What Game Does Not Do

One thing I don’t want to become is someone who can’t relate with the different levels of game that men have coming to this site, whether they be fresh noobs, be crushed men after a hurtful rejection/break up, moderate level gamers, or experienced masters. Sometimes I can be guilty for focusing too much on the mid range to high range guys, almost as a small in crowd of exchanging notes and tactics to guys who already get it – also thinking that my blog has covered everything there is to cover in game or women or what have you, I did believe that there wasn’t much to say on the topic anymore, more than a few times;  however every so often something comes up to remind me, that there’s still a lot of guys out there that don’t really get it, completely.

I know that more than a fair share of men will be coming to this blog and others like it to change, they will be desperate or at the very least optimistic about changing their lack luster results with women, or becoming better at understanding women and getting a larger lay count, and perhaps I’ve failed to point out some much needed topics, or haven’t covered them enough, but I wanted to spell out to all new comers or guys that are just starting with game, what game will not do, in order for you to fully understand what it can do for you.

What Game does not do for you:

It does not make you immediately attractive to all women.

It is not a magic formula in order to seduce any woman no matter the situation.

It is not magic period.

Specific strategies and tactics may not work for you, you need to try and fail/succeed in order to build your own style and fit it in with what works for you.

It is not a short cut to being an alpha, it is a guide to get you there, it’s up to you to be an alpha and maintain that status.

Game does not insure your success. There are many variables to how successful you will be with women, and it game will be one aspect of your life that can improve your interactions with them, and other men.

Game is not a “I tried it, and it failed, so it’s B.S.” kind of thing, it’s a lifestyle that you need to grow with and into.

Game will not get you the girl you’ve been dreaming and fantasising about, she’s already lost because of oneitis.

Game  will not turn you into a player over night.

Game is not all the answers for everything in life (though it could be).

Game will not keep you from dying.

Game will not stop you from being rejected.

Game will not do your taxes for you.

Game will not make you win the lottery.

In fact, there is a lot of things that game won’t do for you, but there is a lot that it will do for you. I find that noobs who try game out, and fail the first few times reject game a lot because they only see the surface and they have unreal expectations of what game will do. Seduction is an art form, a discipline, and with any art form and discipline, you need to constantly work at it, and constantly get better at it, and yes there will be some bad moments and struggles, but it is a life long endeavour, and it is not something to be taken lightly as a parlor trick. No big time seducer ever takes seduction half assed. And no seducer let’s one girls rejection prevent him from going after other girls. There may be some one of a million girls out there, but learning game doesn’t guaranty you get one, but it will give you more opportunities to get one.



7 thoughts on “What Game Does Not Do

  1. Thanks for the post. Just starting out it looks pretty daunting, but exciting. There is so much to absorb and so many different opinions on how to do it right and so many guys trying to get you to pay them for their opinion.

  2. This is awesome man, and I dig the humor you blend in (the taxes and lottery bits).

    I think this should be posted “at the door” of game, so to speak, for all newbies to read. Only those of strong spirit will proceed and earn the riches they seek when they learn that it’s not a magic trick.

  3. You’re welcome, and there’s no need to pay for any game knowledge, there’s plenty of us doing it for free, and for the most part all better at it too.

  4. Hi All;

    I think for some guys, time is not of the essence due to their age. They see and read and feel as though that they have to catch up.Maybe, I dunno.

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