The Short Con

Game is nothing more than a con game, all human interactions can be placed on the same spectrum, outside of pure male to male friendship (a bond women will never come close to knowing) where one is ‘playing’ the other, or maintaining they’re dominance over the other, or at the very least, getting what they want from the other person. Often times in game strategies it is told to you to act like an alpha, and that is the way to game women, but game isn’t about acting like an alpha all the time – the reason it’s talked about and promoted, even from me, is that it’s the most rock solid frame to come from, the frame that will help you over all, not only in poon acquisition, but also in all of life’s challenges and pleasure offerings. However, anyone that’s successfully gamed women, and bedded women, without a guide, or just using his own horny instincts to guide him, knows that sometimes what gets you laid with a women isn’t being alpha at all, but sometimes involves plowing, ignoring, and persistence, a true player has no qualms what so ever with acting like a beta if it will get him access to pussy, for he knows it’s a facade, he knows the game, and the game is about landing poon. This sort of interplay is game, it’s not always coming up with the lines and strategies to get you laid, having 70% of girls reject you, but it’s honing your con game in order to maximize your opportunity to have her spread her legs for you. Life is a game, and game is a con.

I have done things that if I wrote about them here, the manosphere would yell beta! at the first telling, and they’d be right, however it’d only be correct in the times that it wasn’t successful. In fact, alpha is such a misused term that it can lead many of actual players astray from their natural instincts to find the quickest and easiest route necessary for poon access. And it’s not always how your acting, except in relation to the girl that your with. Act too edgy with a sweet innocent girl and you can ‘over game’ her – in fact, this is what gets game denialists going, is that what they learn doesn’t work on every woman, or any women depending on what girl their using it on, and what type of game and how intense it is that they’re using. If you’re a good looking guy, your game will need to be different than the guy that’s average, and his will be different than the less then spectacular looking fella. The trick to game is two fold, it is both identifying a girls weakness (what will turn her on) and knowing how to apply without fear of damaging your ego, or morals, or how others see you.

The best players are always the guys that don’t care about their own ego, about how they come off to any one woman at a time, and it’s all about becoming that person for the here and now for her to become a moist horny mess ready for you to unload your protein treat in her, or on her. The short con is the most common that you read about, but the dirty little secret of all players, all don juan’s is that they aren’t always rocking the suits, drinking the scotch, and smoothly and cinematically seducing gorgeous girls like you imagine – it’s more about tossing any semblance of what you think of yourself and displaying yourself as the person she’s attracted to, and wants to bone. It is the single most difficult thing to tell and talk about to noobs and intermediate players, because they are the one’s trying to define themselves, and the one’s clawing their ways out of beta neediness. They need the definition of alpha, and they need to personify it in order to get their shit together – but ask a master if he’s used more subversive techniques, techniques only accomplished actors could replicate, in order to quickly and smoothly access a girls vagina.

For example, lets say there’s a girl who’s ready to go, tells you she wants to fuck, are you worried about your game? Or are you moving to a place where you can fuck, like immediately? That is no different than acting like a needy beta, if and only if, it gets you to fuck a girl. This matter of fact way of talking about game may not go over to well with the community, but it’s the truth. However, there are caveats. Like mentioned above, you must be able to do anything and act like anything and be able to resist the natural effects of how you act, affecting your inner self. This tactic, and why it’s reserved solely for the pussy getting masters, is because only they have learned to completely separate who they actually are, and who they can be when in the act of seducing a woman for his and her pleasures. Some will read this and say I’m a sociopath, but remember, this is exactly what every woman also wants, she wants her fantasies, especially immediate fantasies, actualized.

This is what the short game, or short con consists of, next up: The long con.

4 thoughts on “The Short Con

  1. I would just like to say I love your blog. I am a woman. And an alpha. I just want to point out one thing you said that is absolutely true: woman are self-interested creatures. This make it irrevocably easier to use these ‘rules’ you have mentioned on men. Following your advice as a female player, never letting one cock rule my world, I have an array of cocks at my rotation and at my disposal. I love all men equally but I also love all fresh young hot cock equally. Thanks for teaching me not to compromise my power and go against my true nature. These rules have never worked better. You know what they say; don’t hate us women, just hate the game.

  2. You nail it once again, D.

    Sometimes when I read your stuff, it’s like hearing my own thoughts and experiences echoing back to me. You are tapping into a lot of truth and honesty.

    I would say the leap of faith to become a complete con man is the most difficult part of mastering game. You have to really let go of your blue pill worldview and your ego conceptions of who you “really” are.

    My personal theory is that the guys who really achieve this are the guys who, like me, hit rock bottom at a point and had nothing left to lose. At that moment, you can surrender all ego, and begin to change all the way from your deepest core outward.

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