Emotional Mastery

There is one thing and one thing only that will make or break your game, and like any other game, it’s about having mastered your emotions. In some sports they call it managing your emotions, if it’s a big game you need to do something get hit, hit someone, etc in order to get ‘into’ the game and let your emotions settle down. It’s the same with game, if you’re emotions aren’t in check, you will never succeed with women, no matter how ‘polished’ your techniques are. Being emotional is a part of being human, however the two sexes deal and use emotions very differently, another thing that differentiates man v women. A man who puts a woman on a pedestal is emotionally invested in a woman, an investment that isn’t warranted, she has done nothing but be beautiful or hot – and by placing her above you, a man has emotions that are not under control, he already feels excited around her, jittery, nervous, adoring, beta, etc. Being emotional, even if it’s nerves or seemingly positive feelings such as adoration, spells certain doom for a girl respecting you, and if she doesn’t respect you, she doesn’t tingle for you, at best you’re like a cute little puppy, something she pays attention to because it’s so damn cute… she doesn’t want to sleep with her puppies or stuffed animals, and she doesn’t want to sleep with a man who has no control over his emotions.

Let’s take game out of the equation though, because this isn’t only needed for getting girls, but in you’re whole life. When I’ve let emotions dictate my actions, or in the case of emotions, re-action which is what girls do, then nothing but bad things have happened, outside of the very mild and unobtrusive feeling of bliss. Bliss is something that isn’t an emotion that overwhelms you or makes you act in spastic and erratic behaviors, it’s a passive emotion, but it’s also something that can guide you in your life, as a goal, as an idea, and it can actually keep you centered and keep your emotions in control. Our society has stopped teaching men how to be the stoic and powerful man, who doesn’t get emotional about every little thing, because feminism has thoroughly removed this from our society. Men grow up as little pussies that can’t deal with their emotions, and becoming a man, is having mastered first and foremost, yourself, and your own emotions. If you’re emotionally all over the place, you haven’t grown up yet.

The man who has mastered his emotions has become a full man, able to take on any situation, able to stir emotion when needed, (like to fight) able to see situations in the light of reality, rather than the tinted glow of emotionally charged fantasy. It is the greatest tool and gift men have in our existence, and one that even the coldest and most calculating of women does not have.

With out emotional mastery, you cannot have that cocky confidence that you need to get women, to run effective game, to advance you’re career, to attain true power. Cockiness comes from the state of mastery, it is an amused mastery, amused because of the emotional floundering of the company you are with – with the inner knowledge of control comes the visceral outward tell of ultimate power – a power that no man, or woman has any sway over you.

With emotional mastery, you always win, ne’er to be a slave again.

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