Petite Does Not Mean Short

I really should read these Date Lab’s from Washington DC, it’s featured in The Washington post, you can read this one here, thanks to Roosh for the heads up on this one, however the game community is well represented in DC so no need for me to pile on to that city. The gist of the story is, man rejects girl for being too fat. As you would figure the comment section got overloaded with shrilling shrieks from women defending their gal, er sorry, defending their own fatness and how we should find it beautiful. This fat acceptance, despite the contrary message from the health communities like those whacko doctors that tell us fat is unhealthy and such ‘social constructed’ mind control device to keep us men from being attracted to the natural beauty of a fat girl…. Even as a clear display of sarcasm, that was hard to write. One of these girls comments takes the cake:

Ugh, I really hate it when guys use “petite” as a supposedly polite way of saying “thin.” “Petite” means SMALL. It means NOT TALL. In clothes terms, “petite” sizes are for short–but not necessarily skinny–people. It is ridiculous to say you prefer “tall” girls and then to say “she wasn’t as petite as I like.” And it doesn’t make you seem more sensitive than just saying “she wasn’t thin enough for me.” It makes you seem just as douchey as that, except with an extra side of pretentiousness and denial.

I think the education system really is failing in the US, I’ve read about it and heard about it, but this is one sheer sign of its failings in basic fundamental learning. Petite does not mean short, at all. This mentally challenged person needs to read a dictionary before going all half cocked in defense of her chubby sister (who she’d throw under a bus if it meant her getting an alpha over her mind you) – petite is french for small. As in not large, as in not tall AND not fat. Petite is an over all size, and that over all size is small. Small. Not Fat. You girls dig? Just because you’re a 5’2” shorty but are 30 lbs over weight doesn’t make you petite, it makes you short and fat. Lose the 30 lbs and you become petite. Now I know trying to get through to delusional ladies while their hamster is in hyper drive is pointless, however, I’m hoping that if its said often enough, over and over, than something will sink through their bloated layers of fat and hit that small tiny brain of there’s and they can finally shape up.

There is only one reason, and one reason only for women to go on and on about how fat is beautiful, and that is to alleviate their own responsibility for being unattractive hogs with no self control – we all know how women hate responsibility, especially any specifically deigned on her. Girls of course can say anything they want to men and once we say she’s too fat for me to want to sleep with her – we’re the evil old patriarchy trying to tell you to not be your precious selves. No we’re telling you what we don’t find attractive. We don’t find fat attractive. Period. So the burden is on you girls, and yes I know how much you hate that, again its that whole icky responsibility part that comes with your rise in equality – but it rests on you, and only you ladies. We don’t find if attractive, so if you want a man, lose weight and stay fit. If you don’t keep eating those Doritos and double Big Macs.

Apparently the Post was also deleting and moderating comments from men who were saying precisely this, so posting my comments over there, seems fruitless – and it shows the hypocrisy of this false equality claim – girls are still to be protected, you cannot criticize them, and their voices should be allowed to be heard, no matter what. I seriously doubt any comments from any girl over there was deleted or moderated. But ah, c’est la vie…. That means: That’s life, for all you fatties that can’t seem to understand French.

79 thoughts on “Petite Does Not Mean Short

  1. Obviously you’re from Canada so I can’t speak for how you define your clothing sizes there, but in the US “Petite” clothing is for women with short limbs. Men have leg lengths when buying pants, women have Long, Regular and Petite. Obviously petite, by definition, means small, but in the US clothing market it has nothing to do with the size of your waist. I’ve seen 16+ on the petite rack right along with 00. It doesn’t mean short either, it’s just the relative difference between the length of your torso and the length of your limbs.

  2. Girls aren’t the only hypocritical ones. If anyone has been reading this blog and still is under the delusion that appearance does not matter to women, then you haven’t been paying attention. Lose the beer gut yourselves y’all and then see if your luck with women improves. Look at gay men – it can be done.

  3. Yea! Petite does not mean skinny; I’ve seen fat women at the Petite Section. Petite means short, by definition, so I don’t know why a fat woman who’s tiny wouldn’t be considered petite.
    “You’re petite” means “still you are short.”

  4. Bottom line – neither guys nor girls like it when the opposite sex is too fat, however you define that. America has a serious obesity problem – I am sick of all this vanity sizing and ways to flatter people who refuse to admit they are overweight – even if you are a 4, it says you are a 2 – really. I imagine that businesses will be happy to keep people fat and unhappy so they can sell more products and gastric bypass surgeries. Exercise and eat right – it’s not rocket science.

  5. I would also say that skinny/fit girls are going to be attracted to skinny/fit guys so any guy with a big old gut has got to be somewhat delusional in thinking they are real competition. Of course there are plenty of delusional people of both sexes, not just guys, as is the point of this post. If you have the ability to be honest with yourself, you will know whether you need to lose fat or not (if you have to ask, the answer is probably yes, anyway).

  6. Actually the author is correct. Petite does mean short and thin. The petite sizes in clothing stores are irrelevant. It’s called vanity sizing. Petite sounds better then short so they use it as a general term. You will notice clothing sizes are all over the place depending on the store. I have even seen a size 12 jacket on the home shopping network that was advertised as XS. I thought it was a typo but when I called to inquire I was told Vanity Sizing to make larger women feel better about themselves. It doesn’t make sense to me to lie to yourself this way but hey whatever floats you boat. This coming from a true petite at 5′, 1 1/2″ and just barely 100 lbs dripping wet :).

  7. I am a woman and I completely agree with the author. For those of you who claim that clothing sizes give length options of “tall,” “regular,” and “petite,” look again. Most all of the name-brand stores (the ones that define the clothing market) in the U.S., in actuality, have length options of “tall” “regular” and, lo and behold, “short.” Not “petite.” Petite clothing is made for women who are, in every aspect (height, weight, etc.) tiny. I shop. A lot. I have never ONCE seen a plus size clothing article in the petite section. Ever. Also, to those of you who were offended by this authors comments on weight, he never once implied that women don’t care about their appearance. He simply stated a fact. Not only do people, both men AND women, find fat unattractive, but being overweight can cause major lifestyle and medical problems. There is an incredible double standard when it comes to criticizing the physique of the opposite sex, and I wholeheartedly support the idea that men should be able to judge women just as we judge them. Yes, in the past women have lived in a patriarchal society, but times have changed. That’s what the women’s rights act was for. I acknowledge the fact that society is still in some aspects not yet ideal, however, true equality is everyone being judged by the same set of standards, not adjusting the standards to the person being judged.

  8. Men and women both do not find fat unattractive, you fucking morons. Without fat, women cannot menstruate, and therefore cannot have children. How many fucking super models and fitness models do you think menstruate, considering you have to have a moderate body fat percentage to even bleed? And what in the fucking fuck are tits, you idiots? Steel? No! They’re fat and tissue. Asses – what are they? Meat covered in fat. So, for men – if you aren’t attracted to tits and ass on women (fat), you probably aren’t attracted to women at all. Women – if you don’t find any body fat on your man attractive, I fucking pity you. There is nothing I love more than slapping my incredibly fit boyfriend’s bum and watching it jiggle a bit or nibbling his slightly soft hips. You are missing out if you require your man to resemble a steak or one of those cows they genetically modify to have 2x the muscle. And thanks to anon above me, for sharing their incredibly educated view on weight with us! Fucking dipstick. You all deserve each other. Yours truly – a “real” petite (who makes these rules anyway? fat fucktards that just sit around talking about how much they hate fat people online all day?).

  9. Its not rocket science. Petite is short-limbed folk – fat or thin. It describes a smaller PROPORTION. That means petite ppl, like myself, run the same gamut of waist sizes as “normal-limbed” ppl. “Normal” size 4 – 16. Petite size 4-16. Its not a special vanity size for the skinny. lol

  10. petite means short and that can be short and fat. I am tall and little so I am smaller in certain areas like ankles, wrists, legs and do not shop in the petite section because those clothes are short length. Petite isn’t anything special. Some people are short and fat with big buts and short fat arms. Some people are medium height and small like me. I have little features and am smaller really than a lot of short wide people!

  11. learn French. petite means small. fat is not small it’s large. being short is only half the qualifications of being petite. the word exists to shorten a description of short and thin. Christ people are still going on with this?

  12. Just so you know just because you are petite and thin does not mean you are pretty. I am not trying to be mean but your face is what really matters and a lot of midget people (which is what it is) it means you have midgit in your family somewhere usually- or a small man as a grandpa or dad. Some people who are midgit like and small have really bad attitudes too and think they are so cute- when you just come from small people and usually have smaller men in your family. Sorry people! I like people who are more medium size or bigger- they seem to have more normal attitudes and don’t have to be like I’m small so I have this lame “Big” attitude! People like that SUCK!!

  13. If you are short but have bigger hips and but and like no neck and wider body parts than someone who is small and tall why would you be more petite than them?

  14. I’m sorry guys but petite means “thin and short” not “short and fat”. That’s not petite. I personally work in retail in the us and I weight 100 pounds I am size 00 and I am 5’1, that’s petite and I still have a hard time finding jeans to fit me right. Either way petite means short and thin.

  15. A lot of you guys who commented are very ignorant. First of all the author described fat as “obese” obiously no one likes an anorexic stick. Society calls “fat” but they mean obese, in other words overweight to the point where it is unattractive and they don’t look good in a bathing suit. Secondly, petit is not for fat short girls. It’s for thin short girls. Like 00, 1, 0, 2. Please do your research before posting and not even knowing what you are talking about. I am in the fashion world and never have I ever heard that a short obese girl is called “petite”.

  16. It really doesn’t matter what petite mean if you don’t like short and fat or fat period that’s your business but don’t speak for other men who may prefer a thicker woman. I have been both sizes and I have never had a problem in the men department.

  17. Petite just means you’re short. Example: Being a petite eight-year-old, Sophia was only 3’11”, even though she was this close to age 9. Petite means small and dainty.

  18. According to the Webster’s Dictionary, petite is defined as small and delicately built [Sophia, who was almost 9 years old, was noticeably petite, as she was 3'11", while other 9 year olds towered over her].

  19. Actually the author is spot on. Petite is an over all size. If you shop on the petite section…you can never ever find pants or dresses or any clothes for that matter with a big waistline.

  20. Lee, I don’t think so. Example sentence: Being a petite girl who was born on January 28, 2005, Sophia Comden was only 3’11”, so she was too petite to ride the Gemini.
    Petite, therefore, means shorter. In my opinion, petite just means you’re short.

  21. Sophia Comden, the petite girl who was born on January 28, 2005, could not ride Millennium Force [so she had to ride Iron Dragon instead]. At 3’11”, every attempt to appear 48 inches went down the drain. In this sentence, petite just means you’re short.
    But in clothing sizes, petite means you’re skinny.
    Mrs. Comden: I had a brunette friend who was petite, skinny, tiny, like Sophia Comden. Sophia Comden does have light brown hair, but the petite friend I’m talking about, had brown hair.
    Sophia Comden: The last name Comden is English, but I’m Azeri.
    Mrs. Comden: I had a darker-haired friend who was petite, shorter, little-boned, like Sophia Comden. She was brunette.
    Mrs. Comden: I had a blonde teacher who was lanky, taller, large, like Alison Comden. Her name was Mrs. Busby, and her hair was blondish brown. I have to buy Gymboree size 6’s for Alison Comden because she’s outgrowing her 4T clothes quickly. Alison will not have another birthday until January 31. I’ve got an Aquarius on my hands–she’s a water bottle.

  22. I know French and as a matter of fact I teach French in high school The thing is, a couple of weeks ago, a colleague of mine said I was petite. I don’t know why he randomly brought this up but to be honest I am 5.4 and I am 30 pounds overweight. Petite in French means small and in English sizes it means thin, not necessarily small. The petite size can be for someone who is short and thin or tall and thin. In English it is used for sizes. I knew that what he wanted to say was that I was short, not petite. Anyway, I am doing everything possible to lose weight. I still have 30 pounds to go.

  23. Now I know trying to get through to delusional ladies while their hamster is in hyper drive is pointless, however, I’m hoping that if its said often enough, over and over, *then* something will sink through their bloated layers of fat and hit that small tiny brain of there’s and they can finally shape up.

  24. Now I know trying to get through to delusional ladies while their hamster is in hyper drive is pointless, however, I’m hoping that if its said often enough, over and over, *then* something will sink through their bloated layers of fat and hit that small tiny brain of *their’s* and they can finally shape up.

  25. @PettieGirl, you’re not wrong, because the English definition of petite is smaller, BUT you’re not accurate because when I’m in college in the fall and winter, I’m going to be a volunteer as a fashion stylist, and they’re going to tell you that petite means slender.

  26. Sexist and fatphobic remarks aside, this “writer” has a very poor grasp of proper English rhetoric and grammar. Just because the author of this post knows where to find the comma button on the keyboard, does not mean he or she knows how to effectively incorporate commas throughout the piece. Please, don’t even get me started on the inappropriate choices of homophones (e.g. their/there/they’re).

    You see, I can accurately point out the writer’s flaws because the evidence provided (this post) backs up my claims. However, the author does not and cannot provide any evidence that all fat women are stupid, lazy slobs with no self-control who stuff their faces with Doritos and Big Macs, despite his or her claim that all of the former is true. This, my friends, is called a generalization and what educated folk refer to as a logical fallacy. This post is riddled with logical fallacies and severely undermines the author’s authority on the subject matter, rendering his or her opinion irrelevant.

    Note: I am fat and I am short, but I am also healthy. One’s weight does not determine intelligence or lifestyle.

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