Apocalypse, Tomorrow

Well, it’s the end of 2011 (if you’re reading this in 2012 too bad for you, you missed the last few days of the last full year of our lives) that’s right, it’s going to be 2012 and many are predicting this:

The Mayan’s predicted, well the end of something, the fourth age of the planet, and because it doesn’t have anything else scholars are left with two options to consider, they predicted the end of the world, or the clock resets for the new age. People of course are drawn to the doom and gloom, not just the current generation of hedonists, but past generations as well, this is nothing new, and leaves us to conclude that even with all our knowledge in a society, that we really haven’t evolved as much as lot of people have thought.

Now I’ve known this for a long time, it’s my belief that some people have evolved, there are a select few of us who could live in a structured and organized society and have it flourish and grow, however, we’re out numbered by the breeding rabbits that infest our lesser evolved counterparts. Now there has always been a mass of the populace that has been easy to control, however in the past, in our ancient times, this was controlled with education, here in the west we can’t use that excuse, mostly. Sure our schools teach most citizens how to read, and a lot of things that once used to be only for the ruling classes, and even the guy who took 10th grade math 3 times just to pass would look like a genius and a god compared to a 1st century pleb – but what you’re dealing with here is just a moving scale. There are still many things used in order to control the masses, the people are just as dumb and uninterested in learning then the previous thousands of years before, only this time, the information to learn and grow oneself is all around and easily accessible (at least in 2011, you post apocalyptic people in 2013 may read this… somehow, I dunno maybe you have the last working computer and saved it to your hard drive, and you might put your palm to your face, our internet used to have a clever meme for this, it was called a facepalm, google it… er nevermind) – my point is, for the first time in history you are seeing plebs willfully denying information, tools, and things that are available to them to become better humans. And it all boils down to sheer laziness and inability to deal more complicated issues, emotions and live in a structured civilization. And thus you have a breakdown in civilization, two sides pulling at one another, one side tries to hold on to a dying civilization, and one side been trying to tear it down for years.

See we lived in the time where we could see first hand like some warped evil super villain scientific experiment that would prove first and foremost that there isn’t one all encompassing humanity, and that there really is two separate distinct levels of humanity, almost like two different species. Some of us longed for the days of high art, concepts in literature that sang to the poetic human soul, but they were talking of human souls, and not the barbaric slovenly masses who’d rather shovel Cheetos into their faces watching Oprah or spray orange paint on their skin and watch Jersey Shores. Some of us actually longed for things that our human souls could relate to, yet in 2011 our popular culture had stooped to the lowest level of what is commonly referred to as human. Is there two different species, yes. There can be no other answer. Some used to blame cultures, but that’s just retarded, every culture has human like people, and every culture as culturally devoid soul suckers. Our feminized PC bullshit world has done more to prop up these other humans to keep them breeding and flourishing like some, again, evil scientific experiment, to see how much a society could foster the load of uncivilized, uncultured masses of idiotic and brainwashed people. The things that would rather die than be pulled out of the matrix. See this isn’t just a class thing, you can have dumb ass elites, yuppies, hipsters and poor folk of all these different classes, and differentiating them relies on personal interactions. Did interacting with them make you feel pleasant, good, basically better off than you were before, than you talked to a human – if you wanted to punch something, destroy things, pull your hair out or vomit, than you’re dealing with the other type of human.

I wish I had an answer to this, because I don’t think there is one that us humans can do, other than escape to our own planet, and with the eminent destruction of our own, perhaps we could get on that like, uhm,, pronto.

Alright, I’m kidding with the whole armaggedon thing, I don’t think the physical world is going to be destroyed, however I do see 2012 as being a major marker year in the course of humanity. Where we go from here, has a lot to do with these sub humans starting to evolve, like 1000 years in a few months. Not sure where we’re going, but I can tell you this, hope fades with every passing day, and without hope, there’s not much chance you got to pick up the pieces after the cultural apocalypse that is coming.


5 thoughts on “Apocalypse, Tomorrow

  1. Actually, the only cure for stupid people is poverty, because, then they appreciate and must be be humble or they starve.

    So, I guess you are right because we now have poverty.

  2. YaboyMatt made the greatest point ever on this subject.To me,2011 was the end of the world in many respects.I’ve been unemployed throughout the while 2011,couldnt find work in 2011…2011 was my worst year in picking up women(flakes are about 95% of the women I met)…I can’t begin to count.Economically,the world experienced some scares in 2011.

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