the myths that once helped their more primitive minds understand the world and their role in it, and these myths turned into traditions, and your family and/or your culture continued on in these traditions, to keep the culture strong. If you don’t believe your culture is dying, is actually on it’s death bed with the brain of a vegetable, tell me how meaningful even the biggest traditions we kind of all celebrate still are. Is Christmas very meaningful culturally or religiously for you? Or do you care about getting presents? Perhaps it’s getting together with family? The last one was probably the bigger meaning for our dying culture, but with the families now consisting little of family, little of tradition and little of cohesion, this is just one more example of hollow traditions that no longer matter to anyone. I actually bet that the best thing about most of these holidays’ is that you get time off work, and everything else is almost a hassle. Our traditions have become a beard, we don’t want to risk looking like we don’t care, because everyone else is doing the same thing. We are stuck in the final moments of our culture where we as a society are clutching desperately at old traditions that hold little meaning or relevance on our current lives, because we don’t know where we are, we don’t know what our culture is, we don’t know what we hold as important. Our laws favor divorce and the removal or destruction of our father, which also is used to make masculinity evil. Some just put their nose to the grindstone and work, get married, and have kids and work really hard at crap jobs that also provide no satisfaction or any real responsibility, thus providing more visceral castration of men. A culture without a grander meaning or design or moral and inspiring conduct, goals, and aspirations, is one that has no future.

As a result of all this, people use their survival and coping instincts in order to exist and fool themselves that everything is okay, and they don’t even realize they do it. Everyone lives in bubbles. Feminists, Liberals, Republicans, employees, employers, rich people, poor people, investors, lobbyists, barista’s, rock stars, actors, bartenders, bloggers. Everyone makes their little bubble, and anyone that doesn’t fit inside their proclamation at what society is about (in their bubble) then they are ostracized and thrown to the wolves of their cult, or bubble dwellers. Ever tried to burst their bubble and succeed? It’s a very emotional an visceral reaction – sometimes when people wake up out of their bubble matrix they commit suicide. It’s much like the beta man who lives in his bubble with his wife of children and thinks his wife loves him, but he lives in a bubble, the bubble tells him this is how it is, and yet when reality strikes with such a cold violent blow, he cannot help but have his bubble burst on his entire life. A life he now realizes wasn’t real, but a self induced delusion which was fed by the other bubble thinkers he’s surrounded himself with.

So many times I hear only surround yourself with people that are like you or that will make you successful, but that is extremely limiting bubble thinking. You should do this for the most part, but you should absolutely not shut out the opposite. It is as important for an ever shifting environment, and bubble people, that you experience all types of people, not only to realize that you yourself aren’t living in a construct, but you will have first hand information on the other bubble people that you can manipulate them as you want, and thus assuring your own cornucopia of success options. There is no such thing as common sense, because we don’t have common goals, or a common morality or traditions or meaning as a culture. It is dead, and we are all walking around like zombies. The people desperate for any meaning are the ones saying: “BBBrrrrraaaaiiiiiinnnnnnnsssss.”

3 thoughts on “Living In Bubbles

  1. “So many times I hear only surround yourself with people that are like you or that will make you successful, but that is extremely limiting bubble thinking.”

    I think you underestimate the true power of this truism Donlak. We are highly social creatures since our emergence 100,000 years ago. Its only natural for us to seek social status within those groups or “bubbles” that matter to us most.

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