High Maintenance Game Vs Low Maintenance Game

Vancouver Joe Writes:

Can you give more clear guidelines on what the boundaries are in gaming a truly feminine sweet girl?

Traditional game that works for me on other trashy girls would probably make my girl cry, or feel like she’s done something wrong. She requires little correction, so at times my ‘natural’ game feels like I’m hurting her when she doesn’t deserve it.

I’ve been trying to soften the edges of my game with her but when she behaves perfectly, I find myself almost punishing her when she doesn’t deserve it: withholding affection when she has earned it, teasing her when I WANT to cuddle her instead.

Is that over-gaming? It’s hard to find a balance.

This is in reference to my Diamonds In The Rough post on how to game actual genuine feminine girls. Vancouver_Joe brings up a point in game, one that doesn’t get talked about or pointed out, and one I’m even a bit ashamed for not really delving into, and that is the difference in gaming different types of girls. Sure I’ve written about it, but the popularity of game, and the application of game is primarily geared to the 99% of girls in the western world. Game works on every girl, but you need to understand the differences in what I call High Maintenance Game, and Low Maintenance game. One of the criticisms of game and PUA’s are that it only triggers certain types of girls, and they’re kind of right. I’ve went on record as saying everyone needs game, everyone has game, and game works on every woman, but what game you run on different types of girls is paramount to your success. Since most of game blogs and teachings are geared mostly for guys looking to get laid a lot, or shed the betaness in order to get laid a lot, or to get laid a lot and attract and be able to hold on to that one girl you want to hold on to. Some game speaks about marriage game and how to keep it running. But rarely do you see how to game actual feminine sweet girls. Why? Because the market isn’t exactly over flowing with them.

No, the sexual market place in the west is full of the exact opposite, or in the majority of women, at least a mixed bag, with almost all girls having some sort of feminist mantra built into their core. Their hamsters, geared for a long sprint round that little wheel to combat their own cognitive dissonance and unwillingness to face reality. In the west, you’ll be hard pressed to find a girl who doesn’t deeply believe it is well within her right and duty to do as she pleases with no ill effects or consequences. So naturally game is geared towards this the majority of the time, and for good reason. What you read on blogs like this one, is mostly geared towards these types of women – it is sometimes seemingly over the top, douchey, player-esque, immoral, and abhorrent to many people – and thus the many detractors of it – some even see it as unnecessary, although anyone who thinks that probably doesn’t have much experience with women, or a variety of women – and if they find this, if they read this and it just doesn’t jive with them, if they truly aren’t interested in the 99% of horny feminist sluts out there, then they cast game off as a fools mission and decide that they don’t want to go down that road, and keep following their beta ways, doomed for eternity in the purgatory of unwanted abstinence.

What Joe says is correct. When a girl is acting appropriately, affectionately, sweet, kind, fun, loving, doting, etc, there is no correcting needed, and traditional game will only back fire, scare her, cause un-necessary tension, and actually be ineffective. You will actually be turning her into the rest of the 99%. But it can be difficult to know what to do, when you’re used to running traditional game, or high maintenance game. It’s high maintenance, because the girls that require you to run a lot of game is by definition high maintenance, and most girls fall into that category. But Joe here has one that doesn’t fit into the normal spectrum, and he’s not sure how he should be running game. Many of men make the mistake of running the same high maintenance game on low maintenance girls, and end up with the result of separation from said girl, and revert back to their player ways, all the while regretting and lamenting the loss of the low maintenance sweet thing he let go for failure to see the err of his ways. Calibrating to different levels of maintenance is key, if you want to enjoy the fruits of the feminine sweet girl.

An even bigger risk, is for the player to assume he can revert to beta like qualities with these women, and a bigger mistake he could not make. It’s still better to run ineffective high maintenance game and have her walk, then act like a sniveling beta and have her reduce your value to the heaping pile of smelly horse turd. One has a quicker response time to getting and maintaining your alpha player status, and one leaves you in a mess, with only options of omega loserdom, or scratching and clawing your way out of you beta hole, you created. While it is true you will have a greater lee way of beta comments, actions, and traits, it is your strong alpha frame that will be your most powerful game in dealing with these types.

True feminine and sweet girls are 10x more attracted to alpha’s then every other girl, but they are the few that seek a more refined alpha, a more in control alpha, an alpha brimming with the adoration of other girls, but one with the goal in mind of what he wants and knows what he’s all about. Many of the techniques of game are the flirty and duel like dance that is primed to rev a girl up and moisten her vajajay for you, because that’s how most girls in the west get horny, a man who has to show he’s not beta, that can withstand her onslaught of shit tests and constant insanity and not be phased by it. With a feminine girl, you don’t need this adversarial stance, and thus the confused nature of Vancouver_Joe and other players that run game. For it may be all they know and are comfortable with.

Joe asked me for some more specific guidelines on how to deal with this, and it all comes down to frame and understanding. Your strength of character, or resolve, you strong foundation, or leadership and command, your understanding of human dynamics, your authority of moral, social and gender – are all that is needed to get her legs moist from the dripping gash. Your game will be measured by your consistency of strength, motivation and amused mastery of emotions. A relaxed version of game is what you need. The teasing, light and breezy, yet your commands firm. Less cocky, more confident. You really don’t need to ‘actively’ game her – the more important aspect will be the consistency and strength of your inner game, while keeping in mind and observing her levels of comfortableness around you. If you are doing it right, she will be pretty unnerved and afraid that you will fuck other women, or you are, or you might leave her, and unlike most girls, you can give her a slightly tender reassurance, meanwhile holding back any true emotions. Sexually you should be almost disinterested in her, or convey that sex is something that just happens when you want it, and you’re completely impassioned about your own life – let her wonder when you’ll fuck her good and hard, let her desire it, and give it to her mostly when she’s not expecting it, turn her down when you’re talking about what makes you passionate, or when your distracted, as she’ll be horny and as wet as a gushing water fall when you do, the little bit of dread will make her orgasm and unleash endorphins in her body that capitulate her growing adoration and love of you. Mix in a bit of masculine affection, and protection, and you got yourself some low maintenance game. And most importantly, do 80% of things when and what you want to do.

7 thoughts on “High Maintenance Game Vs Low Maintenance Game

  1. It truly can be confounding when an actualy feminine chick comes your way. The rairty of the experience only helps to further the experience.

    Great advice Donlak.

    Less asshole, More firmness/stoicism with these chicks

  2. Awesome, thank you Donlak.

    Sometimes I feel that fearing my own misstep is my only alpha downfall with this girl, so I bring my questions here- but I see what you’re saying when you refer to calibrating – your post was bang on and exactly what I needed bro.

  3. Most of your posts have been really, truly good. However, this one seemed to be 5 paragraphs of introduction with a 1 paragraph conclusion. I struggled to detect profound examples or ideas(i usually am able to). May i offer input?

    I have found slight smiles, several face kisses or authentic aloofness to be effective to show reward of affection; if she in fact wants a reward.

    Day vs Night game makes a huge difference. During the day, I often try too hard am too aggressive. I have been trying to follow Donlaks advice and be more refined,i.e. calm, patient, gentle; while keeping the strong undercurrent of masculine sexuality.

    Maybe just remember some girls are just really shy; so you’ll need to adapt your game to either protect her(if youre a bigger guy) or share that trait(if you are the sensitive, relatable type).

    EXPERIENCE: ONE girlfriend who was cute, sweet and feminine.

  4. Well, not everything can always be as profound as I normally am.

    Authentic aloofness is correct, but I’m pretty sure I alluded to this, or attempted to. You don’t have to be a bigger guy to give her the sense of protection, your strong masculine presence will make her feel safe, of course some muscles can’t hurt in that area.

    Where you’re a bit off is in the rewards. If a sweet feminine girl is affectionate, and she will be, you are able to offer affection at will – not beta like affection, but affection almost similar to a father to a daughter, as authoritarian and protector. Affection downwards, while she shows affection upwards. Feminine and sweet girls will act in a more reward deserving manner, and your game during this will be mostly in remaining fairly stoic and not giving into a beta impulse to start showering her with affection. The difference between her and most girls is that you don’t have to stick to a 3-1 one ratio, because she’ll naturally be giving you so much affection you couldn’t keep up if you wanted to.

    You’ll also need a bit of both, sharing and protecting. Remembering and maintaining your higher status is all you need to do. The trickiest part a relationship will be with a girl is how much weakness and vulnerability you can show, the trap is that you will feel it may go over better with her to show more weakness, and thus resort to beta behavior that will turn her off. This show of vulnerability must be few and far in between, the authority comes from your life experiences – you can relate to her and show you’rr sensitive by being removed from the emotions she’s going through, but you are her guide, you understand what she’s going through, you can relate, but she isn’t taking you on the ride, you are letting her go through her emotional fantasy with your protection of calm, rational, understanding authority. You are the one keeping her from spinning off the planet.

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