Girls Just Love Their Dangerous Alpha’s

So the Grammy’s were on last night, as my girlfriend had just left it on, while she cooked me a meal to eat after a long day, I assumed she was watching it and kept doing my own thing, as she served me food and then sat down with me to eat, Chris Brown appeared on tv. My first comment was, wow, I don’t see anything particularily impressive about the dude; if there’s a generic black guy template he would be it. Anyways, I think I made a comment about him beating Rihanna or my girlfriend did, my girlfriend then made another comment showing her disgust, and I followed with a: “Yeah, but I bet all the girls out there are saying, ‘he can beat me all he wants.'” to which my girlfriend gave me a bizarre confused look, I laughed amused. Lo and behold she sends me this link that proves my impressive powers of observation on the female mind. Here’s a few snipptes but go ahead and read all 25… hint, they’re all the same.




Yup, I’d like to say I hate that I’m so right, but I don’t. Girls are as predictable as a 5 year old Golden Retriever. These messages prove the concept that girls have a mighty big tingle for alpha thug types, so much so that they’ll tweet publicly about how they’d be okay with being beaten just to get a few stuffs from the alpha’s staff. See this fly’s in the face of feminism, as much as they love to protest that there aren’t any gender differences, and that freeing women from the sex shackles of the patriarchy would some how magically prove that they are the same as men, they are constantly barraged by the truth venom of honest to goodness freed sluts. Girls who can’t control their ‘gina impulses are sluts, deal with it feminists.

See feminism fails women in all fronts, they cuss and stomp their feet about everything under the sun, they claim that freeing women and allowing them to be sluts are going to solve all the problems of suffrage, that women are capable of making rational and smart decisions. These prime examples shows you and them the contrary. Girls with out any social shaming or consequences to their action show their true colors as often as they can, much to the chagrin of those feminazis who are trying to spread their gender neutral bullshit left and right. Men and women are not attracted to the same thing, and girls love them some dangerous alpha men. It sends their vagina’s into overdrive, the thoughts of his rough sex making and thug cock over rides any sense of sensibility… some of these girls would no doubt throw their own babies out the window just for a taste of the dangerous alpha’s cock. The validation and excitement that comes from being with the most dangerous (read genetic attraction to natural raw masculine power) is overwhelming, which again puts a nail in the coffin of feminists everywhere. Biology doesn’t lie, and most girls, deeply horny or in love with a dangerous alpha take punches to the face all the time, and come back to him. Psychologists have a theory and a reason for this, but always underlies the actual natural impulses girls have for this element of danger and attraction to raw physical power. Feminist no doubt will go on and on about how girls should be free to express their sexuality, but when it puts girls in danger of getting beaten repeatedly you would think they might want to think twice about this advice. But of course they will just spout the usual rape culture mantra and blame it on men. Men don’t do things that women don’t like or want. If this was simple a one off of a girl (Rihanna) suffering from the symptoms of an abused victim, why are we seeing tweets of horny young girls saying “I don’t even care, he can beat me all he wants?”

Feminism is only making this worse, it is creating an environment that pushes men into the center more and more, beta and mangina men falling in line of the feminist mantra, all the while leaving only the outliers of alpha men to get all the women, and the further and lesser there are of alpha’s, the more likely you’re going to be left with violent thug alpha’s that like to beat women, because the message is clear, there are a lot of sluts that wouldn’t do a thing about it. This is why the claims of false rape’s are underwhelming to guys that know game, because we know how women act when they’re horny, and/or in love. It’s when they are disgusted by a man that you have to worry about that. Unfortunately there are too many guys out there that think this is a perfectly normal way to act, and why? Because they’ve done it before, and got the wettest and horniest vagina he ever had, and they just keep coming.

Ladies, this one’s on you. Try and control those vagina’s of yours.

18 thoughts on “Girls Just Love Their Dangerous Alpha’s

  1. props for this post – minor correction in the first paragraph you said “he CAN’T beat me all he wants.”

    feminists are the best at throwing verbal temper tantrums denying their biology – until they’re in a situation where they’re overpowered by their emotions, when an alpha recognizes her as easily discardable prey and does discard her after ravaging her – then the tantrums start again. compare that to a sweet girl who appreciates even a touch from an alpha, and there is no contest in the “who gets to stick around” department.

    sorry, feminists. your legs will open, and we will never call you again.

  2. Really interesting thoughts on this…when I saw the same twitter link this morning I was just sort of…not surprised, honestly. Those women who posted stuff like that don’t know how wrong they are, and probably aren’t fun people to be around. Let’s hope they don’t get what’s coming to them…I feel bad for them. Actually, I feel worse for Rihanna. It’s disrespectful to her more than anyone else (besides themselves).

  3. Whitney Houston would be alive today, or at least wouldn’t have died early from addition, if she didn’t get involved with Bobby Brown, a prototypical bad boy.

  4. and yet the first response comment in the link is that its their dad’s fault they are saying things like this and the second that these women are victims of the patriarchy.

    Receptionist: How do you write women so well?
    Melvin Udall: I think of a man, then I take away reason and accountability.

    run hamster run

  5. I guess it just proves what seduction community been saying for years, that women like to be dominated by man.

    It still strikes me weird reading those comments from chicks, they sound like very low self esteem.

  6. @bogs

    “very low self esteem” is an argument trotted out by feminist deniers. Squid ink meant to cloud judgement, and sheild you from realizing that yes, all women yearn to be dominated by a dominant man.

  7. @FFY,

    My second part of comment was about them being beaten, there is slight difference between dominating and leading and beating crap out of her. That’s why remark on low self esteem.

  8. Love the blog. Please ease up the apostrophes, though, to help a poor former English student out.

    Girls Just Love Their Dangerous Alphas. (plural)

    Girls Just Love Their Dangerous Alpha’s social dominant attitude. (possessive)

    The apostrophe is never used to indicate the plural of any item. Only the possessive.

    Same with Grammys.

    The apostrophe as a plural marker was a holdover from when people used it (erroneously) to indicate plural of symbols or numbers, such as 8’s.

    Even there, you would use 8s.

    I dithered extensively about leaving this comment, so please believe it is with the best intentions. The material here is too good to be marred by such a trivial technicality of punctuation.

  9. I agree that MOST (BUT NOT ALL) women want the strong masculine type of men. But these girls who are attracted to Chris Brown ARE NOT THE MAJORITY or even close to the majority of all women. It’s important to make that distinction.

    These girls most likely have issues and emotional baggage. There are gals out there who go for abusers and like being abused but these are a small minority of messed up gals. This is why I WASN’T AT ALL surprised by those tweets. I know there are girls out there with these issues. And it usually stems from their messed up childhoods.

    I have seen many more comments of disgust than comments of attraction from females. Remember, Chris Brown is seen as a coward by a lot of people. He only picks on those weaker than him. That’s the opposite of being an alpha. An alpha male is stronger THAN OTHER MALES and Brown seems like he would run away and cry when faced with a real fight.

    That’s why WWE heavyweight champion CM Punk tweeted he would like to “CURB STOMP” Chris Brown and called him a little coward. I bet brown peed his pants. Lol. Chris Brown IS NOT ALPHA at all and only messed up ghetto or white trash girls who come from dysfunctional homes are attracted to him.

    In fact, it’s been rumored that the reason he went so crazy in the car and beat up Rihanna is because she found out he was boning a man when she read the texts on his cellphone and she threatened to “out” him just like in that scene from “Brokeback Mountain” when Heath Ledger’s character goes crazy and hits Michelle Williams’ character who played his wife and found out he was gay and confronted him. There are even pics of Chris Brown naked on a couch with a man in what looked to be a compromising position.

  10. You obviously can’t recognise a euphemism when you see one. When those girls say ‘he can ‘beat’ me all he wants’, the subtext is ‘he can ‘shag’ me all he wants’. They are inviting sex, not abuse. Also like to point out that violent euphemisms for sex, such as ‘beat’, ‘hit that’, ‘bang’, etc etc largely come from the male discourse… these women are just picking up the lingo.
    I agree, it’s a really stupid thing to say, but it’s not very fair of you to use something out of context just to prove your (untrue) point.

  11. 25 women tweet tasteless, probably sexual, euphemisms about Chris Brown; therefore all women are predictable and feminism is failing.

    Kind of a tenuous link there. It’s like me saying that 1 guy wrote a blog about it, therefore all internet bloggers are narcissists with alpha male syndrome.

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