Reformed Sluts

Girls out there have swallowed more than just the feminist pill of the belief that men and women are the same, so fully that they not only embrace being a slut, taking from three dudes at once (for free mind you), sucking so much cock they’re mouths start to water at the sight of one – but also have things like slut walks and mantra’s claiming this type of behavior as girl power or being strong and proud. But feminism has lied to you… Uhm… ladies? They’re false assumptions that men and women are the same has left more then one gaping hole in your lives.

Reformed sluts. Have you ever heard of a reformed player? Oh I can hear the Shrilly shrieks from feminazi’s from here: “That’s just social programming, it’s society that says it’s okay for men to be promiscuous but not women.” Well put another tofu turkey in your mouth and hang on. For one, let’s take out this moral side of the argument – it’s rarely been in societies interest to promote promiscuity from either sex. That’s right feminists, it wasn’t and isn’t encouraged for men to fuck all the girls he can – many times those men would be run out if town. Sure some civilizations like Rome might have encouraged it, but the rise of female promiscuity destroyed that culture as well.

The reality: I’ve been on enough ‘dates’ and known enough girls to see the reformed slut at work. It is not society holding a gun to her head telling her to stop being a slut, as your societal message is contrary to this – no the slut reformation project usually comes when the wall starts approaching, and the point where the girl wants more than just all 3 holes filled by different guys every night – it’s the point where she starts to feel dirty and cheap. You only need to tell a slut how great it is for guys how you just let us completely use you and move on – it’s like having a hooker but for free! Feminists can spin it all they want, that they do the same thing, but they don’t really – for somewhere deep down, her emotional way of approaching the world will come back to haunt her – her now loose pussy, her feelings of being cheap, unloved and the now pressing future of every sexual encounter being devoid of any substance other than cum being dumped in them starts to make them feel bad. And women are ruled by her emotions. Feminism doesn’t tell you about the aftermath of your cock carousel ing, how no man that you find attractive will respect you, and none of those guys you came for stuck around – and the emptiness that no amount of cats can replace.

Men do not suffer the same fate – we are biologically wired to sleep with as many women as we can, and therefor don’t have the emotional need for anything more, we can exist with many girls through our whole lives and be content and happy with no hole to fill inside of us. If you’re gonna tell girls it’s okay to be sluts, you should also tell them of the consequences down the road, ie loneliness and spinsterhood, otherwise your slut championing is unethical hypocritical to the betterment of woman-kind.

It’s easy to spot these slut reformed girls, they’ll be between 25-35, after the cock carousel they start looking around for someone to stick around, and the big tell that they were a slut? They are the girls that demand openly about you treating them like a lady, show them respect, are clearly interested in you but are forcibly reserved, they want dinners and movies – they want all the things they weren’t getting during their cum dumpster days. Sadly only a few beta chumps will fall for this, then when she’s gotten what she wants, she’ll desire to get back on the carousel again.

8 thoughts on “Reformed Sluts

  1. Reposted from my post on Dalrock …

    Dalrock calls Christian women reformed sluts & whores PRECISELY because the AMOUNT of MEN the average CHRISTIAN WESTERN WOMAN sleeps with is the EXACT amount of men, a woman who moonlights as a PROSTITUTE sleeps with

    Lets do the math …

    The average Western whore on the cock carousel for five years, who CONSIDERS herself a good girl, a chaste christian

    Lets say she ONLY has TWO one night stands a month, thats not counting the boyfriend, or the ltr she’s usually rotating

    That two one night stands a month, ie 2×12 amounts to 24 different men she sleeps with a year

    Multiply that over a period of 5 years, thats a TOTAL of 60 men she’s slept with

    EVEN if you conservatively assume for ONE night stand a month, thats STILL 30 men she’s slept with

    This is WHY men HAVE to learn game, EVEN the average woman with a SINGLE one night stand a month, by the AGE OF 25!!!, has on average slept with OVER 30 men

    The social circles the average woman moves in between the age of 19 to 25, usually consist of MASSIVE amounts of alpha men, or older guys with game

    The average Christian woman, has had sex with over 30+ men easily, at rate of ONE nightstand a month over five years, by the time they hit 30 & start trawling churches for a beta chump

    This is why these women are called whores & sluts …

    & yes ALL women are like that, do the math, on average over a period of 20 or 30 years, ALL women are sluts

    Of course theres the odd special snowflake virgin, who is so freakishly abnormal spawning blogs like dalrock & athol

    On average the girlfriend you’re in a SERIOUS ltr with, has slept with over 20+ guys by the time she’s 30, & by 40 the average slut is raising a catfarm, or trying to get her husband to learn game, so she can relive her past glories of alpha vaginal std accumulation

    Of course I dont expect the average chump to do the math above

    Only a mangina like ruddytwat for brains, tries to put men off from learning game by stating inane crap like

    ” MEN shouldnt learn game because women dont have to learn game …”

    Newsflash, women are TAUGHT GAME by their MOTHERS, sisters, grandmothers, sororities etc.

    How do you think women’ve been getting betas to slave away for centuries, while they grilled everything from the milkman, next door neighbour, local badboy alpha, as stayathome moms

  2. I know a woman – let’s call her Myriam – precisely (!) meeting the description above. It’s so striking.
    She rode the “carousel” between 18 and 24 (lots of unprotected ONSs, parallel sexual “relationships”, ..), then moved to a different city. Felt empty and worthless, “decided” to settle and an unlucky chap fell in love with her. They married, had three children. In her mid-30s, she began having one night stands (mostly unprotected, again), another 10 years later, she fell in love with one of her affairs – and vice versa. Result: two families destroyed, but the “new man” – whom she lied to regarding her “colored past” – found out and left her. This is just a very short summary of a life path leading straight into disaster.
    I was the chap who married her, and I have still not fully recovered. Selling my house, loosing much of my savings, having to pay for her and the kids (taken away by her swiftly)… has left me ruined.

  3. Women are so unbelievably stupid and pathetic these days, especially in America. I wonder if there was ever a time in history when they weren’t. You’re right about the feminist bullshit, those people should have to run the gauntlet of all the messed up lives they’ve created.

  4. Sorry about the rant on your page Donlak, I was pretty pissed at the time and after reading the above article I had to vent. Maybe not the best choice of words but I had to let it out. I appreciate your articles they give me some insight that I probably couldn’t get anywhere else. Lauren, the fact that you took time out of your busy day to comment on my venting tells me that if I need to get a life you need to get in line for one yourself. Why call me a creep for venting, did I hit a nerve? Why are you even reading this article? It’s geared more for men, unless you’re a lesbian, what do you gain by being here? I wasn’t burned by a reformed slut just looking to make sense of women and get some insight into why they do what do.

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