Alpha Pup: Reader Mailbag

This is taken from a recent comment from Mike, as well as me referring to his email he sent in, prior to this in regards to the same woman, I figured I’d kill two birds with one stone, because I’m an efficient mother fucker.

Mike Says:

Message: Hello, Thanks for your insight on game. Been reading the site the last few weeks. Im 21 girlfriend 20. I went alpha on my girlfriend, agreed and amplified all her shit tests when she wanted to ‘talk’ about how we’d been shaky lately. She got mad saying i dont care about her and that she was going to give a new guy a chance. One of her texts: “As much as i want you i realize I really dont need you. The beautiful difference bw wants and needs. I’m striving to get over you. It’ll be a challenge but someone will treasure me”. She went on texting me things like this, i replied with lol and told her to send me a sexy picture, basically ignoring her long texts. She then texted “Ask ur other girlfriends for a pic. I’m sure theres a waiting list. Im going to actually give this new guy a chance. This is me being honest. I know you dont give a fuck but no need to hide it.” i replied with another lol and said i was waiting on the picture.

She didnt reply 3 days later(my birthday) she texts me “happy birthday!”. I dont respond, she calls a few hours later saying she wasnt sure if i got her text and wished me happy birthday. I said aloofly ok thanks. She nervously said ok thats all and i hang up. Then that night she texts me some bs about my mom being funny on facebook “Your mom is soo funny”. I havent replied to it…

Overall i think she reacted to my new non caring behavior by threatening me with all her long emotional texts to see if i would bitch up and say sorry like i have for the past 2 years. Im a tall good looking guy and handled our relationship well until recently when i stumbled across this site and realized why she began to withdraw from me a little. Personally i think shes waiting for me to come around and say sorry and try to get in her new graces but i really dont know how to take it from here. How should i reply to these texts? Also i remember reading that when a girl professes how much shes over you and wants to move on shes never been more into you…So with that said, if ive been playing it right, she’ll come around and say shes made a mistake and that she wants things to be like before and what not. In which case id act aloof, and that its no big deal.Maybe even milk it a little and make her feel real bad. But im thinking it may take a few more days because shes not use to this uncaring reaction out of me. Once she realizes im serious she’ll hopefully be back. What do you think?

First off, well done young padawan, you have certainly taken your first steps to alphahood. You have done a few things correctly in the above comment, and without a whole lot more detail on the relationship than I can only go on what this comment says, and the email the reader sent me, he had been beta in the relationship by becoming bored, and thus he became needy for some reason – boredom is the relationship killer for men… a man that’s bored  will either stray or self destruct a relationship even without his conscience self aware of what he’s doing.

As to your interactions with this girl since then, in your comment, you are playing it well, you’ve ceased responding to her other than quick aloof lol’s and sometimes just not responding, and generally not paying attention to her little games. But I think the real question you are asking is if this is working, and is she still into you… and my highlighted points above in bold point to some of the telling things that you should learn from female behaviour.

The downside of being an aloof alpha and high status that doesn’t outwardly express any desire of a relationship with a woman will get this very formulaic responses from girls. The fact that she’s still texting you, calling you, trying to get through to you by using the Mom ploy (sneaky) and all that does say that she’s still into you, but probably not how you’re thinking. I’ve had plenty of girls that I had no interest in moving things along with in a relationship that have done this to me in the past, quite frankly because they want a relationship, and I gave them nothing but aloof remarks and booty calls. Eventually they stopped coming over for sex, because they knew it wasn’t going to lead to a relationship, and so they moved on, grudgingly but none the less, most girls that want a relationship with you won’t want to stick around if you don’t show any signs of wanting to be in a relationship with her – she will with a guy that she knows he doesn’t… and there’s a bit of a mis-understanding of alpha’s in this regard.

Alpha’s are the guys that girls want to fuck, but they also would do anything to keep them – in the back of their brains however, most of them know they can’t – most of them know it would take a very unusually hot and sweet feminine girl on the top of her feminine game to woo the alpha into an actual relationship. For the alpha, the relationship is not a goal, but something that happens when he wants it, not vice versa.

In my opinion, Mike is playing this as well as he could for the time being – I think he’s on his way to understanding and establishing his proper frame – the question becomes what now? At this point Mike, as usual I would be remiss if I didn’t give you the same advice I give myself and every other guy. Try and forget about the girl, I honestly think your only ‘screw up’ in the whole relationship (referring to your email as well) is that you cared about losing the relationship. You were money going into it because you didn’t want one, but then she became important to you. If you want to be good with women, and never be a beta man, you need to not really care if you lose a girl or not, no matter how long you’ve been with her. That does not mean don’t have feeling for her, or them, it just means, that you are the only constant in your world, and holding your frame and dignity is more important than putting your happiness in the control of a woman’s hamster run mind.

In the end, I think Mike is doing well, except the fact that he’s had to write in about this shows that this relationship is still stuck on his mind and soul, there’s a part of you, a little beta self trying desperately to hold on for dear life, you need to have him let go – she may or may not come back, the point is, either one is win for you.

3 thoughts on “Alpha Pup: Reader Mailbag

  1. Thanks, its funny because just a few weeks ago the same thing kind of happened on a smaller scale. She was mad about some bs and I acted like i didnt care. She said i guess we’re over and i said ok. We didnt talk for a few days except for her calling and checking up on me. Until one day i said ‘leave me alone,you said we’re over so we’re over’. She then rushed to say no and went on a rant about how she didnt mean it and we’ve been together too long and was just upset and she wants to be together. So yea you’re right, ive been moving on to new girls. Im starting to see clearly again.

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