Don’t Look Back

I hear American politicians spew this constantly on their campaign trail like it’s something that could be possible: “We need to go back to the country we were.” or something along those lines, they say values, morals, etc., but it’s always alluding to and insinuating that America was great, it isn’t now, and the only way to get it great again is to look backwards. Of course if you understand the world and how it works, you know that looking back in history is quite beneficial, but only in so much as you need to learn from it, i.e. learn from the mistakes we have made and learn from them, or we’re doomed to repeat them. Wouldn’t it be great if we could go back to simpler times? Well it’s impossible. You can’t go back, once you open pandora’s box, you can not put it’s contents back in. Unfortunately the universe works in a very linear fashion, you can look back, but you can’t go back. I find it fascinating that politicians on either side would say that, one, it’s not what they actually believe, it’s all vote getting spin – say the certain sound bytes that get replayed and replayed on newscasts over and over again so that the dumb voters think you care about getting the country back to the way it was, you know, that time when no politician will actually tell you it was, was it 1980? 1950? 40’s? 1800? They won’t tell you that because they don’t know. You generally assume it means the 50’s… but good luck getting that segregation thing back. There are many reasons why you can’t go back, but I’ll use the most concrete, it’s physically impossible. What they should be saying, what everyone should be saying is: Let’s look forward and change that, let’s create something new, with new morals and new ethics and a greater country than we had before. But no one is saying that. Why? Man that’s a lot of responsibility, and no one wants to go out on a limb and think where the country should be going, so they revert to what they perceive as a great society before.

This society is a direct reflection of this very mentality… it’s erosion is lead to people who don’t look into the future and determine what kind of county or society you want to become. Instead we let Feminism hijack our society, and now we want to go back before then… well yeah Time Travel is an awesome concept, but it’s impossible… unless someone has an operational flux capacitor. Any one?

Our civilization is doomed unless we begin to see some exceptional men, with exceptional visions and capacity to create, step into the leadership role and drag this spoiled, self-obsessed culture by it’s hair into the new world. Someone who sees the forest for the trees, someone who isn’t handcuffed by saying feminism is bullshit, it had it’s time, now it’s time to go forward… science proves you’re wrong feminists, girls and boys are different, so let’s stop obsessing over this and move on to bigger and better things – lets move forward, create a society that everyone would love to have. Yes America used to have that, but you won’t get that by looking back, but by looking, and more importantly, moving forward.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Look Back

  1. Yeah that person is called Ron Paul. Though I believe he’s really not running for presidents chair. I believe he’s setting up the ideals and forward thinking for the next generation to embrace.

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