Free Whores!

So at least 6 of you opted for the ‘sluts are great’ option from yesterday’s feedback question, I’m gonna guess that anyone that isn’t a blue pill popping beta and/or white knight is going to think that easy sex with hot girls is a good thing, but, and there is a but… the full on embracing of sluttiness is in my opinion contributing to the uglification and humingification of the modern populace of the female of our declining society.

The modern slut has been duped into thinking that they can slut it up without any negative outcomes like men can cad it up – most even believe, shockingly, that it raises their value like it does for a man – on average though they assume it’s a neutral stance. Sadly it’s not.

The cold hard reality from men sluts want and do sleep with is that their value goes only as high as being a free whore. A girl you don’t have to pay to get laid. There is no added value in a girl that jumps on the carousel for a long and numerous rotation – and this reality only sets in after she splatters against the wall at full force, in the best case scenario, or she tragically sex in the city’s her belief that she can still ride the carousel and splatters whorish grotesque pictures on dating sites still holding out for the good looking alpha’s she had in her pre-wall days.

Sluts serve no function outside of having free and easy holes to fill – and even takes away the very powerful and stimulating sense of conquest a man has after he seduced a girl into sleeping with him, which of course relinquishes all her power she had as soon as the nut has busted. And deep down all sluts know this.

We are living in a time that has girls believing that they can act like men in the sexual market in a zero sum world – a lie that is severely deriding society and a crime that should see all vehement feminists strung up in the gallows. There are countless sluts out there that have the belief, ‘if men can do it, so can we’ but there horrifically wrong. A man can attract women into his 60’s and maybe even 70’s even regardless of looks – as long as he’s got some power, money, game, etc. – a mans stock rises with age, a woman’s plummets. The reason men don’t care about being a player is because there are no future repercussions for it – we don’t even have to hide it, for the very nature of women is to find a man who’s attractive to other women attractive. Not once in all of time has a man thought a girl was hot because other guys thought she was hot – there are no other guys when it comes to our attraction, it is simply: do I want to plunder that?

Women have since tried to mimic almost all of men’s characteristics only to have us either turn away in disgust or mock them openly. Again, this false assumption comes from the Oz lie that men and women are the same. There isn’t a curtain for us to pull back though – and things will get worse.

Girls will let there looks and femininity disappear – they’ve already stopped caring about their appearance to be more like they think guys are, they’ll have over confident bravado trying to make up for their fat bellies and chins – they’ll continue to get uglier when they keep believing the man behind the curtain who tells them we sleep with girls because of any reason but why we actually do. They’re hot.

Men will still sleep with some of these girls of course, they do now, to get out of dry spells, or just to get laid, and this of course will only reinforce the fugly sluts that the lie is truth and they can keep eating big macs by the truck loads.

The best case scenario for the slut is that when she wants off the carousel she ends up with a chump who either doesn’t know she was a whore, or one with absolutely no pride who pretends not to care about her whorish past, while the worst case is her ending up alone with a house full of cats. You won’t need shades in the future girls, only lint brushes. Men of course will only gain younger and hotter prizes until we die, or settle down with one.

Bubble burst.

14 thoughts on “Free Whores!

  1. There is similar posts like this going around many “game” blogs. Maybe now game blogs are going to start promoting marriage. Also, saying across the board that “the value of men increases with age” may be another myth (unless you are a celebrity) and examples can be stated. Was 2011 the end of what used to be Game blogs? Either way, I will not be attending any of their possible weddings, and I have decided that I am done reading most “game” blogs. Out.

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  3. Shut the fuck up! You r going to ruin it 4 all of us who benfit from smokin hot dumb chicks that have fun qualities

  4. Wait, so all women aren’t sluts? I’m confused -from this blog, it seems to say all, especially North American, women are sluts. So when you get old, you’ll just have a younger slut, who has had sex with you by the 3rd date. So what cougars do the same. Such “prizes” – congrats.

  5. Nope. Just sayin’. You seem to be an instinctually decent, albeit angry, guy who got cheated on too much. I hear this from even alpha type guys, actually maybe especially from alpha guys because they can get alpha girls, who in turn can get etc. etc. So don’t take it all personal. Happens to the best of y’all alao because most attractive women have issues – for a lot of reasons, a lot of times because of messed up family stuff. To be fair, everybody has some issues. But I would say they usually have more than their fair share somehow.

    So my observation has been that alpha guys compromise once they are sick of the game/work and settle for a nicer, less attractive, but low maintenance, supportive female. I’m sad to say, not one of those types – I have little patience – but my two cents is maybe you should date unattractive women who are nice. Just trying to be helpful – not what you might want to hear, but that’s how I see it.

  6. You know, on an even less positive note, I think it’s also hypocritical to expect women to only look at how they are treated by a guy as to whether they are attracted to them, since guys don’t care what a girl does for them if they are unattractive.

    When you bend over backwards for someone you barely met, it just looks weak and delusional. It shows that you know you can’t match them otherwise and so have to resort to being really nice or that you don’t have a realistic view of people and how the other shoe dropping is probably going to be ugly and coming shortly and you probably should wait for it before getting all floaty. Also, if you have no other goal in life other than the girl, that shows you dont have your purpose and “stuff” together. So it goes both ways whether we cry about it or not.

    And also, I am a lawyer. Women’s studies? Please. That’s even lame as an insult.

  7. Glad to entertain. Happy to drop some more on ya. Your blog is interesting because it’s convicting while also being an uncensored look into how men think. My male friends are nice guys who I doubt either they do or would admit to me that they do any of this stuff.

    As a Christian, what you are saying about the difference in sexes is like duh. But the world is increasingly unchurched. The thing about the bible is that things will go good for a while when we do whatever we like but will ultimately come back around and bite you in the ass – as we are seeing now.

    “Free” love has now made girls more obviously like the men that we call dogs – conviction there. But ultimately, two wrongs don’t make a right and those women as well as you all are going to get bit in the ass. I myself am living proof – my life is much better now that I am trying to make an effort to actually get to know people for who they are and not what they look like although of course I mess up sometimes. I even purposely went out with someone partly because I wanted to go out with someone unattractive if you can believe that. We got into a political argument on the 3rd date and I also got the feeling he was gay so that just killed itself.

    If you want substance in your life, then don’t waste your life chasing tail. Read Ecclesiastes – the world is all the same shit after a while. Science has no answer for Why.

  8. More suggested reading:

    Basic Christianity by John Stott – if you want a reasoned apologetic for why “otherwise” rational people believe that the bible is true.

    The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman – for a non-gamey way to solve some basic marriage problems – I gave this book to a totally unrepentant nonbeliever, mostly because I was tired of hearing him complaining about his wife, and didn’t hear a peep about his wife afterwards

    Also, I should have put quotes around “love”. Love is not a feeling – love is the choice to sacrifice what you want or need for those of another person. If you arent willing to do that, you really dont love that person. That is why both women and men sacrifice all others in a marriage if they are so lucky as to find someone they think is worth it.

  9. I think I have finished reading through your entire site now – as I am in between jobs, running errands, and about to go on vacation before I hopefully start work again, it’s been a fun way to procrastinate for the past few days. Good luck.

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