How Can You Be Equal When You Can’t Even Be A Good Human?

You’ve heard it for the past 40 years, some movement that demanded equal rights for women – sounded fair to us when we were young and innocent, I mean we loved our mothers, and we certainly wanted her to have everything she can. It seemed so simple, what was all the fuss over? Was it really a bunch if old white grumptards wanting to oppress women?

But then you grow up in the climate, you encounter the female offspring and a movement not arguing for equality at all, but complete dominance and even extermination of anything masculine – and you realize even the evilest of patriarchs wouldn’t ever want to eradicate femininity, and were even more concerned with losing females with femininity. Oh how the sands of time can alter our perceptions of how the world works.

Now as a masculine male, writing this with the very real feminazis crosshairs on me, I see the sham that is feminism and I’m left with mainly cold, princess peaches sitting on top of their ego hill demanding to be treated right, and have a diamond ring, and well every damn thing under the sun and not an ounce of criticism about her shall be allowed. If she gets this, she’s unhappy and sleeps with every guy she has a tingle for, if she doesn’t get this, she goes on with her mental checklist into her 40’s allowing only her cats to act in accordance to their nature.

Demanding certain treatment from others while not contributing likewise treatment is not the way to go about acting and getting what you want. These sad misplaced girls are fantasizing about being man eaters and princess heiress’s that have their own reality show with out the cameras and a network of course – but boy does the world still revolve around them.

Girls, if you want equality, you’re gonna have to start with being a good human first, then work on your own gender specific traits, only then may you get what you want. Because for the lot of you, the alpha you want will pump and dump you at best, and at worst, will avoid your abhorrent behavior like the plague.

5 thoughts on “How Can You Be Equal When You Can’t Even Be A Good Human?

  1. Irony about it is,most women are anti-feminism lol.I get a lot of girls on Facebook telling me that they liked my posts on feminism as far as being a Nazi-like movement.I was surprised to hear females bash feminists.

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