Feminism, Here Is The Result

This image came to my attention care of Roosh, and it is from some tweets from a bunch of spoiled inconsiderate bunch of cunts and pricks on the planet. The future is in the hands of our young, still believe after seeing this, that there is hope for our precious civilization, when girls and boys are saying they hate their dad for not buying them an iPod, or a fucking car? Or god forbid, its black iPhone?


Yeah feminism, you are doing such a bang up job joy raising well balanced intelligent useful children. With citizens like this, is there any wonder why the world is as messed up as it is. I’m growing tired of seeing cunty behavior, lack of class, personal dignity, politeness, and I live in Canada for Christs sake, I can’t imagine living in the states right now.

Feminism, you have a lot to be proud of.

11 thoughts on “Feminism, Here Is The Result

  1. Fucking hate it when people say “other then” it’s fucking ‘than’.Even grammer is down the shitter.World is fucked

  2. Woah – I thought I was the only one that didn’t get a fucking iPad but apparently not. Now I don’t feel so bad, but still FML.

  3. It;s hard for me to believe these are real, even though I know they are. I’m in early 20’s and this is just sad. Saying fuck you cunt in relation to your father not getting you and iphone is unreal.

  4. Sickening to read that crap. Parents need to see that smack in the face to see what kind of entitled brats are being unleashed on the world.

  5. Wow…. the words just cannot describe the rush of anger and despair i get while seeing and reading this kind of stuff.

    You want a fucking ipad, get a job and save your pennies, ungrateful little fucks.

    It’s funny though, the world is more and more “social” yet the ability to properly communicate seems to be fading.

  6. You live in Canada… but have you ever been to Alberta? That’s the epicenter of entitlement in the country, and a whole lot more entitled than anywhere I’ve lived here.

    W: “Oh honey, the Jones got a new Lexus… we need a new Lexus”
    H: “Fine honey, we’ll ditch the Saab”

    Yeah I live in the States because I don’t need to keep up with the neighbours, my taxes are lower, the girls are dumber, cost of living is a whole lot lower, and I can actually get into a doctor or specialist the same day I call.

    But it’s not for everyone.

  7. I’ve lived in alberta, and it is a hell hole, but there’s equally repelling places in the states, and I can go see a doctor or a specialist the same day too, and i don’t have to pay either. Not everyone’s cup of tea. Of course if it’s not in immediate need, maybe I wait till thursday, cause I’m not going to die, oh my, the horror.

    Oh and only those who think they need to keep up with the neighbors need to keep up with the neighbors. I’m not influenced by that.

    Sent from my iPad

  8. You guys paint a pretty poor picture of Alberta….. i’d argue Toronto has a greater sense of entitlement, it didn’t get the nick name the “Center of the Universe” for no reason. I’ve never had any issues with places nor the girls in Alberta, and i’m french, they’re supposed to inherently hate me.

    The place doesn’t make or break itself, you make the place worth while or not.

  9. wow…these are absolutely shocking! if you are right, feminism really is bad for our society. boys will grow up and become real men one day, but girls should be taught to respect their fathers, husbands and boyfriends, not crave for some materialistic rubbish. feminism is poisoning the younger generation!

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