Delusional Rationalizations of Starlets

In a Magazine that I don’t remember and don’t care to look up, Christina Aguilera claims that she loves her body, and so does her boyfriend, which I’m suspiscous of both accounts. Granted there are that select group of men that prefer a chubbier girl, but most of them are outliers in society. However I leave it to you to decide, which Aguilera body do you prefer. You can obviously guess my response. Younger and slender is fine, more rotund is not. But what do you think?




To me, this is just a rationalization on her inability to get her old perfect body back, and her boyfriends a beta who doesn’t dare tell her that she’s less than perfect for fear of giving up the gravy train of love and or money. When a girl starts to let herself go, it means she feels too secure that you won’t leave, allowing her to relax on her keeping up her appearance; when she starts to proclaim that she’s happy and proud of this new body and you should be too, it means she’s thinking of grabbing an alpha, and is caught in a delusional void where her hamster controls her mind.

But that’s just my opinion. What’s yours?

5 thoughts on “Delusional Rationalizations of Starlets

  1. her face don’t lie. look at how insecure she looks as a chub. she looks like a maneater in skinnier, hotter version of herself…

  2. Well, I don’t approve of it, but the blacks might like her better. Also, the whites who imitate the blacks in their love of “meat on them bones.”

  3. mmmm I think you have to observe the back ground, chances are in the latter situation she’s doing a fun/playful photo shoot, in the Former she’s on the red carpet so … absolutely different scenarios so try again dude.

  4. I like the youthful one. But honestly, the chubbier version is acceptable provided she has a kind, pleasant personality. She’d be in my 2nd tier.

    Basically, I have three tiers when it comes to looks

    – top 10-15% (positive default view, will usually be attracted to unless they show some big flaws in personality)
    – next 35-45% (neutral at beginning, could become very attracted to them if they show kindness, humor, warmth, trustworthiness, etc.)
    – bottom 40-55% (negative view at beginning, would have to be consistently exceptional in other ways to make me attracted – this almost never happens. Also there would have to be some reason for me to be exposed to her repeatedly, like seeing her at work everyday.)

  5. “When a girl starts to let herself go, it means she feels too secure that you won’t leave”
    Let’s not forget to mention that her boyfriend should feel completely slighted because her job in life is to look good on his arm! How dare his object of vanity allow childbirth to change her body! How infuriated he must feel!
    How dare everyone not have the same shallow narcissistic view of what is important in a relationship. I guess us humble people, those that think love IS about security and believing that your partner WON’T leave, should feel humiliated for having such a worthless view of relationships!
    Thank you for setting us all straight, by pointing out that the egotism of our partner should be first and foremost in how we women judge our self-worth and beauty. I mistakenly believed that my view of myself wasn’t based on the ignorant judgments of others, but luckily you’ve corrected my errors in thinking! Thank you so much for this very introspective and thought provoking piece!

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