13 thoughts on “Sluts? Feedback Tuesday

  1. Sluts are awesome. Dating in North America today is like going to a fruit market, and every seller has divided the price they could charge for their products by 100.

    Sometimes the part of me that eventually wants a family has second thoughts. But I’m counting on a new generation of foreign and marriageable women to step up to the plate in a decade or so when that’s what I’m looking for.

  2. I really like sluts. There was a time years ago I thought marrying a virgin was the way to go, then I discovered the reality of the real world. I am never going to get married (divorced and destroyed financially), so I don’t care if a woman is a whore/slut. I unfortunately until next year currently live in a small conservative farm town where most people are obese and rarely see any woman wear high heels/short dresses/expose more than arms. I have to travel over an hour to get to a medium metro area where there are a few girls who look more feminine. I would like to see more girls get in shape and dress sexier. I have no problem with sluts.

  3. What kind of dumb question is this? Of course I don’t like sluts and neither should anyone else. By all means use them, but don’t be a fool and like them.

  4. I know what you meant… thus my answer. You don’t know what my answer meant, so let me explain.

    Sluts are at the extreme of female sexual behavior and they do not provide easy sex as myth holds. A friend with benefits provides easy sex. Sluts provide enhanced masturbation. Only a fool has sex with a slut. A smart man uses a condom, and takes, not gives oral with a slut. In short, he recreates porn minus the camera. It’s over when he shoots his load.

    What happens when men thinks sluts are for easy sex? You get the Ashton Kutcher debacle. Sluts talk and worse. Kutcher had sex (which means no condom) with Sara Leal and luckily the price of that was only his impending divorce settlement ..and not a child or a permanent STD.

    You wrote an excellent piece titled “free whores”, and though there is no such thing – women are incapable of having sex for nothing: they simply displace cost. Your explanation of the effects of mass sluttery is spot on. Keep up the good work, but be more careful of how you position your debates. You’re a leader so don’t lead astray.

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