Valentine’s Day Will Not Erase A Lifetime of Beta


Fresh on the heels of Private Man’s “Occupy Valentines Day” I decided to make my annual valentine’s day post a little early. Admittedly I’m usually late for these ‘special’ days and any advice or wisdom I partake is thrown out the window due to this late posting – however today I heard a lot of Valentine’s day talk from the blue pill crowd, and I almost gagged while I did it. It occurred to me that there are literally millions of foolish men out there either planning something that won’t do them any good, or wringing their hands in anguish over this looming nightmare. It’s funny how I haven’t seen any feminists attack this day, they won’t attack anything that works in female’s favor, even if it reinforces old patriarchal stereotypes of men and women. Another corn on the feet of femicunts.

I’ve spoken before on the subject of how beta men react to valentines day, and how you should handle this day in a relationship before the first V-day arrives. A quick and swift, “I don’t celebrate that.” is sufficient, with the topic closed to further discussion. I also talked about why girls react to whatever it is you do or don’t do for that day – because her hen house will peck on and on about what this hen got for her valentines day, thus making your girl feel cheated if it’s better than her V-day – and she’ll come home and nag, do the guilt trip game, or flat out sleep with someone else. If you’re with a woman who cares what happens on valentines day, you’re not doing the relationship game right. A girl hopelessly in love with an alpha craves not these things, every day with him is a gift, a gift that keeps on giving. A girls love cannot be bought, and it her annoyance with your betaness cannot be smoothed over by any amounts of flowers, diamonds, expensive dinners or what have you. If you’re with a girl who cares, she’s hyper-gaming you – valentines day is litmus test for how ready she is to hyper-game you out of her life. The more demanding she is about this day, the more beta she sees you, and the larger the moistening between her legs for any brutish
masculine man that crosses her path or whom she stalks on facebook, starring deep into the dreamy pictures he has on his profile and wondering if she should message him. She’ll start to wonder why he never likes any of the amazing things she says on there or comments on how beautiful she looks when she posts a picture of her in a miniskirt on ‘girls’ night.

But the concern is on many a men’s minds, because most men simply don’t know how to handle girls, and they put a load of pressure on them to satisfy the little princess on her day, on which is meant to be the both of yours day. It’s a pressure that men face all over, and today I even heard some ‘tricks’ to not feel like a ‘chump’ on valentines day. Quite amusing, the theory is that you get her some little presents or gifts or some crap on the 13th, and say something like this: “I just couldn’t wait till Valentines day to give this to you.” – this is supposed to knock her off her feet. I heard other girls agreeing and saying yes, oh yes that’s really good. Whenever women agree with things like this, you know it’s a bad move. So now, if you do this once, you now have to keep doing it, every year, and you’re back to square one, accept now you don’t do it on the 14th, you do it on the 13th. The theory of course is all wrong. Of course a girl is going to like getting stuff on the 13th rather than the 14th, who doesn’t like getting free shit for doing absolutely nothing? That isn’t a girl or guy thing. The whole chump and sucker thing isn’t about following the heard on the 14th, it’s about the entitlement girls get with this day, that they deserve to be treated like little princesses even if she’s a shrilly cunt. If you reinforce this behavior, you’re reinforcing your own eventual break up. She’ll like the gifts, the attention, what have you, but she won’t respect you, and even the beta’s who are putting any thought about this day, know that basic truth. They know it will never be enough to satiate the voracious princess, and you’ll only have to keep out doing it and run around in circles for her highness ever year. Some men attempt to go over board to prevent the temper tantrums of her royal highness, only to receive it anyways, either the next day, or the waning months left in their relationship.

What’s worse than this, are the guys who say they only celebrate V-day in hopes that she celebrates steak and bj day on the 14th of march. Again, a head scratching beta concept that baffles me. Isn’t that every day in a relationship? It should be, and any one who doesn’t have that, shouldn’t be with that girl, and certainly shouldn’t celebrate valentines day for her.

Valentine’s day disgusts me, because you can see what you thought were perfectly cool guys, reveal themselves to be pussy whipped mangina’s in the quaking tantrum throwing days around V-day. One, never fear a woman, ever, and two, grab your nut sack and remember that you’re a man for the love of God. Any man who goes to great lengths to do anything special on this day ruins things for every man – he’s a traitor that should be called out – he gives the hen house a reason to shame and mock other men by comparing what one rooster did for one hen, and thus driving up expectations for everyone. There is no doubt a V-Day Adam out there, with a V-Day eve that we can trace back that ruined a seemingly innocent day to celebrate romance, and created a day of greedy entitled princesses who will mock and shame you no matter what you do for them.

Valentine’s day is a no win situation, and I don’t believe in the no win scenario. Valentines day, will tell you everything you need to know about the health of your relationship, and you can do no better test by ignoring the hell out of the day, and stomping out her expectations as soon as they arise with a probing inoccuous question about what ‘we’re doing on the 14th?”. Tell her nothing. And tell her you don’t and won’t celebrate that day. But you need to have backed this up on the rest of your time with her by running successful relationship game, other wise you’ll just be in the heaping pile, with the rest of the beta’s, hoping that whatever you do for her on this day will be enough to keep her around for a bit longer, and hope that it conceals that you don’t please her the rest of the 364 days of the year. News flash: It doesn’t.

6 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Will Not Erase A Lifetime of Beta

  1. That is about as thorough of a dismantling of chump day as I’ve ever read.

    Required reading for betas everywhere

  2. That sounds more bitter than alpha. Like you’re angry at the idea of romance. An alpha conversation would go more like this.

    Woman. “Valentines is coming up. *giggle* got any plans?”

    Man. Stares deep into her eyes, deadpan tone. “A lot of back massages” *turns over* “You can start now.”.

    Adopt a frame where she has to please you.

    Plus, you can get a lot of leeway and sex by making her vagina tingle on that special and memorable day. When she’s down she can think back to how special you made her feel on that day when she brought you dinner before you started watching die hard 4. Means your 364 day game doesn’t have to be as tight.

  3. I don’t mind V-day, but then my wife knows better than to expect an entitlement windfall. Hey. it just means she’s obligated to give me head. I cook dinner for her . . . but then I do that all the time. She’s a lousy cook.

    I agree with thesecond, that you can actually use this to your advantage in the course of a long-term relationship. But single Game is different than Married Game, and YMMV.

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