New World Order?

This prediction of where the world is going has been around a long time, the fear of a singular power in control of the whole world, a world tricked into believing in a lie that forming one gigantic world system is good for them, meanwhile their freedom’s and interests are distorted, removed, or they end up going along with something horrible, ie Nazi Germany. Sure, you could be blessed with an altruistic and benevolent ruler (not likely knowing humanity and our history), but even if it’s a good ruler, would it still be a good thing for us? Well, I’m betting in 15 years you’ll find out, if you’re still around that is.

A while back I wrote an article that said we should all be getting away from nationality in our politics and our economic interests and focus almost exclusively on your state and city level, thus creating a strong self sufficient and hard working, innovative community that can sustain itself with out outside help or trade, or at least minimizing. Think a form of cessation. Of course I’ve also stated that you can’t go back once you’ve opened pandora’s box. The only way we’re going back to that, is when this civilization crumbles and lets out it’s final breath.

I’m actually a strong supporter of capitalism, but not one that is rigged for some people. Our ‘Free” market is rigged. You cannot compete as a country, for jobs and industry, when you have countries like China, and Mexico that offer such a wide difference in pay scales and workers rights and compensations. In order to fix the mess the world is in, you need either of two things to bring balance and fix the market so it’s an even playing field where the market can and will dictate what is being made, sold, it’s successes and failures. That is either the west lowers it’s workers standards to those of China’s (boy would certain politicians love that) or that we get China’s to raise theirs. I don’t see a lot of pressure from the west to get these countries to raise their standards. Why would they? They’re the one’s benefiting from it.

So where are we going? There are two world wide things that will determine which way we’re going to go. In the next 15-20 years, it will be the culture that has the most power that’s going to win this. Right now the west is getting blasted, badly. Countries are going bankrupt, in debt, losing their credit ratings, etc, and all we keep hearing about is don’t tax the job creators. One, even if these massive corporations weren’t taxed as all, it will still be more profitable to employ people in China then it would here, so the taxing issue is just flat out BS. Taxing them more, also would only add a smidgen of help, however it would be more beneficial than just letting the most powerful become even more powerful. So there’s an option the west will be confronted with in the coming decade. That is join together, or fall to China. What do you think the west will do?

5 thoughts on “New World Order?

  1. When the US economy is most frail, the nukes come out. That’s why they are able to perpetuate the myth of the Gold Standard and keeps borrowing trillions. The US has an unlimited line of credit from every nation on earth because they have the biggest nukes and it stops at that. Economic policy is not necessary when you have a mushroom cloud as your fiscal motivator.

  2. The thing to remember about China is that it is not equivalent to an undeveloped US, just poised for massive growth and innovation.

    Decades of Communist propaganda and a micromanaging government have made the citizenry a type of people who are not entrepreneurial. The rising oligarchy has some designs on growth, of course, but the US became the powerhouse it did because of small-business innovation.

    China has bypassed the whole growth part of the US process and skipped right to bloated government and oligarchies. There will be no real way to harness the productive self-interest of the citizens of China.

    The Chinese economy is already becoming too top-heavy to manage.

    For China to truly kick our ass, they would have to develop the individualist culture of our European ancestors, and develop the regulatory environment of the 1800s in the US.

    China may give us some heartburn, but they are too corrupt and control-freakish to be a serious threat.

    Unless the US turns into a sclerotic nation of incompetent, entitled children.

    Well, I guess we are okay for a while, anyway.

  3. The NWO, globalists, neo-liberals, etc, are simply a conspiracy of ideology aimed at created an interconnected world based on oligarchical economics. Some may toss around 9/11, false flag ops, etc, but the simplest answer, and the most reasonable one, is that these people, most of the world’s leaders, are simply going with the flow of the economics (G6, WTO, IMF, World Bank). Most of those groups were created by or thought up by Kenyes and his allies. Its obivious that the last 50 years of economic history and power collecting by governments and these groups is based on the Keyensian economic ideal, which has and always been collective.

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