Best Night Of The Week To Pick Up

I’ve taken a bit of a vacation from the blog recently, but I’ve got a few things lined up for the upcoming week, but something quickly crossed my thought process lately and I wondered if other men had more successful nights of the week for picking up women. Are there better nights in your neighborhood, city, country? Or does it depend mostly on your mood? If one of the either or neither, share your thoughts below. The answers will be used in a future analysis post here. Please indicate as much details of why certain nights are more successful. I’m betting that tuesday’s and Thursday’s are the best, but I’m interested in what you soldiers out there experience.

5 thoughts on “Best Night Of The Week To Pick Up

  1. Honestly man, it depends on what place/club/your game etc
    I think for pickup Fridays are the best cause girls are looking to get smashed
    Saturdays if you go to downtown Minneapolis it’s nothing but bachlorette parties and sausage fest.
    However I know the Naturals pick up chicks on Wednesday/Thursdays(ladies nights). My last pick up was on a Thursday night but I didn’t smash her till Friday.

    I mean it’s really depends man, cause most girls don’t come out till Friday/saturday (cause they work) but you might catch a stray on a weekday(never picked up a chick on a weekday so i can’t attest to that)

  2. The best nights to pick-up women are on the slow nights. Less competition means that they are more willing to give you a chance. Some of my bet nights out were when there were 1-2 groups of women to open and almost no one else in the bar.

  3. i find Thursdays best, but it’s situational. I do karaoke at the same place almost every Thursday, I’m almost always the hottest guy in the place, and I am the guy having the most fun. It’s gotten to where they practically throw it at me in that place.

    Same bar on Friday or Saturday is different scene and my success rate much lower (in fact, I don’t even go there on weekends anymore). So I find it very situational.

    Standing out in terms of looks, fun, and socially seems to be the trick. That and understanding which women are interested, which might be, and not wasting your time on women who aren’t.

  4. Locally I have to say Saturday. As a college guy I’m recognized in a few swank places around town. When the bouncers wave me in, bartender gets my drink rdy before I even sit down, and the regulars all come over to say whats up it gets the girls thinking. Kinda small town a little north of NYC. Like Roosh says, there’s a corner in a bar in a town that is your spot. I was lucky to find mine early.

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