Where Women Are Meant To Lead

Men lead on the outside, but women are equal in leadership when they lead with emotional inward caring.
Being equal should not be looked as erasing gender differences that cannot be erased anyways – it’s about becoming aware of two strong opposites and their roles. I will not show my sweet and sensitive side until a woman has lead the way herself to me first, just like you girls want a strong man to lead the seduction, we want you to lead the intimate (note this is not an excise to nag your man about talking about his feelings – it’s more about showing him your sweetness, your caring, your support and your respect, and he will follow)

Too many modern girls have not been taught what is actually involved in being a strong woman, one who leads and is empowered through a beautiful interior snd exterior, and there’s no doubt why the feminist agenda has ceased teaching this, because it would encourage taking responsibility for your own happiness and success or failure in relationships, plus most feminist are ugly as shit and they’ve already lost the battle of looking good on the outside – they wrongfully and spitefully lash out against this very obvious concept because they want the alpha’s for themselves. They don’t want to work on being attractive internally and grab a solid beta, a genuine good guy because these ugly feminists believe the lie that they deserve the best. Simply being born, male or female does not put in a place to deserve anything, with deeds comes punishment or reward – simply existing is not a royal ascendance to the throne.

Once the understanding of what different but equal gets through to the mass of girls (not likely) then women could achieve great things in the world, and probably have a happier more rewarding existence then they’re having now.

3 thoughts on “Where Women Are Meant To Lead

  1. I tried explaining that women and men aren’t the same but rather compliment each other to a woman once….. she never talked to me again.

    I say with so closed mindedness….. good riddance

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