Laugh At Her

There is one simple and easy way to project your dominance over a woman, to elevate your status above her, to display higher value, display a more social mastery, emotional mastery, and all the other things game teaches you, and it doesn’t require a routine, or canned material, or lines. Laugh at her.

Note the very purposeful use of at, instead of with, or at her jokes. One of the most Beta things you can do is laugh at her jokes, especially a acceptance plea type laugh or a forced rapport laugh when she makes a lame attempt at a joke, and being a woman it will always be a lame attempt, or a lame joke, girls in general just aren’t funny, as in, intentionally funny, they can be funny because of the retarded things they say, or their awkward social behavior, but that’s more like laughing at a kitten for being cute, neither can be funny by trying, but just watch them with a box on their heads and you’ll be giving a few chuckles watching them try to get out of it. The way you laugh when you’re around a woman that you want to bang, or are banging, speaks the loudest on whether you’re beta or alpha with her, and can determine how much tingle she has for you or how little she has for you.

Laughing at her lame jokes or attempts at wittiness is essentially giving you your walking papers, no matter how the rest of your game you are spitting is going. A placating beta will laugh with her at every opportunity, he will seek acceptance from her, try to make her feel comfortable by laughing, usually forcibly awkward, or nervously. One thing that can signal nervous is laughter – it’s one of our human instincts to soften the edges of interactions, if you’re nervous, you immediately laugh, it’s almost an instinctual response, and it displays your need for acceptance. When gaming a girl, be careful how and what you laugh at. She will note it as quick as your body language, and it holds a harsher consequence than a mistimed line or beta slip – it is the nuclear beta slip to laugh awkwardly, nervously, or for any reason than because it was actually funny – if you let out one nervous laugh, you are done for, she knows she’s got you, and she knows your knees are shaking in her presence and you’ve elevated her to above you – and we should all know by now, that no woman is attracted to a man who thinks he’s below her, she needs to respect you, and no one who laughs out of politeness or insecurity can reframe or recoup from that. If you find that you have let one of these slip, politely end the date/interaction and move as far away from the woman in question as possible, if she’s nice she’ll tell her friends that you were a nice guy, but a little too awkward, if she’s a cunt, she’ll mock you in the open to all her friends and any cooler guy that happens to be hitting on her at the time. Nothing in your interactions has the ability to make you go from alpha stud, to awkward creepy dipshit in such a quick and deceiving way.

Laughing is the secret to good game – using laughter, which is almost always used in seduction, (yes in some occurrences it’s just two people in complete animal lust and just want to fuck and don’t give a shit about any sense of social comfort and rapport, but we’ll leave those out of the situation because all you have to do with those, is just be an animal and tear her clothes off and pump away, then show her the door) laughter is so crucial to success and failure, I’m surprised it isn’t talked about more. Think about you being around someone who is laughing nervously because he wants to be included in your group or make friends, think about the feeling you get: usually one of being uncomfortable for the sorry dude, you think to yourself, dude, relax, I’m just a guy – and girls think the same thing, “why is this guy so nervous? Relax dude, I’m just a girl – boy he’d crumble if he ever found out I fucked the bartender over there two nights ago in the bathroom here”. Watch anyone who isn’t used to being on tv, watch when they laugh out of being nervous, and you will notice the reaction you want to avoid, not just with women but in all situations.

Laughing at the right moments and the right times is the highest form of social dominance than anything else you can do – it trumps walking into a bar where you know everyone, with 5 hot girls on your arm. Okay so that will get you more intro’s, but when you’re actually interacting, when and how you laugh will be the immediate ranking a girl will put you into. You want to laugh only at certain times, and the general rule for newbies should be to laugh only at something funny. I say that to newbies because they’ll be nervous and won’t notice some of the quirks or stupid things she might say as funny, and I don’t want them going out there laughing like an imbecile at everything she says or does. Laughing too much is also a sign of weakness.

The most powerful laughter game you can have is to laugh at her when she does do something socially awkward, attempts to be witty or charming, or tries to brag about her – this falls into the teasing category, but you don’t need to actually go on teasing her, because her reaction to your laugh will be enough to put a nervous girl into the hamster spin of doom. When laughing at her you don’t want it to be a maniacal laugh, you don’t want it to be a demeaning laugh too serious of a mocking laugh, but a laugh that seems like honest bemusement. Laugh as the example above, like you are laughing at her attempt at being funny, charming, sexy, what have you – the more honest amusement you have in your laugh, the more effective it is. Don’t over do it though if you’re too high status above her, she’ll get so nervous it can destroy her confidence and completely want out of the situation out of embarrassment – but you do want to embarrass her, a little. This completely settles the who’s got the power in this interaction right away, and gives you a little lee way over the next little bit to make slip ups. Laugh at her like you would laugh at cat that tries to jump onto the couch but misses and falls onto it’s face. That’s the laugh you want when she says or does something that all girls will inevitably do, which is something stupid.

5 thoughts on “Laugh At Her

  1. I was just telling a friend of mine to do this last week. He was dealing with a girl being disrespectful and judgemental of him.

  2. Great post, I co-sign on this 100%.

    Another form of laughter to be aware of (and avoid at all costs) is laughing at your own jokes.

    Back when I was more beta, I had a terrible habit of not only laughing at my own jokes, but then always mumblinh “nah, nah…” as if to say I was just joking.

    Makes me cringe to think about now.

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