Typical Vancouver Women Diss Men, I Take Them To Task

There were two articles written over at Vanmag.com, which I had the fortune of never knowing about until these articles were forwarded me, and let me say this, ignorance is bliss, because it’s something I’d never want to know about, but now pandora’s box is open, and I’ve got to take some fancy princesses to task. This is almost too easy, and too obvious for me to write about, but hey, that’s the mood I’m in, so here we go. The first article, shockingly is about women trash talking men in the Vancouver dating scene. You can read the full article here But I will disect these little holier than thou princesses here, bold is my edits.

Natalie, Elise, and Tracey are drinking pinot grigio in the Commune Café at Nelson and Seymour. (Already I would have moved on, my god what is with women these days… oh this is them trying to be sophisticated, right.)Tracey, who’s in marketing, wears an electric-blue dress and flicks her bright blond hair over her shoulder. Elise, a tall brunette with a ready laugh who does business development for a firm downtown, is in a classic navy sheath. Natalie is home for a visit from grad school in Ontario; she’s a curvy blond (Read: Fat)in a flowered dress. (All names are pseudonyms.) In their mid 20s and friends since they went to high school in North Van, (North Van explains it all)they’re attractive, smartly put together, and fit. They hike the Chief, do the Grouse Grind, ski, bike the seawall, and kayak. This evening, they’re participating in another favourite local pastime—dissing Vancouver men.

Christ could these chicks get anymore cliche? Before they even get into dating men in Vancouver I’m bored of them, I know they have an over inflated sense of self worth, they’re pretending to be pretentious, and they’re pretending to be cultured… and seriously I want to punch people when they mention the Chief, the Grind, the seawall, or kayaking. I would bet 1000 dollars that these girls have maybe done two of those things once, and calling a curvy girl fit without showing pictures does not have me convinced. They sit around drinking pinot grigio and diss men as their favorite past time. Clue number one to you ladies: There’s a reason quality guys don’t go for you, actually a lot of reasons, and they are all in this first paragraph. You are boring, annoying, and this article makes you reak of pretentious cuntiness.

Tracey is tired of spending the evening in a chic Whistler bar with guys dressed “for video games in the basement: baseball caps and baggy T-shirts.” Natalie adds, “They dress down, so they act down.” And what used to be called common courtesy now looks freakishly uncommon. Recently, when a man went to help Tracey with her suitcase, it was so unusual that she thought at first he was stealing it. She says she gets on the bus in six-inch heels, laden with packages, and no man offers her his seat. Elise claims hardly any man her age has ever held a door for her. “Chivalry died years ago,” Tracey says, “and it’s buried six feet under.”

Uhm, you’re in whistler, where men go to ski and have fun, not ritz it up like you girls. You’re in a fucking ski city complaining about men not dressing up and going for a night on the town? Seriously? You know what guys think are neccessities for packing for a trip to ski? Warm clothes, and ski equipment. Maybe you don’t like skiing, but the men up there do. Loosen the fuck up, and stop going to the Whistler bar if you don’t like the men there. Man chicks be stupid these days.

The article goes on to quote the old diatribe of literature out there from feminists on men not being men, and manning up, blah blah blah, yup we’re all boys, it’s the end of men. But boy if these are the women and what men are supposed to be “growing up” for, I’d take the video game route too.

“Vancouver men are a little babyish,” she explains. “You really have to hold their hands during the whole dating thing, telling them that was a really nice date, coaching them through the process. I have to be very careful with my body language to make it clear that I am not going to reject them.” Now she dates much more often but wishes she didn’t have to take all the initiative. She wonders, Will he pay? Should I pay? Will he pick me up? “There’s not a lot of guidance from the guy.” So she takes charge. “But sometimes I just want to go on a date-date.”

Wrong, the men you are attracting do this. One, any quality guy will not take you on a date. You gal’s ruined that with you’re attitudes. Want to go on a real date, get one of your gay friends to take you on one – no high quality man will fall for that date crap anymore, I ain’t paying to sit there and watch you sip on your pinot anything and talk about your career and condo and cats, or if you’re in yaletown your fucking small dog. Going on a date is for my girlfriend, someone who’s invested something in me, not some smug stuck up cunt that wants what she feels she deserves by being female. Sorry gal’s change your ways first.

Okay, this article goes on for 5 fucking pages mixed in with the usual quotes from that feminazi Hymon-itch… not once does it mention the fact that it may be possible that girls just don’t get everything the want, because guess what, men want things too, and they aren’t getting it from chicks like these. These types of chicks are exactly whats wrong with our society, they are entitled little princesses with no inner critic, everything is owed to them because they’re so fabulous, I mean all their gay friends and girl friends say it, so it must be true. These girls are unhappy for one reason and one reason only, they’re craving an alpha, but they’re behavior keeps alpha’s away from them, at best, at best, these girls described on here are a pump and dump.

Final message, girls you aren’t worth dinner, and you aren’t worth dressing nice for. Have fun sipping your pinot’s… and get some cats, it’s gonna be a long lonely life for you.

6 thoughts on “Typical Vancouver Women Diss Men, I Take Them To Task

  1. You have a point–a lot of women feel entitled to something special merely by the dint of them being female–but it tends to get lost in the middle of all the misogynistic name-calling. Cunt, feminazi, calling a girl fat (so what if she is or isn’t, who the hell cares?), stupid, etc. You would be better served to explain why women aren’t entitled without all the judgemental name-calling. And there is a LOT of judgemental stuff to wade through here.

    I could easily say, based on your harsh reaction that you are a man with excess baggage (perhaps a pretentious, stuck-up woman–your words–dumped you before?), a woman-hater, a chauvenist, an asshole, someone who likes to flame people without the balls to leave his real name and spouts hatred out of the comfort of anonymity, and lots of other things. However, I don’t know your history/backstory, and calling you those things would be a rush to judgement. So I won’t. At the very least you are somebody angry about how you perceive men being treated.

    You have a right to be angry. But please, make your point without the vitriol. It doesn’t help your case.

  2. you would be wrong on all accounts. I don’t have to have had things happen to me to be disgusted at modern women’s behavior, these chicks on here are cunty. I call it like it is. I date feminine women, so you’re so called analysis is off.

  3. “…calling a girl fat (so what if she is or isn’t, who the hell cares?)….”

    Every heterosexual man of European descent. That’s who cares. Obesity is a disease,and as a disease, it’s about as disgusting as bubonic plague. When a straight man of European descent looks at a fat chick,he sees John Merrick, the elephant man.To put it in a way that you can understand as a woman,i.e.,a way that relates to you and your feelings, fat women are the equivalent of guys who live in their mother’s basement.

    Now that shit is REALLY important to you women,so I’m sure you won’t begrudge us our masculine outlook on fat women or else you’ll pony right up and start fucking unemployed D&D nerds to prove how open-minded you are.

    “You would be better served to explain why women aren’t entitled without all the judgemental name-calling. And there is a LOT of judgemental stuff to wade through here.”

    How,exactly,would he be “better served” by not “being judgmental”? Oh,did you think he was writing this for women!? How CUTE!

    “However, I don’t know your history/backstory, and calling you those things would be a rush to judgement.”

    As well as completely pointless,since no one cares at all what your prognosis is.You women call it “misogyny” any time a man says anything that you don’t like. Women like those described in this article are,in fact,cunts. It says that “one of their favorite pastimes” is “dissing men”. You and your ilk were vomiting your hatred of men over every public space long before this dude came along and started calling you “cunts “for it. If you had the capacity to understand the concept of fair play, you’d realize he can’t very well be “a woman-hater”, “a chauvInist”,(fixed it for you,cupcake) OR “an asshole” if he is in fact responding to equivalent criticisms being levied against men. If you take the gloves off or start going below the belt, you’re asking for equivalent treatment. That’s what these worthless life-support systems for vaginas got,exactly what they dished out.

    I didn’t see anywhere in your hysterical reply where you took them to task for making hatred of men a lifestyle choice.Remember, it says in black and white that it’s “one of their favorite pastimes”. You just said that they aren’t entitled to male company or support. That’s a lot like admitting that the sky is blue,but it is a very big step for a typical woman so I’ll give you one cookie for your progress,

    Come on back and argue for the wimminz when you’re ready to admit that it’s a bit hypocritical to call someone out for being “a woman-hater” when he’s actually responding to hatred levied against the male sex by the women in question.Also, it’d be nice if you’d admit that “cunt” is a fair thing to call a sexist woman,since you think nothing of associating the term “asshole” with men you find sexist.

  4. Men are the last people in society that it is 100% okay to bash.

    You could never post an article where two people sat around saying how poorly dressed black people were or how women were weak and afraid of dating powerful men. You can however print articles all day long that have a laundry list of what’s wrong with men.

    Why is the media so obsessed with gender? Every second article on Yahoo is “women do this and men do that”.

    Van City sent me a letter in the mail telling me they were using responsible hiring practices because they now hire more women than men!! When did hiring men become irresponsible?? Why not just hire the best person for the job?

  5. Tis a sadly predictable artilce. Some of the comments were far more insightful than the article itself.

    I rarely come across this type of woman further out in the FV, but when I do I see a person who is dissatisfied with herself and deeply unhappy. Problem is, when she does begin dating, she projects all her discontentment and self hatred onto her man which drives him to get angry with her and….presto he’s a loser or abuser in her eyes. Even though all he’s done is disagree with her attitudes and behaviour. It’s really her unhappiness that is the root cause of her dissatisfaction.

    I just don’t have the time for such emotional exhaustion, life is hard enough as it is. Better to say hi, bye and ignore them. It think that’s the best tack to take, let them wallow in their own self created mess. Spend your time with feminine women who appreciate a man. They’re out there but harder to find because they don’t draw attention to themselves.

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