When You Should Leave Them Better Than You Found Them

This isn’t talked about often, mainly because the current observations of how horribly behaved the modern western woman is in general, that I believe it may have been assumed by many, that leaving a girl better than you found her was not only pointless, but impossible. The concept that if you’re an alpha, how could her life be possibly better without you? Also came up. Of course that is quite the egocentric statement, like you’re the only alpha she’ll ever have. It is quite possible that you can either enhance a girl into the ways of how to behave with an alpha, and how to please him, thus showing her a way to ensnare one, or you can destroy her from thinking anything other than lust for alpha’s and will proceed to ‘toughen’ her up, so she won’t get fooled again, and thus send her on the one way path to spinsterhood that many girls now find them on.

As a player, this is my motto: I’m not out to break any hearts, I’m there to open them. Or was that legs? The point is, my conquests, save the fast one night stands, have been about whatever connection I had with a girl, and that I generally wanted her to feel what I wanted her to feel – if I’ve got her hand to take her on a fantasy, I can either make it a fantasy or a horror ride. Which one do you think will generally make society better after you’re done with her? See I get why most guys don’t want to care about this, because of the concept that we’re too far gone in society, and it’s not worth it – but of course society is that way if we’re all saying the same thing, and so are the dudes that ruined that one girl we would’ve happily banged had she not been such a defensive bitch, probably because of some douche that didn’t know how to leave them better than they found you. Sometimes it’s emotional, some times it’s sexual. As a de-virginator for example, its my duty to make sure she swallows and gives good head, because I don’t like to come across a slut stuck in her ways that thinks she won’t swallow with me. It’s not a big deal, but I like my interactions to go as smooth as possible, or I end it.

Before anyone jumps on my throat about why am I saying be nice to girls that would cheat on you, dump you, create false rape charges against you, blah blah blah…. I will refute you with this: I’m not saying that at all. For one, this advice is not for one night stands, or even a girl you’ve had sex with twice and then left. This is for girls that you have invested even a little bit of your time with, because I’m going to assume there were some redeeming qualities about her and that’s the reason you’ve continued seeing her. In these cases, you are only feeding the pool of misbehaving, cold bitchy cunts by how you act when you leave her. You’re essentially fucking with my shit, and you need to stop. Already crazy bitches are a lost cause and don’t bother, with them, it’s not worth your effort to undo what so many other cocks have done to her – the girls I’m talking about are the genuine nice, sweet, or potential girlfriend girls, that if you’re a Lothario would date if you didn’t want to keep banging girl all the time. Those are the girls that you should leaving them better than you found them.

We are apart of the cause of this disaster that is women’s behaviour guys, it’s not all Feminsim’s fault, it’s maybe the main culprit, but as guys we have some say in how women behave. As a gender we’ve pretty much stopped giving a shit, and then turn around and wonder why our women are acting up. As much as I hate feminism, and the cunty behaviour, I also know that 90% of hot babes that I’ve interacted with, lose that frame in about 5 minutes with me, thus showing me that if more men were like that, she wouldn’t have these stupid delusions in her head. Things got so bad because you have a multitude of beta’s and white knights agreeing with her and pumping her tires with these delusions, and then you have alpha’s that don’t give a shit, and throw her back in the pile of used dirty sluts, she will become worse if you don’t make sure you leave her better than you found her.

4 thoughts on “When You Should Leave Them Better Than You Found Them

  1. It’s funny you mentioned this concept of the community.Nowadays,I’m having doubts as to whether this should still be the case since as you eluded to:women nowadays aren’t deserving

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